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  1. Does a dislocated finger usually result in missed games?
  2. I'd take Vince out too. I bet he wonders why in the world he signed with us. He was visibly disgusted when the Collins suspension first happened. I think he must have at least thought we'd be competitive.
  3. Better to let one of our non-PGs play than risk injury to Trae in a meaningless game. It is pointless and risky for no good reason.
  4. Congrats kg01! Best wishes to kg05. Let's put those big hands to use, like a new Dr. J or Connie Hawkins, on the Hawks.
  5. It's not his fault if his teammates don't move without the ball. It's not his fault that none of his teammates could hit the side of a barn with a bass fiddle. It's not his fault that Schlenk assembled such a poor roster, with huge holes at backup PG and at C. It's not his fault that Collins didn't understand or didn't care about the consequences of random drug tests.
  6. We have too many rookies and second year guys as it is. Maybe we could consider a backup point guard that has the ability to help hold a lead while Trae rests.
  7. That is certainly one of the biggest questions about this season. I feel bad for Trae and everyone else. It is a huge handicap.
  8. Why should we care whether he is the only one who is doing something stupid? The fact is that he did, and it shows a lack of judgment on his part. I have no interest in overpaying Parker, but I would like to have someone on the team who puts his team and teammates first. Again, I don't want to get rid of him, but if he can't get his stuff together, we are in deep doo doo.
  9. Can we really trust Collins not to do something stupid again? Perhaps we should be trying to trade him. I don't want to trade him, but I can't believe he was so stupid. Maybe he was trying to escape from Loserville.
  10. Other than Collins (when available), our frontcourt is very weak on the boards.
  11. I have noticed that more than a few of our players don't really come to help their teammates when they get trapped, they just stand there and look at them.
  12. We need to win more to be able to attract free agents.
  13. Tankathon; the gift that keeps on giving.
  14. LA teams (Lakers at least) may be better than Denver, but not that much better.
  15. Has anything other than "personal reasons" ever been explained about Vince? Are his personal reasons signer's remorse?