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  1. Personally I prefer the dysfunctional team that has trouble fielding a full NBA roster beyond their two stars. A series victory also has the potential to see both Braaaaad and Strange sent packing and a joyful offseason of “what went wrong?!” and “where do they go from here?!” spamming the airwaves and internets with little mention of the Hawks no matter how their remaining playoff run goes. The Knicks might resurrect the dark days of the 90’s aiming for today’s equivalent of an 80-77 final score which is probably like 101-98. Thibs and Nate might even run Oklahoma drills against e
  2. Phoenix better unleash all their frustration on the Knicks next
  3. Oh man, tequila and this game, what more could I ask for?
  4. I’ll give it to the refs for being fair on that Booker call
  5. Loving Gwu’s confidence, that mobility is real
  6. Gwu is cold.... he knew that was good the whole way that he didn’t even look at the basket
  7. Trae will never get continuation ever again
  8. Blazers benchwarmers getting it to 10 is what the starters (and Gallo) needed to care. Trae showed tremendous hustle on that OOB save