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  1. Bogi, Kevin and Cam have all tried that role before and only Bogi thrived in it. His BBall IQ is very good. We won games with him doing that. However...we still need a bona back up PG. TJ McConnell would be my choice for a vet or Shariff Cooper would be my choice for a draft pick.
  2. I think Minnesota should have traded down and drafted OO. He would have been the perfect compliment for that team. They would have picked up extra assets too. They should traded for Scary Terry, the #3 pick (OO) and a future 1st. They need defense on that team.
  3. My scenario is only if we couldn’t resign John. On another note, it is interesting that this rumor comes out as the Wolves sale is finalized. The new ownership has no ties to these players and may want to get rid of the high salaries and start over with young talent that they pick while building up cash reserves.
  4. I don’t know how I feel about this news. I was “vocal” all season about how injuries were managed and definitely came to the conclusion that our medical staff very conservative. I thought it was going to cost us a good season. It definitely contributed to LP’s losses. However, looking back on how things ultimately turned out, we are in one of the best possible situations. A winning season and the young guys getting their bodies taken care of. I am definitely looking forward to the young guys playing more games going forward even through knick knack injuries.
  5. No way. Clint SnT Collins and they need to throw in a pick or a young player. Our team just made the ecf. KAT has never won anything in the nba.
  6. That is actually in his game. Also, his left hand finishing is elite. Go back and look at whenever he drives left. There is always a positive result. His decision making when he is attacking the basket is where he falls very short. He is trying draw fouls by diving into people but he folds like a lawn chair when he does.
  7. Definitely. He could learn a lot from Trae in that regard. I also hope his athleticism is released now that he has everything fixed on his body.
  8. Interesting. He was credited with the offensive system we were running. It is probably best that he is gone because he would have lost his number 2 role and probably have been a little salty. He should get a shot on a contending team as a number 2.
  9. What does this say about Melvin Hunt? Wasn’t he the lead assistant on Pierce’s staff before Nate got here?
  10. Back to Cam. He needs to be hand cuffed to Trae this offseason. They both need to work on their 3 point shooting and they can work on setting each other up off of the catch and shoot. If they work with each other to learn to compliment each other better, it will unlock a new level to this team.
  11. After we win one. Lol. I don’t want unnecessary disappointment. Lol.
  12. Yeah, he is not going to get that from anybody. He better get his Bitcoin
  13. Isn’t Spencer Dinwiddie a free agent? I would want him over Gary Trent.