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  1. I hope Nate stays and coaches in Atlanta. I knew when he was hired the writing was on the wall. Good job Nate taking us from a disaster to a playoff contender.
  2. Not looking good at this point. Kicking our ass.
  3. I'm having to watch the memphis broadcast.
  4. I'd say at least 7 games and that would have put us in the top three in the EC.
  5. Had Nate been the Coach to begin the season?
  6. Of course you do. You went after him because he said something about LP.
  7. He has a right to his opinion. I think LP was a joke myself.
  8. Happy Easter! Death could not hold him in the grave!
  9. What is 404 day. Can't say Happy Easter now? Great win Hawks!
  10. I hope we win. Pop thinks he owns the league. Piss on him.
  11. Your gonna have some that would support LP no matter what. He is a terrible head coach period.