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  1. I'd counter that with: KAT eschewed any chance of ever being on a Dream Team by choosing to compete for the DR. Yes. The DR. Wiggins OTOH is still contemplating between "negotiating" the "terms" for him to be the star for Canada or stay home and not work on his game instead.
  2. Yea, I believe Schlenk is actually selling if not believing himself that they could have key roles on the team with the addition of also being useful salary filler down the line. It's those combination of reasons that are making me ponder that perhaps Schlenk is finally motivated and thus placed a much higher give-back number, say something around the amount of the full MLE. His message to them and their reps could be "that deals are out there...if you can find it but either way, to get out that's the price.... we really do value your talents though....but also, don't sign any leases through the end of the year or into next. Consider monthly instead... you know what, I got a couple guest rooms you can use."
  3. Maybe Schlenk is finally toughening up on buyouts? Maybe he has a "give back" number that he has in mind that Parsons said well eff that, I won't find that even in China while Crabbe's agent said "give me a minute" and is still looking?
  4. Can't support that, maybe historically that would be accurate but looking at the last 20 years worth of drafts Marvo is sitting just outside the top 5 BEST #2 picks. It would appear #2 is a cursed slot, I'm thinking some Native Canadian put the revenant on Stevie then skipped it on over to the Grizz after they ditched town....because it's really odd that they've had 6 #2s over that span and none really panned out.
  5. Has defense like Raja but a long way to go in terms of shooting.
  6. Always felt they comped better with the Suns than Warriors, even felt Spellman could be similar to Diaw (heh). I suppose Parker is Tim Thomas, just need to find a Barbosa and Raja somewhere.
  7. El Fundamental Gran no habla español asi que no me molestes.
  8. I think it was just a collective disdain for ESPN and the AJC so nobody gave a damn. With the Athletic it's just Sturt so we've responded by treating them with reverence
  9. You never wanted Turner either yet... here we are I'm feverishly trying to search all the players that were on your shit list from the past to try an predict the rest of the offseason.
  10. It's all these folks that keep mentioning blurbs from the Athletic articles trying to get us to subscribe. Used to be the Squawk was post central, paywalls be damned! But now I suppose there's an actual policy against it, I guess the change happened when AHF's dessert creme brulee was interrupted when the waiter brought him a CnD instead of the check.
  11. My first thought was "how bad does Schlenk want Grant to give an F about his investment?"
  12. The South just isn't conducive to a man cursed with his... predilections. Now avocado toast, kale salads, and sushi? The weight will melt off, why'd you think Spud stays out there?
  13. Well, he was a Clipper, and their fanbase despised him to the point they considered that Doc had more loyalty to Bradley than his own son. And also there's that lil ole rape accusation that he paid almost half a mil to go away.
  14. Can't say it's an accurate application though. I thought the whole purpose of Cousins' decision to join the Warriors was because they wouldn't necessarily be reliant on him early in the season thus allowing him to properly rehab from his Achilles surgery. Then, when healthy, he'd be allowed to contribute to a playoff team not only proving that he's returned to form but also helping to dispel the characterization that he's "not a winning player" therefore leading to a lucrative new contract. A las, there was no fairy tale ending. If we allow ourselves to take a step back here, 28 is a bit young to be contemplating eschewing available lucrative long-term contracts for a championship ring... looking at the totality of the "ring brat" phase, those players haven't exactly been leaving much if any money on the table instead proposing to have their cake and eat it too at whichever locale that can provide that opportunity. The "ring chasing" strategy has instead been forever reserved for those of the "long-in-the-tooth" sort. All that to say this: We've all seen Cousin's produce on lottery teams which only worked to his detriment. We have far less evidence of him on playoff teams because the opportunities that he's had have been hampered by injuries. If he wants a ring, well there were easier opportunities out there including the funky bunch across the hallway. I see this as another leg in the quest to rehab his reputation and hopefully add even more substantial wealth to his portfolio. All things considered, why not do it next to a close friend and former teammate in sunny SoCal than elsewhere?