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  1. 615Hawk


    So glad we have Hawks University so we can continue to develop players for other NBA teams to overpay for. At least we have Baze!
  2. At least we have Kent Bazemore on a reasonable deal
  3. I am in no way affiliated with the Hawks but over at Hawksshop.com they are having a heck of a summer clearance deal. I got an Adidas polo for $20. Though everyone on here would like to know.
  4. I appreciate the play of Howard but you can't tell me this team is better. The Howard move was out of desperation. They didn't get better with that move imo. The record and eye test shows that.
  5. If you are expecting a blockbuster from this front office you will are in for a let down. They have really done nothing to improve this team since Carol left. If they are chasing the Cavs, they end up like every SEC school chasing Nick Saban and firing coaches to try and catch lightning in a bottle.
  6. And yet people point to analytics that say he is a great +/- player. When I watch him play he just isn't moving well. He can't get loose from his defender. To me he is a great option coming off the bench against other backup players.
  7. I brought this up on Twitter and got crushed. Watching him play it's clear that he has lost a step. The argument the other way is that he can't create for himself and playing with the starters gets him shot opportunities. Yes, he is shooting 47% (or whatever after last night) but as the year goes on if his shooting % falls again I just can't see him not coming off the bench.
  8. I think he is an easy target. Even in his inside the NBA 'intervention' he just sort of takes the criticism. This could be a huge storyline this season if he dominates and hits his free throws. I'm excited to see what happens.
  9. Just interesting to read another perspective on the moves. I have enjoyed all of the Hawks talk on the web over the past few days. I hope it's a sign of more to come this season.
  10. Celtics' persistence pays off with signing of Horford (2:00) Now that the free-agency whirlwind has calmed, we can sit back and ask: So, um, what exactly did the Atlanta Hawks do? They tried to straddle two paths at once, and ultimately fell into the netherworld between them. The NBA is ripe for a tank job. Two to three years ago, almost a half-dozen teams raced to the bottom at once -- a backward sprint so crowded, one or two would become a sort of reverse Mary Decker Slaney and stumble into too many wins. Now, everyone is trying to win. The path from the playoffs to the No. 2 p
  11. http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/16834452/atlanta-hawks-had-great-plan-get-better-all-went-wrong
  12. Does Dwight do the speech to the crowd before the home opener or does Paul?
  13. Hasn't this been the most change this franchise seen in many off seasons? I think they are trying to get better but you can't just do it over one offseason
  14. I think we have a head coach who honestly believes that when he finds a 'guy' he will do whatever to get him or get rid of him. Perfect example is the kid from Baylor, trading your starting PG for a 12 and picking a guy that was probably there at 21. In his opinion he is the smartest guy in the room.
  15. 'His jumper isn't completely beyond repair'