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  1. You have to realize that they were exactly the same even when their team was winning only 20 games. It was funny then but real ones knew that if they ever tasted any success they'd be insufferable.
  2. That's good for them. Doesn't mean a damn to Jimmy though.
  3. Why so many people mentioned Butler being in to close out? He doesn't give a damn about the All Star game, he just likes to show up, sign a few memorabilia, get maybe one drop of sweat going and collect his game check.
  4. 4 months of watching the other Centres (they don’t deserve the American spelling) made Dedmon look like prime Garnett out there.
  5. Tuh, y’all go on and say Candyman then.
  6. That was a fantastic defensive possession by Hunter.
  7. Jones showing off the triple threat. Watch out world!
  8. It helps when you have a big backcourt that can get you close to 20 rebounds a night. Somewhere BK just met eyes with Woody and they both smirked knowingly.
  9. Trae is smart. Get an early start on prepping his Super Bowl meal than sticking in this game.
  10. Over/under on Kevin and Jones combined IQ?
  11. F it. At this point I don't care if it's a 40 point blowout as long as Vince gets 30.
  12. Time to get going, Trae. Might need 40 and 10 to win this.
  13. John was getting one on one looks but the Mavs' bigs are playing great positional D and then the rest of the team crashing the boards keeping John from second opportunities.
  14. It's just one of those nights for him.