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  1. I think its gonna be a crazy season and Covid will control the narrative.
  2. I'd like to see a proven veteran coach who has got it done in the past. Im tired of assistants with the Falcons and my UT Vols.
  3. Not mine but it was private lol
  4. Just dropping in I been on a plane today. We just waiting on word from Sacramento?
  5. Teague said he just wanted to play on a winning team.
  6. Uhhhhhh..........does that mean.......
  7. Good to see Ainge and Boston bent over the couch.
  8. Oops my bad. Still......
  9. I believe GH is a really good player but at 32 yrs and 4/30 thats taking a chance. This is the NBA and i cant believe the money being thrown around.
  10. Yea im sure its the $$$ and im glad he went somewhere else for 4/30. My info came outside of the organization.