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  1. I thought offering to take asik would tempt CHI to accept the deal.
  2. On the day of the draft Denver trades Faried/#14 to ATL for #30/2nd round pick in 2019 Trade T.Prince/#34/ 2019 top5 protected 1st round pick to Memphis for #4 and C. Parsons Trade D.Schröder/D.Bembry and #14 to CHI for #7 and Omer Asik 3rd:Luka Doncic SG 4th:Trae Young PG 7th:Wendell Carter C 19th:Kevin Huerter SF PG:Young/I.Taylor SG:Doncic/Dorsey/Huerter SF:Baze/Parsons/Huerter PF:Collins/Faried/Plumlee C:Carter/Faried/Asik Young and Doncic would definitely feed off of each other whether on or off the ball.Both are good facilitators while being able to create their own shot. Carter remains one of the most underrated players in the draft. Has a complete game that would mesh with our new back court. He can rebound/rim protect/stretch floor. Huerter is a deadly shooter with good potential on the defensive side of ball. He would definitely benefit with great looks being 4th or 5th option in the early stages Collins will reap huge benefits from this new setup with all the looks off of p&r as well as transition ball. All of a sudden we would have a squad that can go high tempo and attack or play inside-out with very good shooters. Once the bad contracts come off the books we can really go for assembling one of the better 2nd units in the league.
  3. This inspired by the rumored interest in Bamba. Trade #3 to Boston for Jaylen Brown #27 and Next year's 1st(SAC) Trade Dennis Schröder/Bembry/#34 to Orlando for Bismack Byombo and #6 6th: Wendell Carter C 19th:Donte Divincienzo SG 27th:Keita Bates Diop SF 30:Jalen Brunson PG PG:Delaney/Brunson SG:Brown/Divincienzo SF:Prince/Baze/Diop PF:Collins/Muscalla/ C:Carter/Byombo/Plumlee
  4. bigjmw84


    Hell...I would add #19 if it meant getting lnside top 10.
  5. bigjmw84


    I would be down with that move if it netted us a promising piece. Sexton/W.Carter/ Bridges could be options @ #9.
  6. bigjmw84


    Gotcha! U think we could snag Knicks #9 by taking on Noah's contract?
  7. bigjmw84


    Would You give 19th and 2nd rd pick
  8. Would swapping picks be a possibility? #3 & Bud for #1 I'm a fan of Ayton and Doncic, but Ayton would be hard to pass up if we had the option
  9. He is a strong candidate to be unloaded to make space for Hibbert and other FA's. At 6-7 210 he has played SG/SF for the Lakers and can provide offense at the wing. He is owed 4.9 in 15/5.6 in 16/5.8 in 17. We would have a solid player on a value deal during to the cap hike
  10. bigjmw84

    Mike Scott

    If we cant swing a notable wing in FA Scott might be the most realistic option to platoon instead of reaching. He is not the best defender but he has good size and can score. The playoffs left a sour taste in our mouth for sure, but he brings offense and familiarity with the scheme. He is much better than what we saw in The playoffs
  11. Phi just got Landry and J Thompson so Scott wouldnt be likely in Phi. Mack on the other hand would be a different story.
  12. Pj Tucker would be a nice pickup for us. He was asked to guard the best player every night at G/F, great rebounder for his position, and has become a solid 3 point shooter. . I would send them Minny's 1st in 17 which looks more and more like a 2nd rounder with all the conditions pit on the pick.
  13. Well..I didnt know Saric was kept, but its not like Sam Hinkie isnt capable of head scratching moves. As salary goes up salary demands go up. Im thinking it would have been a good move for the future if Saric did find his way in Sac. No one is going to be happy with any SF that we bring at this point anyway.
  14. The most recent trade/Salary dump between Philly and Sacramento likely involved Dario Saric going to SAC. He is not playing this coming season and doesnt want to play for philly. Insert Dennis Schröder/Mike Scott for Saric and future pick. Its not a secret that the Kings covet Dennis and we were enamored with Saric in last years draft We get our wing for the future as well as freeing up cap space to sign a guy like Cory Joseph to be #2 behind teague. Joseph has real starting potential if Teague isnt in our long term plans Between Thabo/Hardaway/Baze/Milsap/Petway/FA we can patchwork the SF position until next season.