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  1. The players aren't getting better under him. Players showed progress under Bud and you dont see that with Pierce. Jalen isn't the only folks around the league thinking this.
  2. Happy Valentines and Happy Birthday to me. I made it into the 60 club!
  3. We just play NO f'ing defense. Work hard on offense though.
  4. My feeling right now is we just waited too late and sucked most of the game.
  5. For a big man Drummond can go coast to coast.
  6. Well I havent read a D on the ratings and I believe you. This is probably somebody that knows nothing about our team. They are dead wrong.
  7. The NBA today is nothing more than a 3pt shooting contest. Back in the day you had to defend the paint, now players will pass out of the paint instead of taking a short shot. Gotta defend the perimeter.
  8. Vol4ever

    Ask Supes

    I read a comment where a poster said Dedmon was headed to Houston. I think this was on Bleacher. Read it early this morning.