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  1. Back to my "why does LP take Capela out at the end of games" soapbox: I don't think that Cleveland dunk would have happened if Capela was still in the game. Gallinari plays absolutely no defense, and really looks lost on defense (or he is afraid or just doesn't care about playing defense.) As for Schlenk, he shouldn't get a pass either. Gallinari was a terrible signing; $20+ million a year for a shooter who forgot how to shoot, and who thinks defense is a fairy tale that really doesn't exist. The contract for Bogi is terrible too. $18+ million a year for a wing who is not significant
  2. How many games did he sit Capela at the end of games in lieu of an "offensive" player?
  3. You don't think Trae's going to ask for the max when his contract winds down? Talk about empty calories.
  4. Let's see if Dallas would accept Trae and Cam in exchange for Doncic.
  5. I'd say the best argument would be not having to listen to his post-game comments. That would have a lot of value.
  6. That pretty much describes everyone on our roster. Why single Collins out?
  7. Now, we'll see if Tony Ressler really meant that he wanted a playoff team. When your big FA signing is the eternally injured Danilo Gallinari, not much room for excitement.
  8. Doesn't speak well for Travis, does it?
  9. But Jacque Vaughn is much smaller and much older. We should expect Capela to be able to more than neutralize JV.
  10. I guess Bridges has just been holding back for a big future explosion.
  11. Oh by all means, let's unload a 20/10 guy for a 9/4 guy. Makes perfect sense.
  12. Capela is a huge disappointment as far as I'm concerned. I thought he was supposed to be a great defender and shot blocker. He blocked a couple of shots in the last preseason game, but that's about it. People went around him at will. He's not much on offense either. I would hope no one considers him a part of our "core."
  13. There's already enough hatred in the world. We don't need any more.
  14. Pathetic deal for Orlando though.
  15. Nonetheless, Trae should be embarrassed to have played that poorly.