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  1. You don't get a guy off you by yanking and twisting his helmet towards you. Garret helped Rudolph out by demonstrating the more effective manner of ripping off a helmet. The whole Steel Curtain needs to pitch in for Pouncey's suspension though, that OL did his job.
  2. I just think it's asking too much of a guy who's probably close to two years removed from his last great game to have the blind confidence of putting up 10 shots in a game, particularly from 3. At this point that could be game/team/psyche breaking. You don't want players asking "why are we doing this?" and we don't want Cam asking "why am I doing this?" Take it slow, let him build confidence and string together a couple week's worth of effective games before you decide "hey, we want you leading the league in 3PAs."
  3. *searches bathroom for towel rack*
  4. I have a Dolfansquiat original. Last piece of the renowned artist's collection before syphilis related dementia claimed him. RIP Dolf.
  5. America already lost two wars to China and is indebted to China to pay for two others. I don't find any of this surprising.
  6. Brooklyn were a 7th seed last season and did that with continuity from the previous season. Barring a surprise, Miami is the only team that threatens to replace them in the top 8 but I don't see them necessarily moving up the standings either so the ~15th pick would be a nice reward.
  7. Yes, the real season started and Zion is on the shelf probably until December and they lost to a team whose best player is wearing a Clippers jersey *shrugs*
  8. Congrats, raise the pre-season championship banner and hand Zion his MVP. As to the actual season, they'll be just as dependent on their young prospects developing and producing, not any of the vets there to support them.
  9. Had all offseason to commend the Pelicans so I don't know why watching them in a game (which they lost) drives an impetus to post about them now.
  10. I can understand him wanting out but why Portland specifically? I'm gonna need someone to post more excerpts from the original article to help me understand why Baze needed Portland.
  11. Hunter is that guy you find at the Park/Y/Gym that looks like a scrub based on their aesthetic coordination but always gives you buckets. I am Hunter, Hunter is me... Hunter is honestly the 'Effective Marvin'
  12. Honestly, him having an effective floater might be way more dangerous than him forcing it in the paint. Given his size and length, a Cam floater could reach Durant-midrange-jumper level of unfairness for opposing Ds.
  13. Absolutely, but it would also be nice to have a player that despite their immense talents and skills on the court.... that they still get the benefit of the doubt when throwing up some bullshit 😅