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  1. Do they throw in special free throw shooting coaches for Simmons and walkers/canes for Curry?
  2. Wow, the top of his head is at least 4 - 5 inches over the top of the rim. I don't think I ever saw Nique jump that high (which is not saying he didn't, but that I never saw it.)
  3. He must be a hunchback then. He didn't carry them very far this year, did he?
  4. Gallinari money is not a fair offer for Collins. Collins is on the upswing and Gallinari is on the downswing. I certainly understand how Collins would be offended at a 4 year $90 million offer.
  5. Tell that to Miami. There is no way Jimmy Butler is worth $46 million a year. Collins is a bargain compared to Butler.
  6. Brook, not Robin. I wonder out loud how we would have done with Brook Lopez as our center as opposed to Capela. I was literally stunned at how ineffective Capela became in the playoffs. Earlier in the year, I thought he was our best overall player. After the playoffs, not so much. I also found the comparisons of Capela to Mutombo to be ridiculous. Almost no one (other than Jordan) would drive on Mutombo, as he was adept at knowing when to switch onto the driver and leave his assigned man, to block the shot. I watched Capela stand there and watch puny guards score on drives to the basket over and over again. I'm not anti-Capela, but I was disappointed about how easily he could be neutralized during our playoff run. I certainly don't think the even smaller OO17 is his ultimate replacement.
  7. You forgot about Koncak. One good playoff series and it was off to overpay land.
  8. It makes no sense to overpay Bogi and Gallo, but try to underpay Collins.
  9. What people? I will take his word for it rather than some mysterious "people."
  10. I was thinking more in terms of regular season.
  11. I think he meant prior to this latest injury.
  12. Evidently you cannot or did not read where he said he wasn't looking for a max contract.
  13. Last time I checked, 11 is more than 8.