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  1. I don’t get why the world hasn’t caught on that One in the Tuck is the Bizarro version of Chuck Barkley. Nobody in this current league is just moving him.
  2. I'm all for Bud slander but I can't say I've seen a MVP candidate receive such little scrutiny since Derrick Rose.
  3. Jimmy Butler is going for 40 and the DPOY is being hidden in the corner guarding Jae Crowder.... That needs some explaining.
  4. I’m at the point where I throw my hands up and just say “Duke GMs.”
  5. It’s what happens when you get impatient with the established strategy and bring in not one but two questionable GMs that quickly worked to squander away most of the assets and flexibility acquired by the original GM.
  6. Rereading this page I may have confused between whether PG or Oladipo was being referred to. let me clarify that all my slander is towards Oladipo.
  7. To me he’s only been good one season out of his entire career but because he was one of those guys that’s “easy to root for because....his work ethic!” people were doing backflips when he finally put together a decent season only to rush to the injury excuse after he quickly regressed to what he’s been for most of his career.
  8. Watching this series, he’s always been robotic but now he looks clanky. Even his claps look like his hinges need oiling.
  9. Blame the news and politicians. They’ve built a system where they can’t just report or do anything without adding a slant so that creates an entire environment of mistrust. Nothing can ever just be universally accepted as “good”. Instead of either side saying congrats, you got that point on the board but don’t worry we’ll put up points too, we get that point trying to be erased completely or slanted as entirely negative. And if they all fail collectively and do something “bad”, well that’s when the finger pointing and blame shifts happen.
  10. I chuckled at Sap’s Vote 4 Millsap jersey set up. Saw it the other night saying “oh now everybody is running for President?”
  11. I had almost the same experience when I went down late March through early April. No blood in my sputum but I had to have the docs additionally prescribe an anti-nausea med because the TWO antibiotics for my pneumonia were nuking my stomach causing the coughing fits to quickly turn into dry heaves.
  12. The more I see it, the reds really bother me. The yellow highlight around the white wordmark really washes out “Atlanta” particularly the As given the font they use. The blacks are still supreme levels of badassery though.
  13. Check the writer credits on Power...and be sure to check out Fatal Affair now streaming on Netflix, you can “borrow” the BiL’s login.
  14. Connie’s my alibi.... We’re in this together.