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  1. From one Atown legend to another. Great for the Hawks. Cameron will be missed.
  2. The Knight train has left the station. I hope he gets some consistent minutes. I liked everything about the kid.
  3. His comp is Ben Simmons. All the same skills and all the same concerns. Good problem to have on a rookie scale contract.
  4. I am with you. It has got to be SAS. Derozan hasn’t signed, Markkenan either. Pop is half way across the globe slowing talks down. I wonder if SAS goes in a different direction will that negatively affect Collins. If JBap tried to play the Hawks but it turns out the market dries up, do the Hawks lower their initial offer?
  5. Cam could use all the reps he can get. Imagine Trae worrying about whether or not to play games. He is out hooping with high schoolers cause he couldn’t play in the olympics. Lol.
  6. You make a good point. With that in mind, I hope the deal is like Bogi’s where it is flat for 5 years and we still get the benefit of the rising cap.
  7. This guy earn himself a multi year contract. Someone is going to get a, shall I say it, “Good” one.
  8. Yeah the cap is a complicated mess and is so flexible that the really smart GM’s can manipulate to their benefit. I understand Supes, but I don’t want him getting mad at John. The market is determining John’s value not just his play. He is the most valuable power forward on the market today and he will get paid as such. As far as his performance, we have seen him put up historical numbers with his efficiency and we have seen him been key piece on a winning team. We have so many good players on this team his numbers are impacted. I also think he still has upside we haven’t seen. He has earned this. The other point I was trying to make is as long as there is a path to winning it all, owners will pay whatever it takes but if there isn’t a path to winning they are not going to keep paying. Long story short is, once you find the guys you can win with and they want to be here, keep them here. If you start losing move whoever you have to move to get back to winning.
  9. I don’t why you get upset about money, it means nothing in the soft cap NBA. Only thing that matters is are we winning. Don’t mess with the winning formula. NBA teams can do what they want. Did you ever think you would see what you are seeing in LA and Brooklyn. Let’s not even mention Golden State. The cap is at 132 Mil this year before paying luxury tax. We are nearly 40 mil under that. Schlenk has already set the math up in future years so that we maintain good cap flexibility even with John and Trae’s extension. Let that man get his. Plus he is the type of guy that won’t let the money change him and will still be a good team guy, spokesman, and leader for the franchise.
  10. Uh oh. I am still in the running. Although I thought we would get Cooper at 20 lol.
  11. My goodness. This team is on a roll! Love this draft.
  12. Only problem is he doesn’t know how to play the point guard position. He couldn’t even feed Gallo in the high post the few minutes he got in the playoffs. I like Dunn a lot but as a back up 2 guard whose role is to stop the other teams best offensive guard.
  13. Wow. You really kept it the same. Lol. If it aint broke...
  14. Man, that got salary numbers too. So you have Schlenk on speed dial. Lol.
  15. Nice, you even have a trade in there.
  16. That is point. This is a fun exercise to see if we can get it right. Give a shot a we will see who is the closest. PJ
  17. Let’s play. What direction do you think Schlenk goes to get his 15 man roster to start the season? Does he accelerate and go into championship mode? Does he stay the course with the core? Does stay prudent and keep the team in good financial health? Closest person to get the approach right and the 15 people on the roster day 1 of the season wins. Guess right before the draft you get extra points. Remember this is guessing what Schlenk WILL do not what we think he should do I will go first. I think he stays the course with the core and shore up the edges with good veterans contracts. Trae, McConnell, Cooper Bogi, Reddish, Mays Dre, Huerter, Tucker JBap, Gallo, Knight Clint, OO17, McGee
  18. Bogi, Kevin and Cam have all tried that role before and only Bogi thrived in it. His BBall IQ is very good. We won games with him doing that. However...we still need a bona back up PG. TJ McConnell would be my choice for a vet or Shariff Cooper would be my choice for a draft pick.
  19. I think Minnesota should have traded down and drafted OO. He would have been the perfect compliment for that team. They would have picked up extra assets too. They should traded for Scary Terry, the #3 pick (OO) and a future 1st. They need defense on that team.
  20. My scenario is only if we couldn’t resign John. On another note, it is interesting that this rumor comes out as the Wolves sale is finalized. The new ownership has no ties to these players and may want to get rid of the high salaries and start over with young talent that they pick while building up cash reserves.
  21. I don’t know how I feel about this news. I was “vocal” all season about how injuries were managed and definitely came to the conclusion that our medical staff very conservative. I thought it was going to cost us a good season. It definitely contributed to LP’s losses. However, looking back on how things ultimately turned out, we are in one of the best possible situations. A winning season and the young guys getting their bodies taken care of. I am definitely looking forward to the young guys playing more games going forward even through knick knack injuries.