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  1. The Braves failing to sell out playoff games in 1997 and 1998 blows that theory out of the water. I can't imagine any other city failing to sell out baseball playoff games just 2-3 years after winning a World Series title (and 1-2 years after winning the NL pennant, and with a still-active streak of division titles). The Braves actually finished in the bottom half of the NL in attendance in 2004 and 2005. We always seemed to finish behind the Cubs in attendance. I mean, come on. Plenty of other cities endure bad and/or choking teams year after year. Philly went 25 years without a major
  2. If it were only the Hawks who had this problem, but it's not. Not even close. The Dome had a buttload of 9ers fans today AT THE NFREAKINGC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. And the Braves couldn't sell out early round playoff games starting in 1997 despite being only 2 years removed from a World Series title. And the Thrashers...and Flames... Atlanta does not have a loyal sports fan base, in large measure because more than half of the city's population was born outside the state of Georgia. I think it'll get slowly better over time now that the city's population has stabilized a bit.
  3. I'm around, but I find I don't have much to say. This season is one of transition. We don't have the roster to make noise (or, frankly, win more than 1-2 games) come playoff time, and we also aren't going to be bad enough to get a top 10 draft pick. And honestly, last season was filled with ugly basketball and little suspense, so I wasn't all that pumped even before we traded away JJ. It looks like that Game 1 win over Chicago will be the Hawks' high water mark for the first 15 years of this century. I just find it hard to stay interested given that.
  4. One of the all-time class acts in sports broadcasting. Good to hear he's doing better.
  5. I totally agree. Duane is way better than Dominique Wilkens. And also Lenny Wilkins.
  6. Remember Salim Stoudamire? His reputation for perimeter shooting coming out of college was probably even better than Jenkins', in both consistency and (most important for the pros) range. The main difference is that Jenkins is 3 inches taller - which makes him merely "undersized" rather than "absurdly undersized" for a 2. And no one was praising Jenkins' athleticism before the draft. On the contrary, they were saying the combination of his short size and mediocre footspeed would make him a defensive liability. If that's changed, I've missed it. Sorry, but I don't see Jenkins' 3-point sho
  7. Bingo. Honestly, though, I just don't see this team as being good enough to surprise people for more than a few games at a time. Our team is just too easy to figure out. Leave Smoove open on the perimeter. Set screens to get Korver or Smoove on the ball. Crash the boards hard, because we never have more than one passable rebounder on the floor at any given time. I think we might hit a stretch where we play Nellieball on offense and throw a bunch of different looks at opposing teams to keep them off balance. But even if that happens, it won't take opposing coaches too long to figure out
  8. It amazes me that people think Smoove for Pau is a realistic possibility. The Lakers have no need to cut down on payroll because they could go 0-82 and still rake in a quintillion dollars, so Smoove's expiring contract means nothing to them. And aside from help defense within 18 feet of the basket, there is literally no aspect of the game at which Smoove is better than Pau. Pau is a better shooter, rebounder, on-ball defender, and passer. And oh yeah, he has the best low post repertoire in the NBA.He also has the rare Scottie Pippen mentality - knowing you're good enough to be "the man" on
  9. So I take it you're another early adopter of the McRosot Scarface...erm Microsoft Surface?
  10. The reason he shoots so high a percentage is that he doesn't take 15+ shots per game and thus is not an object of major defensive attention. Ask him to carry the offensive load, and his FG% will go down. Anyway, offensive efficiency won't matter much when your team is getting outrebounded 58-36 by a team with a starting frontcourt of Omer Asik and Patrick Patterson.
  11. It's deja vu all over again: And as dlpin said in response at the time: There's nothing new under the sun on the Squawk...
  12. I've always believed it to be an exercise in futility to compare players across eras. Our understanding of everything from childhood nutrition to training regimens to shoe technology has improved enormously since the 1930s (or the 1980s, for that matter). If Bill Russell had grown up in the same era as Shaq, he might have ended up being 7'0 instead of 6'9. If Michael Jordan had to play in an era where shoes provided virtually no ankle support, the resultant dulling of his explosiveness and ability to change direction might have forced him to rely more on his jump shot, and he probably would
  13. I think the fact that Nolan managed to get Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman to sign on in supporting role shows how much confidence the best actors in Hollywood have in him. And I think the trilogy showed that confidence was more than justified. I seriously rate all three movies of the trilogy in my Top 5 all-time for comic book movies - in the same class as V for Vendetta and the 1978 Superman and better than any of the Spiderman, Hellboy, and X-Men films (to say nothing of Iron Man, which I just didn't enjoy at all). Anyway, I thought it was a near-flawlessly
  14. Saw it in IMAX tonight. Amazing and, I thought, well worth the extra $2 per ticket more than seeing it at a regular theater. If you're already shelling out $11.50 for a movie ticket, moving up to $13.50 apiece isn't that big a thing to me.Anyway, I thought it was a perfect way to end the trilogy. And I'm glad I saw it on a 100-foot screen!
  15. A whole lot of people would have to delete their accounts if you tried to weed out all the Squawkers who doubt that a meaningful change of culture can be implemented as long as Josh remains with the Hawks.
  16. I don't see how a culture change is possible as long as Josh is here. He's the poster child for the team's lack of accountability over the past several years.
  17. Does Danny Ferry control that part of the Hawks? Some GMs don't really have much voice in non-basketball personnel decisions.
  18. I'm getting married next Memorial Day weekend. I can only hope that our marriage is as long, successful, and happy as yours. Congrats!
  19. Seriously? You do realize that the guards shouldn't have to stand there calling for the ball, right? It should be automatic that the bigs make an outlet pass as soon as they grab the rebound. Big men are taught that in sixth grade. Dwight Howard and Tim Duncan don't think twice about it. Neither did Amare (faster than Nash). You're seriously blaming the guards for "slowing down the play" by calling for the ball rather than the bigs for not passing immediately, thereby eliminating the need for the guard to call for the ball? That's insane. And how many times have we seen Josh try to run
  20. The idea that there is a strong correlation between speed and effectiveness in transition among PGs always struck me as a poorly-thought-out assumption. In the past 20 years, I think the 5 best transition PGs have been (in no particular order) Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Kevin Johnson, John Stockton, and Gary Payton. Of those, only KJ was ever one of the league's fastest PGs. Mike Bibby was the spearhead of what was arguably one of the three best fast break teams (the early 2000s Kings) of all time. He was always among the slower PGs in the league. Same is true of Andre Miller, who was still