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  1. Agreed, it was definitely more than 1 play. Hell, it was more than 1 game.
  2. Correct, this is how I interpret him regarding injuries. A little disappointing but we are deep for a reason, so no worries. They will be back eventually, I just hope we aren't missing more guys by the time they return. I really would love to see us at full strength for a longer stretch of games than we are shorthanded if that makes sense.
  3. Wait and see is always the safest approach. I don't knock it. There are a ton of intangibles that could prevent Jalen from reaching his ceiling. Injuries, off the court stuff, confidence, etc. But when you look at him, it's not hard to see this young man has the goods. I don't care if it's too early or too late, I trust what my eyes are seeing. I make safe predictions all the time. I'm good with going out on a limb on this one.
  4. Did they not watch the playoffs? In 18 games, or the 16 that Trae played, he may have gotten 1 questionable foul call, and it was very questionable. The light bump against Jrue Holiday that went for an And-1. He was getting knocked around over and over and played through it with no foul calls. My issue issue is less about him and more about are they going to call it even across the board. JC picks up about 2 cheap fouls a game where the contact is ticky tack. I know that isn't the same as baiting for fouls, but still, if contact is made they better call it both ways. Don't swallow the whistle on Trae and give another team multiple trips to the line.
  5. Yeah. Kudos to them for creating a dynasty and selling out to keep that core together. They accomplished the most important thing, winning titles. Now, as you said, they will likely fade to back to reality for a generation or two. I'd happily take that just to get the championship monkey off of our back
  6. All true. I think it's also the player's agents/management team pushing content as well. Jalen is coming in with a lot of criticism so they are likely putting out as much content as possible to combat any accusation that he doesn't love the game or want to work hard. When JC was preparing for the draft you saw, or at least I did, a few workout videos of him shooting from the outside. This was likely put out because his scouting report going in to the draft was that he didn't shoot the ball at Wake Forrest. Last off season, due to Covid restrictions, I don't blame the players for not putting out a ton of workout content. There is always a rhyme or reason, I'm sure most of the guys would rather go to the gym and go home and not bring cameramen.
  7. Jalen is taking full advantage of this offseason. You see the youth/rawness, but look how much more fluid, smooth, and comfortable he is compared to fellow rookie Kai Jones. JJ has a ways to go but he is on the right path. That rip through series is in his bag. He's going to be a good one.
  8. Speaking of, some good Hawks stuff in this
  9. Speaking of the list, done good Hawks content today. Do y'all agree or disagree with their opinions?
  10. The Sixers were already on the hot seat. They regressed 2 seasons ago when they got bounced in the 1st round which got Brett Brown fired. The Simmons + Embiid debate has been going on for a while. Ben's lack of shooting has been criticized ad nauseum. The seeds were planted. Their question marks were as big as their expectations. We broke them, but they were already brittle when they got to us. We finished the job that started when Kawhi's ball bounced around and in.
  11. Most definitely. Amnesia is real amongst the talking heads.
  12. Here was their logic: Hawks fans are so focused on competing right now, but we probably aren't going to win a title this year. We would be better off sacrificing a few wins by grooming Cooper now as the featured backup to Trae so that in 2-3 years when the team IS ready to play for a title, he will ready to go. They think we will regret not developing him in lieu of playing vets.
  13. They did drag the Mavs for not building around him the way we did Trae. They were very complementary of our front office, but it was also a built in scapegoat by saying Trae has the better team and that's why Trae had better playoff success.
  14. The folks who really watch the game had to have noticed just how good he was before injury. If he returns to that, I truly think we will be a force. My dream scenario is to have playoff Trae, late season Bogi, early season Dre, JC without foul trouble, and regular season Clint all show up at the same time. That is championship level starting 5
  15. Decent preview from non-Hawks fans. A couple of points that I dont agree with but that some posters on here have mentioned before: They see Dre's best fit as a PF long term They believe Bogi would be better suited off the bench They think Cooper should get regular minutes at backup PG sooner than later. They admire our depth but consider it to be a problem going forward They say Trae is merely an All Star level guy as opposed to MVP level guy (like Luka)