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  1. How could you fix you mouth to say such a thing? They’re the only team I really enjoyed watching this year. They protect their glass, play elite team defense with minimal fouling, and get consistent 3 level scoring with foul drawing and their leader is a floor game savant. What else you want?!
  2. Bud is a fine coach obviously. This postseason is just all about Heat Culture and talent evaluation.
  3. I knew nothing of Killian Hayes until I read this: Seems like a knowledgeable evaluation and he even compared him to Haliburton. I’m going with the latter on paper. The left hand dominance and off ball usefulness questions are enough to scare me off. Again I know nothing of college/ international ball.
  4. From the scant information I have on the top rated prospects he’s my guy. Seems to have the will and IQ to play a winning-style floor game. Does he have the tools remains to be peeped.
  5. I don’t know how Houston has thrived since slotting Tucker at the 5, I can barely watch them. All I know is it’s/ he’s amazing. If it were as simple as post him up/ dominate the glass they would be far from 1-0 in the semis. Everyone (including me) thought it was moronic and would lead to disaster when D’Antoni implemented it months ago. And trust me North, had Jimmy come here it would’ve been his shortest stint with a team by far. All the things he values most, we have none of.
  6. I think similarity between players who are both in the front or backcourt can hamper fit. I like Capela next to Collins a lot without actually seeing it yet. Trae’s playmaking and creation is plenty stout enough to pick up the slack where they struggle.
  7. These radial plots might be my favorite analysis tool right now, shout out to Supes for introducing it to the Squawk I think. I always knew it would be easy to build around Butler but Dragic is an exemplary fit if you look at Jimmy as a 2 (which I do). You just need the proper brass and coaching staff in place who don’t pay lip service to defense which we certainly do not. I see the best fit beside Trae (doesn’t need to be on ball, good-great defender, good-great three point shooter, good rebounding for a 2) as some combination of No
  8. I was never impressed with the on court product of the Bud Bucks, just the win totals. The Heat’s superior talent evaluators and defensive ideals are just shining through on the floor.
  9. Darvin: “Finally, it may be time for me to cut the cord” (would’ve had a much better effect with the pic or big head lol. 2 questions: Is there an easier way to attach pics? Seems impossible, every url I entered came back red. Can I add/ delete from the old archived pics I’ve used from back in the day? Where the hell is Diesel?
  10. Sh!t is quite cray seeing how Giannis’ arms are long as the day and Jimmy’s sole Achilles is lack of length. Bud does all his explaining to empty Jack bottles tho.
  11. I’m still scratching my head as to why they went with Bledsoe over Brogdon for #BudBall. The latter has the far superior eFG and assist to turn. Hell, defensive IQ too probably. That said Jimmy gonna Jimmy. Spo keeping Dragic fresh for the postseason with a rookie was pure genius. I just cringe at Iggy and Crowder (35 minutes ugh), they don’t fit the shooting/ playmaking Heat model at all. 29 minutes optimizes Hero tho.
  12. I don’t watch those other guys but Trae and Doncic evaluations were 95% spot on. Only thing you missed was making the players’ names easier to find through the indentations and bolding lol.
  13. I just looked at Sabonis’ deal. I’d prolly give Schlenk a lifetime pass if he could get him here soon lol.
  14. Al got benched for Matisse Thybulle in the playoffs but you still gotta finish paying him $26.5 almost 3 years from now.
  15. The Menace! Who’s been guarding him these past two games they’ve been getting cooked.
  16. Doc threw his team’s defense under the bus but he knows damn well it’s gonna be a shell of itself without Beverley, their unquestioned vocal leader and razor sharp spearhead edge on that end. He’s likely the difference between Burke averaging 13 for the series and being unplayable. Reggie Jackson can pick up some slack with ball pressure (extremely surprising +28 in the series), while Doc likely wouldn’t play the poor-defending Shamet (-37, yeesh).
  17. How can a “well coached, balanced team” be a “test” for Bud and a “cakewalk” all at once?
  18. That boy Dennis with 25-5-5. Always loved that kid’s moxie.
  19. I saw this quote on RealGM in reference to a guy eating crow for erroneously evaluating Bam: College in general is an absolutely awful place for big men to learn how to play NBA basketball. Once one-and-done is removed I would absolutely pass on it if I'm a highly touted big man prospect. Do the college hoop heads here agree?
  20. “ “There's a physicality that I know and knew he would bring to the table.“ I always feel so embarrassed for Brett Brown when he speaks. Like bruh, just keep it as short as humanly possible. During a commercial timeout this man actually said “I think the crowd helped us a bit” with that patented blank, bewildered look on his face and Jeff Van Gundy chuckled like “wtf?!” It was all types of awkward. Al been cooked for some time but without any facilitation and even worse movement he’s burn-your-house-down done.
  21. Whoa whoa easy on the Jimmy comps.
  22. I’m sure many here have seen it but The Stepien leaves no stone unturned in terms of college player evaluation. I don’t watch a second of the NCAA but I’ve always been intrigued by Halliburton’s profile. Looking at his frame I’m confident he can add 15 pounds in a year or so to combat some of his weaknesses.
  23. I disagree with the Mavs roster being anything better than mediocre. I wouldn’t want any of their players in their role except Seth. I’d love Kleber as a super sub (same with the missing Powell) and Burke as a 3rd PG would be quite luxurious. After that nah. Collins is more impactful than Kristaps IMO and Cam will be better than all their wings combined in a couple years: we know Junior is a roller coaster, Finney-Smith merely a good 3-D glue man, I’ve always been straight on Kidd-Gilchrist. Luka is the sole reason for their “greatest offensive rating ever” business IMO.
  24. My bad bruh! Subconsciously I know I’ve seen you do the lower case “h” many times but it didn’t register. But why does 4 and 2 in 23 minutes feel like a decent game for Alice lol.