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  1. Every offseason he has some nagging thing. I really wish they'd let these kids tough it out a little. Tomorrow isnt always promised as we have learned, and he has consistently missed crucial development time with his teammates every offseason he has been here. After all these months I'd be begging to play if I was just a little sore.
  2. So wait.... where is Heurter? Is he banged up AGAIN
  3. I don't believe that Gwu or any big needs to be the same caliber of passer of Bam. If he can be elite at rim defense, keeping up with perimeter guys, rebounding, and efficient enough shooting touch, I think you are in a great shape. For me, I agree passing is what makes Bam unique, but make no mistake, he is an NBA player because he is a big man that does big man things first and foremost. The passing is the cherry on top, and to be honest, it just helps cover up for the fact that he is not a threat at all from the outside. This is where a guy like Gwu or any modern big can close t
  4. Knicks, for whatever reason, had our number this year. I dont get it either
  5. Agreed, Luka came in the league running and gunning. Zion is still learning how to walk, literally. But seriously, Zion is more of a project. He has more holes in his game. You see the star power, but if you take away the athleticism, there is not much there. He has to develop all areas of his game whereas Luka is a complete player now. Completely different basketball prospects.
  6. Sounds like an adult slumber party, featuring a bunch of guys. Glad they will get to bond. Wonder who will bring smore's or start the first pillow fight lol
  7. Exactly. He pointed out the fact that they are using his name and image to get readers interested in a list that doesn't include him.
  8. John Collins has a mid range game. His mid range was butter coming out, but he has been coached out of that since being in the league. He has even said as much. The NBA game wants him shooting threes, so he does, but that shot is always there in his bag. Go to 6:18. Talking bout he aint got a mid range
  9. I get that, I'm a realist. Lets just start with the fact that I dont have Bam on a pedastal to begin with. An all star nod in year 3 in a weak East with injured stars isn't anything to get all crazy about. Bam is a really good player with multi-layered skillset that translates as a modern day big, Thats where the comp to OO comes in, because he too can be a very good modern day big, even if not the next Bam or whatever. I'm stating that O.O has a better shooting touch now than Bam which could translate with development. The part about passing makes sense. If that's just not OO's game then I ge
  10. Just for comps sake, Bam and Onyeka were nearly identical in their one and done seasons. 2016-17 Bam: 13ppg, 8rebs, .8assts, 59.9%FG, N/A3PT%, 65.3%FT, 22 PER, 5.6 WS- (30.1 MPG) 2019-20 Onyeka: 16.2PPG, 8.6REB, 1.1AST, 61.6%FG, 25%3PT, 72%FT, 31PER, 5.4WS - (30.6 MPG) In about the same MPG O.O was a better scorer, with better shooting touch than Bam, averaging around the same Assists. Same Win shares, O.O with a better PER.
  11. RedDawg#8

    Ask Supes

    Word is he did that last offseason too. Unfollowed all his followers except close family. His way of unplugging from the season and shifting his focus. I wouldnt read too deep in to that
  12. I dont know that we still need him, but if we wanted him his price tag would be lower now that he has been semi-exposed
  13. Capela is downright nasty when it comes to protecting the rim. Just imagine having this behind Trae now. If Cam and Hunter become above average on ball defenders, and JC improves, we may have the making of a good defensive unit.
  14. RedDawg#8

    Ask Supes

    In the situations that you are talking about, you dont just need an offensive system, but a big time shot maker with cahones. Think about this, though. With D Antoni, he had both the system AND the individual superstar shotmaker/playmaker in James Harden and it wasnt enough. And Harden is a much better scorer than LeBron in all facets. They still lost, because of defense and rebounding. That offense system runs wild in the regular season and against without adequate firepower to keep up. But when its time to play 1/2 court basketball, and nutt up, it takes more. And if your 3's aint fall
  15. I'd take any of these dudes from Toronto. Specifically their guards Powell, Vanvleet, Lowery And secretly, Im starting to warm up on Jaylen Brown. But efff the Celtics otherwise lol