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  1. 2 points. That's the cost of letting Embiid eat. That's better than an open 3, or an And-1. Guard him, one hand up, one hand across from the ball. Don't jump, don't reach. Let him shoot and box his butt out. If he makes it, fine. But cut down on the cheap foul trips and the 2nd chance opportunities. Let him go wild jumpshooting. Just keep your body in between him and the basket. On his post ups, Harris and Simmons are both cutting aggressively through the lane. Run with them, don't help on Embiid. Put a body on them. Guards, stop peeking. Stay home on the shooters and play
  2. Doc was on top of everything we had going last night. After halftime if we scored twice in a row he called timeouts immediately and shut down whatever we were doing. He did not allow us to build any traction whatsoever. Coaching battle is just as key as any player matchup. Doc had his boys making strong decisive moves off of our defensive rotations. Their passes were on time and on target. Moreover, there was almost always someone open at the rim or a good shooter open from 3. They were on top of our defensive gameplan. We looked meticulous and hesitant in the half court. Nothi
  3. Yup, because this is the 90's right? I forgot you need 2 bruisers on the court to have success in 2021. It's the PF's fault that the Center is overmatched, and when the PF helps that leaves 1 of Simmons or Harris free to kill us, because they are also pretty good basketball players themselves.
  4. People think its an either-or scenario with JC. "He's not worth Max dollars, we need to get rid of him" I think he stays for less than the max. Next Capela and JC are easy to defend come playoff time? a) we dont make it to the playoffs without them in the regular season b) The Knicks disagree with this assessment. Can we put our emotions aside, and just recognize the Sixers are a tough matchup for us inside. The Nets wouldn't have a chance to slow down our PnR. The Bucks would be better than the Nets inside but no where close to the Sixers defense. We need to f
  5. Here is what we know Trae is a star. Elevating to superstar status before our eyes in the postseason. He is who we hoped he would be. Capela had the highest impact on winning for us the regular season by almost every metric. He dominates the paint against 95% of the league. He has run in to the other 5% this series. Bogi is highly skilled and has balls of steel, but he has a ceiling and is darn near at it at age 28. He is Jrue Holiday for us. 3rd wheel at best JC is the definition of efficiency. His offensive ceiling has likely been reached as he is not a creator. His defen
  6. Got it. Curry is better than Simmons now. Harris and Embiid should be easier matchups than little Curry. Heard. Thanks for playing.
  7. They both need to give us more. Didn't say John was better. John has a tougher matchup and is still around his normal numbers. For all the attention Trae is getting Bogi is not making them pay the way you're implying he is.
  8. Bogi has an easier assignment on both ends of the floor, true or false? He should be giving us more going against Curry, but he can't get going either. So what he opened the game hot, he got taken out of the gameplan in the second half. JC is battling, with elite players. Game 2 was bad. Tonight he kept at it when Bogi disappeared down the stretch. Numbers are for people whose only arguments is how they feel and their eye ball test which is purely subjective.
  9. Squawk logic Bogi for the series 18 and 5 on 43% shooting = He got it JC for the series 17 and 7 on 61% shooting = he aint got it? Bogi is being asked to guard diet Curry JC is being asked to guard and go against MVP, All-NBA, and All-Defense caliber players. Ya'll kill me with this. Capela 8 points, Kev 3 points, but JC is/was the problem? Just stop while you're ahead.
  10. Quite possible. I didn't notice but screw it why not.
  11. Im not. I think that Cam is fool's gold and the moment will be far too big for a guy that was already playing too fast for his feet before the injury. For every good defensive possession, he will bring a bad turnover, off balanced miss, or offensive foul. Cam looked rusty on the court before he went out for 4 months. He is not the hero we need.
  12. We are making a huge mistake by not starting Kev. They are playing 4 on 5 defensively and honing in on Trae. Simmons has Trae, Embiid has the entire paint. Everyone else can cheat because of that. It's gut check time Nate. We have to shorten the bench, tell these guys to stop the reaching so that they don't get in foul trouble. Run an 8 man unit next game with Kev starting, Lou, Gallo and OO off the bench.
  13. It really starts on defense. Discipline. Stay with the shooters, run with the cutters, hands up and not out. Joel will eat whether you like it or not. He is just like Trae, he will either score in his own or at the line, or both. No sense in getting handsy with him and doubling, just prevent the offensive boards and dump offs. We got killed with easy buckets by role players. Embiid had his worst offensive game and we suffered our worst defeat. Its not him, its us.
  14. I was only semi serious. Just wanted to join in on all the doomers