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  1. Building a team for a specific matchup is what got Ferry in trouble in Cleveland. They got smacked by Boston, got pieces to matchup to Boston, then got smacked by Dwight. They got pieces to matchup to Dwight, then got smacked by Boston again. You can never be reactionary or worse, be a team like the Clippers who overlooked entire seasons just expecting a matchup with the Lakers.
  2. I think the concern is overstated, Embiid was the MVP runner-up and the Bucks' bigs feasted from penetration, penetration, and some more penetration. I believe Gallo provides plenty of post offense but if the feeling is that you find turnaround jump hooks more pleasing than jumpers then might I suggest Enes Kanter? Did you shudder? Of course you did. JaVale McGee fits the bill the best from a money/minutes standpoint. His early career was marred by being the total opposite of mental maturity but he's been a cog on two championship teams recently, particularly the familiar Warriors. Maybe he can offer something in the locker room plus be able to fill in as an emergency C? You may shudder again but... if you're looking for a C option that can be deployed a lil more often than McGee due to age, for matchups, foul trouble, even spot start here and there due to injuries/rest then our old buddy Alex Len could help. Overall, the 4 man rotation of John/Gallo and Cap/Gwu is beyond solid. Gwu seems set to be Cap's eventual replacement so a 3rd vet C would be sufficient for now and then you can stick Knight in the GLeague as the 4th C. I'd draft a PF to be Gallo's eventual replacement or even John's. I have a strong belief John is brought back even if it might be with the idea of trading him down the line in the not so distant future. As for the rest of the off-season, I don't see Dunn opting out but maybe a healthy summer and contract year motivation gets him back to the player he was. Because of the player he was, I don't see another non-shooting guard being added (sorry T.J.). I'd personally like a bigger scoring combo guard like Austin Rivers then Schlenk can play musical chairs with Snell or any of the plethora of wing shooters.
  3. I want to know who he was talking to all last night. Looked like the “Killa Cam” persona was asserting itself… ”I told you Cameron, you need me. Let me drive for awhile, I promise I’ll keep the casualties low this time” Meanwhile Bud was like: *urp* is he talking to me?! How’s he know about my driving?!
  4. I won’t lie, I was disappointed because I got greedy but once I was able to take a step back, I’m beyond appreciative for this season. The lows, the highs, the highs that topped the highs, thankful for it all.
  5. Can’t see how that would be the case when Kawhi has his own personal training/medical staff led by his uncle/agent/manager/spiritual adviser, Dr. Dennis. This board railed on health updates all year, imagine the scenario where Nate is waiting on Trav, who is waiting on Chelsea, who is waiting on Emory, who is waiting on Kawhi’s staff, who is waiting on him to see if he’s available for a game.
  6. They gave some fight but in the end big first half deficits gave the Bucks too much cushion to overcome
  7. That Jrue trade looks more genius by the second. Brogdon and Bledsoe are not doing this.
  8. Gyaaaaad dang it, Clint! Dunk that and the Farm explodes.
  9. Refs trying to make the box score not so obvious with these tricky tack rewards
  10. Johnny has had enough of Jrue buckets. He might goaltend all of his attempts in post halftime shootaround