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  1. Wow. Amazing perspective. I get the sense people don’t think I believe Clint is the one of the best things since sliced bread. I do. He is without a doubt one my favorite players and I love to watch him play. .........but remember how everyone one said the league doesn’t value true center play and that the game has moved away from big men. If that holds true, that would make other positions on the team more valuable correct? We have some pretty good players at two of those other positions. It does seems like the league is shifting a bit back to favor big men when you look at teams like Utah,
  2. Travis was with Golden State when they made the tough decision to fire Mark Jackson who was a very good defensive coach who got Golden State past the first round of the playoffs to bring in Steve Kerr. I felt at the time that wasn't fair to Mark but it was clearly the right decision for that franchise. I don’t think Travis will get too excited prematurely. That is why the players need to pay McMillan back by performing well in the playoffs.
  3. Brad Rowland posts playoff odds from five major outlets with ESPN as one of them and they consistently have our odds at 5 to 10 percent lower than the rest of the outlets each time they release. It is shameful they go to such lengths. The odd thing about it is they are hurting themselves. Atlanta clearly has a fan base that is looking for good coverage and they won’t even provide it on their network so we just go somewhere to get it.
  4. I get being cautious but flat out lying is another story. They have portrayed Dunn’s injury as minor since the day we signed him. Most recently they said he should be doing 5v5 on scrimmage and he is not even listed on the injury report as doubtful. Trae has sprained his ankle twice. We all saw how bad that was. He wasn’t even out two weeks. Bogi had a fractured knee and missed less time than Dunn who had an ankle scope. I get not showing your hand and being coy about peoples medical information, but I think as long as we are winning they are not asking to be back and the management team is n
  5. Agree, although lately he had been getting to the rim a little more aggressively. I think he is becoming more comfortable with contact since his injury.
  6. We saw him last year do some nice things on the court. The only way you can improve your game in the nba is to play and he has not had that opportunity this year. Granted some of that is on him because you know the bench is scrimmaging hard everyday and in normal practices and he must not be standing out there or Nate would be playing him over other third stringers.
  7. I still get nervous when he is handling the ball though. Lol.
  8. I kinda have to agree with that. Also, by playoff time teams will have more people in the stands and that will start to give back home court advantage. The Heat benefitted extremely from the isolated bubble atmosphere. Heir young shooters did not have any distractions as they were launching threes.
  9. That’s not problem now. That’s a good thing. Lol.
  10. He is the only one on the team this year that has not done something that shows their true value on this team. We know he can play basketball, but he has not had an opportunity to produce. Its a numbers game and he is the odd man out.
  11. That is a good comparison when you think about it.
  12. That Kevin Heurter finish was spectacular! That assist by Solo was ridiculous.
  13. Yeah something weird is going on with our medical staff.
  14. I agree. He can hang it up if he can’t do that.