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  1. KB loves pointing out that we are in year 3 of the rebuild (we aren’t) but wants us to forget that year 1 (by his math) came under coach Bud and not Coach Pierce. The rest of us know the truth. 2017-18 (Buds last year) was the tear down. 2018-19, LP’s 1st year, was the actual beginning of the rebuild. But not even fully as we still were stripping fat from the previous regime and replacing it with rookies and bad contracts who intentionally weren’t meant to play. LP is 1.5 years into his tenure with us. His core players are 1.5 years OR LESS into learning his system. Many of his core players are really just trying to learn how to be professionals let alone how to win yet. As bad as it’s been we are actually still ahead of schedule, with legit building blocks and nothing but time to watch them grow.
  2. Ahem... short term memory around these parts huh? lest we forget the Masterful Coaching Guru, Coach Bud only won 24 games with a much more experienced roster than this back in 2018. And that was with him actually trying to win games against the agenda of the front office. Pierce walked in to Atlanta as a rookie head coach presented with way more youth forced to play significant minutes and still won 29 games. If you are hell bent on criticizing LP and the rebuild then you got to blame Bud too by your standards. This is Pierce’s 2nd year ever as a head coach and the roster has gotten even younger than last year, yet it’s still possible we could finish with a better record than almighty Buds last season in Atlanta. And I dare someone try to convince me Bud had less to work with when he still had several of his guys in the lineup (Dennis, Baze, Prince, Moose, Delaney, Bellineli, Dedmon, Illysova) and he had rookie JC but restricted his playing time in favor of vets. AND STILL LOST more games than Pierce. Dont let him fool you now that he ran off to coach Giannis. He couldn’t do jack squat with a young team either
  3. Define better...because 12 & 6 for a 34 year old vet doesn’t measure up to even Jabari’s production let alone JC. And you would be ok with paying him 30 mil a year for that? Just because he is(was) a proven vet.
  4. Yet you blame LP for playing young guys as if it’s his personal agenda when you just admitted we clearly didn’t have any vets available that were seen as clearly better options.
  5. Hunter is about as true of SF as a SF can get.
  6. I still don’t know how we pulled off that deal for Milsap. In retrospect I can’t even tell if he didn’t actually make out as the biggest winner in that exchange. He took a shorter term deal to come to a playoff team in the weaker conference. Immediately played himself in to an All Star. Made some epic moments along the way. Built his resume up and became a FA again just in time to cash a huge payday when the salary cap skyrocketed. And oh yeah, did all this at exactly the same time he started regressing from his prime. He, like Horford, have never played up to the level of their huge contracts after leaving us. But kudos to him for getting his cash grab. Had he stayed on for a year shorter or longer, he would’ve missed the window to maximize his worth with the new market. Everyone thought we got a steal of a discount but his agent knew all along what he was doing setting his client up for success.
  7. I somewhat agree. I don’t want us to overpay guys that aren’t difference makers. We’ve done a good job of not taking on long term bad deals. We have to continue this going forward. However I don’t see us attracting anyone unless we are willing to ante up. Trae is magnetic, but we have to put a team together that can compete in the postseason first before guys willfully start taking reasonable deals to play here. We have to spend our 90% of our cap on somebody though so hopefully Schlenk can make some more good decisions, maybe short term “prove yourself” deals that allow us to be big players in 2021 free agency.
  8. It takes a legit skillset to continuously find something negative to say in response to positive posts. At this point you just have to ignore the noise/hate. This was my favorite All Star Weekend. 15’ was special too because of the overall season, but our guys didn’t really do anything memorable beside check in to the game together at one point. Trae is a lightning rod for eyes and attention. One day he is going to be our most popular player outside of just Hawks fans, right up there with Nique.
  9. I stand by my off season post that for this team to be its best version, Trae's scoring will need to be closer to 25 or less per game and his assists up to 10-12 per game. That means Trae is getting guys like Cam and Kev more involved and in a scoring rhythm and taking less shots. That could also mean teams are forcing the ball out of Traes hand but Cam and Kev are performing better as secondary play-makers. Either way, the less dependent on Trae's scoring we become, the better our team will naturally be as a result.
  10. My biggest complaint/observation is how we defend screens. For years I hated how we always went under screens and left guys wide open for 3 pointers. LP's defensive philosophy appears to be for us to always go over on screens which was a refreshing sight as we tend to chase guys in to the paint. Well lately its been irking me because our point of attack defense (cough Trae) dies on the screen or is really behind going over on it and it breaks the entire defense down with rotations stuck in no man's land and free runners to the rim. I think guys like Cam and Dre, Teague, Goodwin, Bembry, etc.. should continue to go over on the screen, but a guy like Trae needs to be allowed to go under and cut off the driving lane. At this point, our team awareness is not good enough to help when Trae gets stuck. Let him cheat, dive under, and live with the longer jumpshot and more players in rebound position than give up the lane with our defenders on the backs of the guy they're supposed to be boxing out. I dont want to change the entire team defense but just adjust it for the one's who really struggle to execute it's principles. Even if my idea is bad, we have to prioritize fixing the point of attack defense sooner than later. We are out of rebounding position, bigs are picking up bad fouls trying to switch on to ballhandlers, and we are giving everything up a the rim as a result.
  11. This is major key. As the roster fills out and takes shape, finding another shot maker/creator (and ideally one with some size as opposed to Trae) is on the list of needs. If Cam turns out to be that guy, look out!
  12. The more youth you add the slower the development process becomes. That’s true anywhere you look. Because they only see each other’s bad habits and not enough positive examples of doing it right. That was Schlenks fault and he has taken full responsibility for it. It won’t magically go away either because of a few trades. However, I expect this offseason will be the most important and beneficial for everyone on the organization from ownership down to the ball boy. There was a glimpse of something special happening this year before JC got the hammer. I imagine we will get back on track AND our young guys will take another leap forward
  13. Back to Trae Young and his ALL STAR GAME thread.... I saw this post on the Hawks IG and realized that Trae that is noticeably taller than Kemba It shouldn't be a surprise as their measurements tell the same story, but Kemba's size hardly ever gets mentioned as a detriment for him, meanwhile Trae is always knocked for it. Trae is 6.05" flat footed with a 6'3 wingspan, 7' 11.5" Standing reach Kemba is 5'11.5 flat footed with a 6'3.5 wingspan, 7'7.5" Standing reach (interesting?) also interesting, Chris Paul: 5'11.75" 6'4.5 wingspan and 7'9" standing reach Trae has the highest standing reach of these guys by inches despite having a shorter wingspan, which is surprising to me. I find it interesting that both Paul and Walker generally are considered decent defenders despite their stature, It gives me hope that Trae can get there someday if he really dedicates himself to that end of the floor. His instincts have gotten better and he is more willing to attack lazy passes. However his pick and role awareness is still trash as he refuses to avoid switching on to bigger guys (my pet peeve). Once he figures that out watch out!
  14. One thing the city of Chicago has going for them is they have always had a lot of corruption in their government over the years, and they are no stranger to organized crime and controversy. This weekend was true to form for them.
  15. What bugged me most about this though, was that Team Lebron had a more defined pecking order of established guys, with Westbrook being the only vet that was truly snubbed down the stretch for them. Team Giannis though had way more guys that were closely matched either by experience (1/2 the roster were 1st timers) or by talent. (Nobody was head and shoulders above the rest outside of Giannis) Even if Nurse's excuse was he wanted the guys who "paid their dues" Butler was the most experienced All Star (5x) after Lowery (6x). How does Siakim get to finish the game as a 1st time All Star but not fellow 1st timers like Trae+ Donovan, a second timer like Middleton or a veteran 5 timer like Butler? The strength of Team Giannis was in their depth compared to the top heavy team Lebron. Nurse should have continued to rotate fresh bodies in and out of the game down the stretch to compete with the more talented Team Lebron. Especially when the offense fell off a cliff, they needed a shot in the arm and literally anybody could have given it to them at that point.