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  1. I feel like this applies to Dunn and Cam more than the other guys. Dre to a much lesser extant. Everyone else has had significant playing time with Nate running the show and contributing. Dunn, zero chemistry with his new teammates. Cam, zero chemistry under Nate as HC Dre, 2 small sample size games under Nate.
  2. Im telling you. Just scratch him from the season already. It's April for crying out loud.
  3. IF we can win both of the upcoming games against Milwaukee, and handle our business in between, there is a good chance we can close to within 1 game of them by the end of the month.
  4. Without a big picture, all your baby steps will lead to nowhere.
  5. I didn't realize Giannis was nursing an injury. We may be able to make a move on the Bucks guys. Their next 7 games: Wolves, Hawks, Grizz, Suns, Sixers, Sixers, Hawks Our next 7 games: Raps, Bucks, Pacers, Magic, Knicks, Heat, Bucks Giannis will likely miss our game this week. And both of the games we play them at our house, with them on the 2nd game of a B2B. Our health matters too but those are 2 games we could likely win. Plus, they could easily drop at least 2 of the games against the Suns and Sixers. Our worst game in that span is @ the Knicks on a B2B. If we can
  6. Got to start getting guys back, but I think 40 wins is the floor.
  7. We will never win anything in this city as long as we are chasing what other franchises did. We've tried being like Detroit, San Antonio, GS, etc...Those franchises became great by maximizing on their own talent and style of play. The imitation is never as good as the original. On all levels, we must find our own identity that brings out the best of the guys we have. When we do that, we will become the thing everyone else wants to be.
  8. Duhhh, no need to copy anyone else, Atlanta has enough iconic references to go around. Hello!!! Call us Magic City Because we be making it rain !!! Lol Not to mention we have Lemon Pepper Lou and Snell-ville on the team too haha
  9. Which is why Im perfectly fine with the way the season has gone outside of length of all these injuries. Nate and Lou would have never come about "if" we were winning all along.
  10. If Kev could have contributed more in the 2nd half this would have been a much easier win.
  11. HUGE WIN!!!!! Cannot say enough about the effort today!
  12. This is the Bogi Lou and Clint show today. Kev, please don't have one of those off games, we need you too. Im confident in Mays, Knight and OO to give us some good minutes too. Hill, I fear will do too much thinking we need him to make it rain. BG can go either way, hopefully he plays well too.