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  1. Learn the hard way not to jump to conclusions with this team. I need 10 games.
  2. Rumor is Coach Bud is on the hot seat. Just a thought
  3. Can't blame this on injuries. They fell asleep at the wheel.
  4. well...Can't wait to see Lloyd's presser. Should be fun
  5. How did they go from looking elite to lottery in the same game?
  6. I used EpressVPN to get the $18 steal deal on LP but I had zero luck getting LP to stream Hawks games with ExpressVPN. Very odd.
  7. Makes sense. This would be a great option for local markets and it would not step on the toes on League Pass since in market games are blacked out.
  8. I was about to make a post about this. I was on YouTubeTV. It really threw me off when they raised the price then dropped regional sports. How are you local market YTTV people watching the games? League Pass (with or without VPN) does not seem to be an option. I can stream it live on a browser but I hate watching live TV.
  9. Use to enjoy listening to him on 680 and 790 The Zone BITD. Good brother.
  10. I read Trae Young is passing to John Collins less often. Here’s why that’s no big deal ( Kalbrosky is saying that John Collins getting fewer touches is a function of the team adding more talent. Cool, I get it. What I don't get is allowing the offense to stray away from the most consistent player. I suspect, like most, that the dustup revolves around JC getting a good contract. But, why is that a problem? JC is the most efficient player. Technically De'Andre Hunter is but it's so close that it's a tie. If JC gets his touches the Hawks will play a more consistent styl
  11. Lenny was the best. Fratello was my favorite Looking back I have to say Mike Woodson should be given more credit. We overrated the roster while undervaluing the work Woody did to put that team in position to compete. The 2009-2010 roster was his best team in terms of wins 10 Mike Bibby PG 6-1 190 May 13, 1978 us 11 Arizona 34 Jason Collins C 7-0 255 December 2, 1978 us 8
  12. I have not been impressed with this team in a long time. The defense need work. They have to do a better job of hiding Mr Young but overall I think this team is good enough to make it to the EC Finals. Good Job Travis. Man I had no idea this site was alive. Last time I checked I got a 404 error.