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  1. Umm.........if I remember correctly Isiah Thomas had a big defensive center that played in the lane and it worked out pretty good.
  2. Whew this is ugly. Watching the Bulls broadcast.
  3. I wish Pierce would quit trying to make Len and Collins 3 pt shooters. Collins is unstoppable in the paint. Making him a 3pt shooter takes him away from the offensive rebounds he has scored on in the past. Just makes no sense. Let Len stay underneath on defense and guard the basket.
  4. Not sure Huerter and Crabbe will improve the defense.
  5. I dont understand this vanilla sets thing. I understand we have rooks and young players but damn it looks like the coaching staff doesn't have a freaking clue.
  6. Why are we not running sets? It's not like we have anything to hide. This preseason ain't a good look. It looks like we havent practiced. Just playing street ball.
  7. I know I'm old school here. I think we gotta decide whether we want another 3pt shooter or not. We should have plenty of 3 pt shooters on this team without having a 7 ft player at the 5 position. Give me a rebounder and defensive player to clog the lane!
  8. Diesel you always provide good insight to offset all the rose colored posts we have. It's fine to cheer our team on and hope our players do well. Schlenks has drafted well and we have some framework but the NO bs game and explanation by the coach is really bothersome. It tells me we are not worried about competing once again this year. At some poi t like you say bringing in that one or two player that can really make us contenders will be challenging. Go Hawks
  9. I believe standing for the flag is a respect issue for those that died for freedom of the country. No one should be made to stand, it should be respect for those who gave their life. Of course those who have had bullets flying by their head have a different view of the flag while others that have not been in that environment may not understand.
  10. Well I agree 100% with your post. The issue is if you are going to head over to China in the first place (they shouldn't have) you cant disrespect them in their country. Right?
  11. For the Chinese flag? Well imo it should be respect for the country you're in. Likewise standing for the US flag should be respect. My .02
  12. Zion is a star it's just fact. NO will be pretty good.
  13. No way you trade Reddish, that's nuts. Adam's could be had for a vet package like JaybirdHawk proposed. I'd like to have Adam's but not giving up young talent.
  14. I wonder what Schlenks goal is this year tbh. Will he go out and get a vet big man that can play this year or is he still on the full rebuild mode for a top draft pick?