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  1. Good call Mr. President.
  2. So you think he would really speak in a negative way in this situation. Lol
  3. He has a chance to continue that with the players that were acquired. He is being watched. Most coaches not winning are.
  4. We know that ain't gonna happen. They should for what corporate seats cost.
  5. I understand your take but remember their are some good writers that have mentioned this before. Most dont just one day wake up and decide to attack this coach or that player, they try to be the breaking news, yea some just take a shot but most veteran writers will not put something out there #1 without knowing what is going on or 2# without permission.
  6. Ok that is fine. It's all just a made up story.
  7. Tell me something..........and be honest here, have you seen nights where the players just took a night off? I mean did it look like they didnt even know what was going on? I know yall are against me because I dont kumbaya and that is fine with me but just watch the team game after game. Nobody is gonna give up a name or information that would cause distrust where they have been informed. Just continue watching this team when it gets back to playing. Look at Memphis, they dumped their high salaries and are ahead of us in their rebuild. LP will make or break it this upcoming year.
  8. Truth is no one wants to come to Atlanta. Only player to ever come here as a youngster is our own Nique and we traded for him. I've watched for 49 years mostly tough trades and signings. We got Moses toward the end, Joe Johnson wasnt a star. My favorite player along with Nique has always been Dan Roundfield. We just cant get the big time players and nothing has changed in the last 30-40 years. It's sad, but some of us has hung in there.
  9. https://www.hoopsrumors.com/2020/04/nba-proposes-50-pay-check-reduction-for-players.html?fv-home=true&post-id=158678
  10. No. Word gets around to the reporters. Now the question is if they get it right in the report. If you think there is not some animosity towards the coach then you are dead wrong. Does he make it through it? We will see next year.
  11. Trae, one of the rooks and a vet. But go on with your beliefs.
  12. It is known that a couple players are not found of LP.
  13. You dont understand that the democrats want to be dictators? I've held office in my county. I would never vote Democrat. Your choice and mine just adding my 2 cents.
  14. Oh my a globalist. God made the earth and will destroy it again one day. There is nothing man can do to destroy it. Man is nothing without the creator. There are evil people in this world set on the almighty dollar and will do anything to get it. One thing about history is it reveals what happened in the past if you can get past those who try to hide it. I'm 60 years old and been around the block a few times. So a different strain comes out next year. What happens then? A total shutdown? Just look through the shadows.