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  1. Im not here to debate between the two, I think Trae is better and should have made the team. That being said, the following article came before Trae shut it down, claiming White was being lauded as the best player on the court, with Trae even being quoted praising him. I think White always was pegged higher whether deserving or not. He usually started for the Select team in scrimmages with Trae coming in off the bench. Lest we forget as well, Pop likely always wanted White due to familiarity with his system. The whole way the went about this years team was frustrating in general. They went with older (age) or more tenured players versus actual talent. That’s why the Select team was beating up on them in most of the practice runs.
  2. Fox got the nod first over both White and Trae. But rumors placed White in front of Trae before he got the eye infection.
  3. Crap like this makes me realize we haven’t learned our lesson from the last uni change. The previous two city edition jerseys were fire. This peach one had potential but it was ruined with the font. It’s like dang you dont have to accomplish everything in a new jersey concept. Anyway, keep the font centered and in all black and slim lettering that mirrors the pac outline and you’re on to something. The skyline horizon is very unoriginal but it’s whatever
  4. I find it interesting that the coaching staff had Deandre watching film of Kahwi Leonard and Cam watching film of Kevin Heurter. Its almost like since Hunter comes from a very structured college halfcourt system we arent as concerned about acclimating him in to ours, we want to focus more on unlocking his Iso game. But with Reddish, we want to put more of an emphasis on establishing him in to our offensive system to see if he can flourish within the flow of our offense.
  5. The only thing that will hold Huerter back is us trying to develop 2.5 other young wings alongside him. There really isnt a hole in his game, there is no limit to how good he can get. I really do expect a leap from him next season. The fact that the team and coaching staff all believe in his ability also is great. Nobody is looking at him saying he is just a role player. They all want him to let it fly and look for his shots. That's very important when it comes to development. Watch out for him to pull a John Collins and really step it up in a big way in year 2
  6. I’m not feeling this at all. The black kills it for me. I don’t mind peach, I like how the United use it. But we need to get away from the 2 toned pac logo all together. The background should always stay white or nothing at all. I wouldn’t mind the perimeter being all Peach and just using black for the lines and letters, but this is just overkill and mixes themes. Id rather they flip the usage of black and peach and replace the black pac background with white and Id be happy
  7. Dude fought thru like 5 screens on one play and still made a great contest on that shot. Having a player around like that is going to make the film room uncomfortable for Trae who gets picked off on one screen. Theres a rythym and a dance to good man defense just like there is to good Iso offense. Hunter has it on D, Trae has it on O. They could teach each other a lot.
  8. Not even just because he struggled, these cats really respect his game. Here is a video of top HS recruits being asked who was the hardest player they had to guard and they go bananas when talking about Cam. Anthony Edwards, the #1 player in the nation called Cam Reddish "different". These guys know each other from years in the HS circuit and they all know 1st hand how good Cam is, not was. I also think Hunter landing at #3 is a credit to the Hawks in general. These young guys seem to know that we have some great young ballers on the team and its only a matter of time before we make it back to the playoffs and contend for a title.
  9. I don’t think there is that big of a gap between Bagley but I do think John is definitely better than Kuzma. Like, he just is.
  10. My pride is hurt. Here I thought Trae and John would be the ones breaking out and being promoted but the universe had other plans I guess. Not that its in any way their fault, they handled their business. I dont even know if they wanted the promotion as much as I did but I digress
  11. I’m not arguing that your point about the Suns is wrong, but about the size thing; We literally just watched Golden State go to 5 straight finals on the backs of the Death Lineup and the Hamptons 5 lineup. Both lineups without a true center. Both lineups with Draymond as the “big man” when he is only 6’6 in reality. yes KD is a 7 footer but he plays like a guard and isnt banging in the post. Point is, in today’s NBA you don’t need 2 true big men to be successful. You need skillsets more than anything. Your 4 man today has to be comfortable out on the perimeter on both sides of the ball or your defense will get switched to death. I don’t think the small lineup will work for us next year because too many of the guys are still green and filling out their bodies. But once JC gets a little more stronger and Cam/Huerter add more weight and strength then I think that lineup could be absolutely powerful one day
  12. This video has a different angle of some of the same highlights in the previous post. Notice the scoreboard though, The “White” (Select) team dominated the Blue (Main) team Final score was 22-6 with Trae putting at least 5pts 1 assist of that 22 with a buzzer beater. Im telling ya, his spacing and natural ability as a floor general would be vital in international play.
  13. Oh wow thanks for the high praise lol
  14. What I took from it is, defensively as a 4, he is more likely to get switched on to the perimeter or at least have to contest the 3 point shot which he really struggles at right now. He lacks awareness out there and is not as instinctive guarding guys in space On the other hand at the 5 defensively, he is way more instinctive in the paint and challenging at the rim. He can hold up against both 5 and 4's with his only flaw being his propensity to foul bigger guys. So he isnt a perfect fit defensively at either position, but as far as natural instinct and ability he is way more at home defensively in the paint. Once he get stronger and smarter and cuts down his fouls, he may project long term as a 5 which makes him a lethal weapon as a center. For him to reach that same elite level at the 4 offensively he will need to keep improving from 3 and on dribble drives, and defensively learn how to guard out along the 3 point line, and read the plays out in space better otherwise he will be a liability. In a nutshell the biggest learning curve will be as a modern 4, while physically he has a tougher go at center.
  15. Trae and John deserve to be on the main roster when looking at the Vets they decided to replace the stars with. Like seriously Bam Abedayo over JC? Really Or Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart over Young I can’t wait for the scrimmages, the Select team is going to give the main roster fits. They are lucky they promoted Fox because had they not he and Trae would’ve ran through those guys. Homerism aside, Trae Young is the perfect fit for international play. He can shoot over the zone and extend the defense and is honestly the best playmaker in Las Vegas right now. He is going to show out when they face each other