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  1. It's a little diggy diggy from Doc, y'all. ~lw3
  2. ADVISORY: When convenient, in some future Gamethread, I am SO stealing, "The Nursery!" lol ~lw3
  3. Usual suspects as we already know on the 5:30 Boo-Boo Report. Cam, D'AH and Goody out. Embiid gets Ye Olde Game Time Decision, but it would again be stunning if the knee couldn't go off a couple days' rest. ~lw3
  4. ZZ Top runs the show for the officials tonight. "Gimme all your whistles, all your techs and Flagrant 2s!" ~lw3
  5. Planking. The Choice of an Old Generation. Down by a point midway through the third quarter in Atlanta, the reigning NBA Most Valuable Player found himself confounded by the Hawks’ defensive positioning. For Golden State’s Stephen Curry, this was in a good way. The ball made its way to him on the left corner, right near Dennis Schröder and Dwight Howard, the tent-poles for the regurgitating Atlanta Basketball Club under former Coach of the Year Mike Budenholzer’s watch. Standing around fussing about his careless turnover while trying to get the ball up the court, Howard got in
  6. There's a Storm a comin'! It'll sit around Atlanta for a few days. But the good news is, we'll get to see its arrival today, on Bally Sports Southeast! The "rain"-ing champion Seattle Storm pay College Park a visit, as they'll face the Atlanta Dream tonight (7 PM Eastern, Bally Sports Southeast in ATL), and then again on Friday (Tough Timing! 8 PM Eastern, CBS Sports Network). Ranked second in the WNBA with a 7-2 record, the Storm are often led by Breanna Stewart (22.2 PPG, 2nd in WNBA). But for this week, their shiniest star was the "rain"-ing Western Conference Player of the Week,
  7. Well, at least ONE Atlanta team on Pattison Avenue getting to .500 tonight was a good thing! Let's make the most of the extra day for rest and prep. Friday oughta be a good one! Go Hawks! ~lw3
  8. SCOTT FOSTER ANNNNND TONY BROTHERS ALERT Methinks even the Sixers would rather have HGTV's Scott Brothers reffing out there. Whoever wins tonight had better not leave the game close! ~lw3
  9. 5:30 Boo-Boo report still has Joel and De'Andre questionable, so it looks like the dreaded Game Time Decision is afoot once more. ~lw3
  10. The OFFICIAL Meme of Winning Atlanta Sports Teams! Zaza Pachulia didn’t quite get there with us. And it’s not what he intended when the words fell from his mouth in front of a roaring crowd. But near the end of Atlanta’s first post-millennial journey into the NBA postseason, Zaza’s words proved prescient. "Nothing Easy! Nothing Easy!" Our Atlanta Hawks overcame a decades-long hex to finally reach the Eastern Conference Finals in 2015. Alas, no, we were not allowed to just chill, kick back, and watch the clock come down before celebrating a monumental moment in franchise h
  11. NBA to Sixers: You need to check your "DM"


    1. Spud2nique


      Morey has no shame whatsoever. :laugh: Capela, make him payyyyy!!!!! 

  12. Kinda feels like the Falcons shocked the Eagles and all anyone wants to talk about is the Cowboys losing. ~lw3