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  1. Here's my take on coach LP. He should have never been hired as a rookie head coach coaching a bunch of rookies, makes absolutely no sense. We are the worst defensive team in the NBA, Coach LP is supposed to be a defensive expert, what gives? Don't give me the garbage that its all the rookies, he is supposed to be the coach. The GM hired him because he is cheap and a stop gap to get through all of the changes made to the roster during a rebuild, no current level successful head coach would accept that. Hey he is a nice guy, out of his league, like putting a teller in charge of a bank. At this point in the season there is nothing you can do as far as a coach change. LP will not be here imo when/if the Hawks start winning. It will be interesting when Schlenk has to actually start signing a star free agent and making trades to get vets instead of gutting a team.
  2. We need to run plays with picks for him. We have no offensive sets. Hunter is a shooter.
  3. I dont.get why VC plays. He is not part of the future.
  4. I would have to let Pierce go if I'm the Hawks.
  5. Come on LP, Vince has no business being on the floor.
  6. KB sitting back grinning.
  7. Minnesota wants to win why would they want those 2 bums?
  8. Unfortunately there is not alot out there in 2020 besides Anthony Davis. Teague might be a good pickup at pg. We are about to see if this ownership will spend some money.