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  1. i don't post much but i check this board daily, what happened to Hawksquawk?? it doesn't even seem the same anymore it all appears dead and no one really post here like they use too #ThingsArentTheSame
  2. Bulls Rumors: Chicago Pulls Keith Bogans from Practice, Crawford Trade in Works Next Marc Serota/Getty Images KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Bulls may be moving on their shooting guard front. According to Johnson, "Minutes before the Chicago Bullswere to stage their first practice of training camp, Keith Bogans was pulled off the practice floor, according to a league source." There have been talks that Jamal Crawford might come to the Bulls via a sign-and-trade involving Ronnie Brewer but those talks didn't seem to go anywhere. It could be possible that the Bulls are sending Bogans and Korver in exchange for Crawford in a sign-and-trade. Bill Ingram of Hoopsworld tweets, "Looks like the Jamal Crawford sign-and-trade could be imminent...Bogans going to Atlanta?" It could be just down to the specifics and who is going to Atlanta but it's beginning to look like there will be a deal done, and Crawford will come back where he started his career. The question is who, other than Bogans might be involved in the deal? Crawford has build up a reputation as a bad defender over his career, but with Tom Thibodeau, that could change. Ray Allen had a similar reputation before coming toCeltics and being coached by Thibs. Crawford has the ability to play defense, he's just lacked the discipline and effort in the past. Certainly that's something Thibodeau could fix. One other thing worth noting is that by doing a sign and trade the Bulls retain their MLE that they could potentially use on another player. Update: One emerging possibility is that they are planning on not extending Bogans, but rather signing Rip Hamilton en lieu of extending Bogans. KC Johnson tweets, #Bulls quiet for now, but lots of chatter on Rip Hamilton signing afterPistons buy him out. Was told they want ball-handler/scorer. Hamilton average 18.7 points per 36 minutes last year as a starter with the Pistons and would fill that bill well. Hamilton is also an outstanding three point shooter, hitting .382form behind the arc last year.
  3. i dont post much just look through but i said this from the start
  4. how do u shoot with krk hinrich on 2k11 lol ive had trouble
  5. Now that our pg situation looks to be fixed I say our only need is a sf no disrespect to Marvin but he's not that player that could score if joe or any other of our shooters our having a bad night but I love his Defense
  6. Chaze

    I owe an apology.

    I don't post on here as often as I use to but a while bak I said this I'm so glad he's getting the playing time now
  7. i care because.... :slap1:
  8. thnx and sorry if its not credible my bad
  9. thnx and ok ill go back and find it
  10. The off-season has already been crazy for the NBA, we all know the big moves by Miami. Only, the Hawks are making a splash too, might not be a hour long ESPN special kind-of- splash, but the Hawks are getting into the water. The Hawks recently signed Joe Johnson to a max contract. Drafted Jordan Crawford, who played his first summer league game shooting 40% from the field, scoring 16 points along with 5 assist. Hawks got rid of the 27-year-old Josh Childress, in exchange for a second round draft pick in 2012. However, Atlanta is not finished yet and still can add some pieces to the pie with some big names. The Hawks, have been talking with three time Finals MVP Shaquille O’Neal. Landing O’Neal may boost the inside, which was clearly lacking against Dwight Howard in last years playoffs. Also, there have been discussions to bring in Carmelo Anthony, who is not getting along with Denver’s front office and needs a fresh start to his career. Anthony, can provide another scoring option to Johnson, and open the floor for his teammates. Carmelo, Shaq, and Johnson may be the answer against the Heat’s Wade, Bron, and Bosh. We will see how this plays out. What we learned so far, that the Hawks are making big time moves getting big time players. source:yardbarker i looked all over that site!!
  11. Matt Barnes’ agent told the Orlando Sentinel this afternoon that the free-agent forward probably will not announce today where he’ll play in 2010-11, as Barnes had originally planned. Aaron Goodwin, who represents Barnes, said that additional teams became involved in the process once it became clear that Barnes was not returning to the Magic. Barnes posted the following message on Twitter a few moments ago to explain the delay: “Couple new teams just jumped n2 the game, so I’m sorry 2 say ima have 2 get back 2 you. Ill let yall know something with in the nxt few days” Barnes, Goodwin and Magic General Manager Otis Smith all have said that Smith did not offer Barnes a contract. Barnes started 58 regular-season games last season for Orlando and averaged 8.8 points and 5.5 rebounds per game. He and Mickael Pietrus were the team’s best defenders on the wings. Barnes opted out of the second year of his two-year contract with the Magic in order to seek a more lucrative, long-term deal. He said all along that his first preference was to return to Orlando, but the Magic went in a different direction. Orlando ultimately signed wing Quentin Richardson to a four-year deal that includes a player option for the 2013-14 season. Goodwin would not say what teams are pursuing Barnes now. The Boston Celtics could have an interest because swingman Tony Allen has signed a free-agent deal with the Memphis Grizzlies. The Miami Heat still are seeking complements to LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The Los Angeles Lakers could be looking for some help on the wing.
  12. lol yea my bad u can delete thisss i just dnt wanna take the time when i post but i guess im goin to have to man
  13. congrats with that im sure he will pick the best players possible. :wow: billy king gm