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  1. Yessssssss!!! Finally, we end up on the other side of one of these comebacks!
  2. Should Kev be a starter again for good? He has looked pretty solid all year, and much improved defensively.
  3. Wow, you cannot start of OT like that
  4. Oh shit!!!! JC grew a big hairy pair just then!
  5. Defense lineup please LP, followed by a timeout after the rebound
  6. In the words of Graymule HIT YOUR FREE THROWS
  7. I truly dont feel like he coaches to win games. It's like he pre determined the rotation and refuses to come off of it until its too late to matter
  8. LP, wtf bro. Do you not care that your team is blowing their chance at a comeback. Stop the bleeding.
  9. Teams pull up threes in our faces like we dont even exist defensively. Scrubs shooting with confidence with hands in their face and hitting the bottom of the net.
  10. Heeeeee's baaaaack. But seriously, Trae is being way more active and making heads up plays. This energy is exactly what we needed
  11. Finally some life. Detroit with the kiss of death timeout. We never do well when opponents slow down our momentum and make adjustments.
  12. So, kind of like years 1-3 maybe? Which is where we are judging Trae
  13. Most had Cam over Deandre because we all assumed Bogi was a lock to start and we thought we could only have one at the time. Cam still provides a tantalizing amount of upside and he is still in fact 2 years younger/behind developmentally, than Hunter is. Play strength and consistency being the major holes in Cam's game right now. Two things that naturally improve with experience. Deandra was sold short by some, but in general we always knew he was the more ready and consistent of the two players. His body was more mature, he spent 3 years in college in a program that built long ter
  14. I'd like to dig more into this. Trae we know, we hide him for a reason and he cannot afford to switch. Clint, obviously we don't want him switching because nobody else can guard opposing centers, and we don't want him being pulled away from the basket. Now, with Kev starting, Im guessing he needs to stay home too, but when it was Cam, you would assume he had free range to go 1-3 if needed.