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  1. Ain't No Half Jab-Steppin'! #TrueToEarth ~lw3
  2. In the already hard-hit state of Louisiana, the virus claimed the life of one prominent former Falcons QB's father. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28966199/bobby-hebert-sr-father-former-saint-falcon-bobby-hebert-jr-dies-covid-19 ~lw3
  3. This informative article covering the wonkiness of reported fatality rates (numerator AND denominator) also features a Georgia State epidemiology and biostatistics professor. https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/03/27/821958435/why-death-rates-from-coronavirus-can-be-deceiving ~lw3
  4. An updated AJC article laid bare how pernicious the outbreak was here, yet how swift the calamity that has ensued. https://www.ajc.com/news/state--regional/city-under-seige-coronavirus-exacts-heavy-toll-albany/xC9NO677gfDQSaGEQDXSAN/ ~lw3
  5. Steve Koonin shared on Dukes & Bell that his daughter-in-law tested COVID-19+ and is self-quarantining. No symptoms so far aside from the lack of taste and smell. ~lw3
  6. Here's pulling for Doris! J-Smoove can't possibly be handling this news about his #1 supporter terribly well. ~lw3
  7. True To Atlanta! ~lw3
  8. https://www.ajc.com/sports/baseball/former-braves-owner-bill-bartholomay-who-moved-team-atlanta-dies/B43tnVnOAgQbjNhi3ptEGN/ ~lw3
  9. Hearts go out to all the folks who have been, are now, or will soon be jobless/furloughed during this rough patch. To a lesser extent, too, all the folks who have to go out in public, trying to hold back allergic coughs and sneezes as pollen season ratchets up. I'm right with @thecampster, as it's a heightened age of anxiety for our elder neighbors and loved ones. Use technology and calls as you can to check in on them a bit more frequently, and help keep their spirits on an even keel. ~lw3
  10. Wouldn't be mad at all if they just set the name to Dominique Wilkins Station, instead of having to change the signs every time a sponsor changes. https://www.ajc.com/news/local-govt--politics/marta-cuts-rail-bus-service-amid-coronavirus-outbreak/EMTHZ0S4qyM8ff7O8pJoPL/ ~lw3
  11. To my mid-day gamethread coffeeshop baristas out there, I miss you all, too. Hang tight! ~lw3
  12. Fortunate enough to be able to work from home and still get paid, under contract, with decent wifi, I've found that there are no plaques forthcoming for *expeditious* completion of work tasks (probably didn't need a pandemic to figure that out). TL;DR, don't be in a stressful rush to get every last little thing done. Without the usual distractions that come from direct co-worker interactions, it's tempting to put your head down and burrow through work, getting it all done well ahead of imposed deadlines, maybe working outside customary hours (do not recommend) since it's your own paid electricity, HVAC and wifi involved in the effort. But you also don't want to get stuck idling on the off-chance there's not much *new* work coming your way anytime soon. Prioritize essential daily/weekly duties, yes, but also identify stuff whose completions can be kicked down the road for, say, a month or three, and spread ALL that work out, if at all possible. If something MUST be done by Friday, start on Monday, and split it up over several days. Otherwise, do just enough with the other stuff, incrementally, that you'll still have essential tasks on the docket if you need to be confidently busy in May and June. ~lw3