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  1. I'm probably the only one on this site, but I will miss Bembry. He's a good guy, and was a rare defender on our prior teams.
  2. 38 minutes for Cam? He gets the most minutes on the team, even more than Trae?
  3. Gallo has never even made it to 20 ppg, yet he's superior offensively to Collins? Give us a break.
  4. If I am on a team, and they don't offer me a long term contract, to me, it implies that they don't respect me that much. I think Collins is deserving of a max or near max long term deal. 20/10 guys who shoot 58%/40%/80% don't grow on trees.
  5. Fair enough. There are arguments for each of them.
  6. And he is a comparable rebounder to Collins, and nothing near the scorer or perimeter shooter. He is not even close to being the rebounder that Capela is. He is not the shot blocker that either of them are.
  7. I agree, except I think you vastly overrated Adebayo. I'd rate Capela as being better than him.
  8. All our centers are small ball centers.
  9. He'll be able to afford to shop at a convenience store??
  10. Opinions vary. Edwards is an unknown at this point. Collins is a 20/10 guy.
  11. I'm going to play the best player...Collins. No way that Gallinari starts instead of him.
  12. Must be some of those "Murder Hornets."
  13. Hopefully he won't decide to opt out in his second year. Maybe we can give him an extension that he likes moneywise.