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  1. Good question...probably Zion. With him and Collins he can literally just throw the ball towards the rim and somebody’s gonna catch it
  2. I don’t know who I’d rather have more now...I wanted Cam before seeing theses lil exhibition games but now I’m torn between both Rj and Zion. Zion is just different. What he can do doesn’t come along often. His ability to crash the boards looks special. He’s a better passer than I would’ve thought and he has good iq from what I’ve seen so far. RJ looks like just an overall really good player. Can do a lil bit of everything but seems to be a really good passer. Has the potential to be great defensively and that would work wonders next to Trae so I really don’t know who I want lol
  3. Apparently we traded cash for him...don’t really know how that works but whatever

    Have a great day !

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      Thank you sir 

  5. Shot selection, that’s what bothered me. Not that he was missing bc he’s a shooter, they’ll fall eventually but he was pressing and taking bad shots. I know he’ll get that together eventually because as others have stated a hundred times already it was just his first summer league game. Let’s all relax, let the kid regroup and see what he has the next game. Small steady improvements is all I’m looking for right now.
  6. Just trying to let you know he won’t have a problem with nba range. As far as his shot selection goes that was one of the many reasons I wasn’t a fan of his. He’s a hawk now tho so I’ll be rooting for every crazy shot to go in at this point
  7. Take it you didn’t watch him much lol. This kid was shooting consistently from about 30 feet during the season. He rarely took college 3s. Most of his were beyond nba range to begin with
  8. Barrett isn’t a shooter but he’s a really good facilitator with good size, length, and athleticism. He’s also a good defender. He knows how to score he’s just not a shooter.
  9. He predicted it. He wanted JJJ but said the hawks would end up with Young and Huerter
  10. I’ll be glad when this is over with lol
  11. Here we go trying to predict the future again. This guy just posted about 14 players that he hasn’t even seen take a dribble in college and asked why should he be excited about these players lol.
  12. 1. Ayton 2. Luka 3. Bagley 4. Bamba 5. Mikal Bridges 6. JJJ 7. Carter jr 8. Porter 9. Young 10. Sexton
  13. jy23


    Relax. This is exactly where we want them to be. We lose to them and it’s all good. Their schedule is much easier than he nuggets or the clippers down the stretch. 8th place is exactly where we want them to stay