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  1. We need rebounding and lane control out of him, not a 7 ft shooter. Dang this league is going to hell in a handbasket.
  2. I disagree dont think he will be a Hawk. He wants to play for a top winner.
  3. Hawks mgt has had 3 years for a rebuild and should be moving forward with playoffs next year. This year kinda threw a wrench into things. I'm disappointed with free agency out there this year with no one that can really make a impact. Gotta make a trade somehow to get some help.
  4. Vol4ever

    Ask Supes

    Heck I'm 60. In great shape. Lol
  5. If you had to pick one with no bias who would it be in the future?
  6. I don't think free agency is gonna get it done this year. Were gonna have to trade. Trade the pick for a vet that can help us this year.
  7. He didn't have the talent.
  8. Hubie Brown or Mike Fratello. I miss those days.
  9. Im good with that Im just pointing out if Luka had made those statements all hell would have broke loose.
  10. What other racial slur would Montrell have to use?
  11. Most likely was in the heat of the battle when he said it and there has been no issue in the media, NBA, or BLM. with apologies being made as it should be. The problem here is the standard has been set. A black.player can get away with this with an apology but rest assured if Luka had been caught on tape making the comment all hell would have broke lose across the country with the media and other groups. There is a double standard here.
  12. We know what happened and if it had been Luka saying the same to Montrez BLM and the National media would have had him suspended and ran out of the league. Here is what Jay William's said: On Saturday, Jay Williams, the former NBA guard, went on social media and condemned Harrell’s comments. “I can only imagine if Luka Doncic had said something like that to [Harrell] and it got caught on tape,” Williams said. “I can only imagine, during Black Lives Matter, how much of a big deal it would have been, considering today’s climate. It would have been a massive story. Luka would have los