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  1. People get married to their opinions and will say anything to convince themselves it’s real. To say JC only gets numbers bc he gets more touches than anybody like he wasn’t an extremely efficient scorer. 40% from 3 and close to 60% from the floor period. It’s amazing how hard you’re going for this man. I normally agree with you but this is a hill you’re going to die on alone
  2. Bruh stop. John is starting and I’ll bet a paycheck on it. Let it go
  3. He's great off the ball. His length and athleticism allow him to alter/block a lot of shots. I haven't seen enough of him on the ball to make a judgment yet
  4. Can a brother get down?
  5. jy23

    Lets say...

    Where do these concrete narratives come from? Who have we developed and traded? Teague? We all knew that was coming due to the development of Dennis who they promptly gave an extension to right after giving him control of the team. So what exactly are we basing this on? Everybody else left because they were being offered unreal contracts. You really mean to tell me you want to be strapped with demarre's contract at this point? We should've let Baze go in the first place bc that contract is horrible at this point. Not seeing the connection here
  6. Is this a serious question? I hope you're being sarcastic
  7. This is exactly what I've wanted for awhile now. He can call it whatever he wants, doesn't matter to me, just keep your eyes on the real prize. If we have to suck for a couple years in order to be real contenders I couldn't care less. Let's do this lol
  8. Heck no, that would make no sense whatsoever
  9. That's what I'm talking about man, I don't know what it is she just does something to me lol. Kind of like my attraction to Rihanna. She's not typically my type (I like thicker women) but good gawd her sex appeal is thru the roof to me. I don't know if it's the attitude or the voice or the combination but she's my weakness
  10. If we're doing sports personalities Cari Champion wins all day everyday. Lord I love that woman
  11. jy23

    Luke Kennard

    Well he looked good tonight, maybe it'll continue
  12. jy23

    Luke Kennard

    As far as Harry goes it would be tempting to take him if he fell to us but I don't think I would do it. He seems to be second guessing everything he does on the court now bc he doesn't have his legs right now. He makes a lot of dumb decisions out there now and I don't know if he'll ever get that athletic ability back. If he doesn't he's not an NBA player with his lack of iq at the moment. And @Spud2Nique do we play y'all this year?
  13. jy23

    Luke Kennard

    Exactly how would we find a "great wing in the backend of the draft? Tatum, Jackson, Smith....those guys will be gone. The only knock on Luke is his athleticism. Has a good handle, knows how to create his own shot but is amazing off the ball. We also need shooters, don't know if there's a better one in college basketball. And yeah I don't think Jabari will ever be the same now. Shame bc he was really starting to show out