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  1. What we have here is the "Kobiyashi Maru" scenario. I think shutting businesses down for just two weeks will only postpone the inevitable. It is not enough time, even if the public exercises good judgment. However, shutting businesses down will mean people don't get paid, and they can't afford it, as many people live paycheck to paycheck. I would have never thought that a viral infection could effectively destroy our economy, but I was wrong, evidently. I do think the press has magnified this disease to an excessive level, and created panic in the process. You end up either dying, or wishing you had died, as society and the economy begins to fall apart.
  2. Maybe Campster is indicating his willingness to be part of the 7.5 billion "extras" who are to be eliminated.
  3. Not likely to be COVID19, as the incubation period seems to be two to three weeks (i.e. he didn't get from the microphones, if in fact he got it.)
  4. Sounds like good advice!
  5. I read some comments on Yahoo a few days ago, which indicated you would be immune if you drank Dos Equis, but be in big trouble if you drank Corona.
  6. I didn't notice any more negative things about him than Trae for example. 7 pts in 14 min, 3/4 from the field, 1/1 from 3 pt range, 3 assists, no turnovers, +3. Reddish and Collins were -4 and -1 respectively, not that I think it is a big deal. I think Teague performed well, as did Reddish, Collins, Trae, Hunter, Dedmon and others. Graham played well despite ending up at -5. Huerter did not have his greatest game, but he did provide timely baskets. I even saw him play defense some.
  7. Yeah, Rozier did hook Graham, but it happens all the time, and seldom gets called. Trae does it all the time, and seldom gets called on it. Homecourt advantage!
  8. Opinions vary. I think Jordan is better than Allen, especially on the boards and as an assist man. Allen is better as a shot blocker so far this season, but that's about the only area in which he is better than Jordan.
  9. I see that the replacement coach has made some lineup changes, in particular starting Jordan at center, and bringing Prince in off the bench. I never understood limiting Jordan's minutes. Maybe Atkinson isn't so great after all.
  10. LP's defensive system can't stop anyone. Probably because he doesn't have one.
  11. I can't believe the referee didn't throw him out. I've never seen anyone push a referee and not get thrown out before.
  12. He shoved the referee. He should be ejected from the game.
  13. Tough call. I enjoy all of the actions on the list. I enjoy seeing one of Trae's threes from the logo, but I also enjoy watching him making a pinpoint pass to someone. I enjoy watching Collins jams, and one of Cam's steals and breakaway jams. I guess I'm going with a Trae three.
  14. You're not expecting us to go from winning 20% of our games to the finals all in a single season are you? Being the eighth seed does not necessarily equate to being back on the treadmill. It's just a stop along the way.