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  1. Caaaaaam. Ohhhh. Caaaaaam... lol ~lw3
  2. Your record against the Nuggets is safe, John! I think it is, anyway. ~lw3
  3. Get these kids some Oxygen... one more quarter to go! Hope it's not a Rope-a-Dope situation! ~lw3
  4. "MoooooooooEVANS!" ~lw3 Not right now, Kev, ~lw3
  5. Threes: Nuggs: 4-for-18 Trae and Reddie V: 7-for-10 Side note: Where do they keep the gummies at? Asking for a friend. ~lw3
  6. I hadn't heard the He's Got Jokes! announcer but now I'm a fan. ~lw3
  7. Fernando with the Brunonono! ~lw3
  8. I almost yelled "AND-NONE!" but Jabari made his freebie! ~lw3
  9. Wrestled the rebounding edge back momentarily. 4 of 5 Hawks reserves with an O-Board. ~lw3
  10. Track Meet Trae getting the Hawks back in contention. ~lw3
  11. Now I can't get that dog-slobbering pet food ad out my head. "THERE ARE NO VEGAN ROOKIES!" lol ~lw3
  12. I do miss the old Woody wide-open-mouth glares, from back in the leaner years. Welcome to the Squawk, @LK6969! ~lw3
  13. Saving graces. The sideline chairs are bolted to the floor, and the Nuggs are still awaiting their first FT. ~lw3