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  1. While talking McHale and Bird you just cant leave out Robert Parish.
  2. He will be behind Capela and Dedmon imo. I think the Hawks as a organization understand they have to be in the playoffs next season.
  3. McHale was a low post beast with those long arms. I dont think there are 3% of the players in the league today that could hang down low with any of the players mention by @Spud2nique
  4. Vol4ever

    Clint Capela

    LP has to run some pick n rolls for him. He is a down low in the paint player not a 3 pt shooter imo
  5. Vol4ever

    Clint Capela

    Clint Capela, who was traded to the Hawks at the trade deadline, recently spoke about what it takes to win in the league, which is something he’ll look to help his young teammates learn. “The main goal is really to be a winning team, have this winning mentality, be able to night in, night out go get wins,” Capela said (via Sarah K. Spencer of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution). “…It doesn’t matter if you play good or bad, but you have to have that dog mentality to make stops, to at least get a win.” I like the "dog" mentality comment.
  6. I wouldnt have interest in any of those players.
  7. Happy Fathers Day to all.
  8. I would be out if that happened.
  9. So Trae played in a pickup game without the Hawks permission?
  10. He dont have a clue.
  11. I think alot of you are undervaluing Hunter. I watched a game this past season where he scored 25 pts and very fluid. He was coming off screens and shooting the ball well. This was a game where Trae was out I believe.
  12. I take SAS as entertainment. Dont agree with all he says but sometimes I have a laugh cause he goes against the grain.
  13. Disagree Hunter is much better than any of those guys.
  14. I'm a big Hunter fan myself. He will be a good player imo.