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  1. Could we aim for D. Rose as Traes backup PG? Positives: Playoff experience, scoring and playmaker, limited minutes due to his age but keeps his body fresh as Trae will soak up the minutes. After playing NY in the playoffs, D.Rose was gassed. He wants a ring and I think signing with ATL brings him this opportunity while still earning minutes. Hawks GM has been money with draft picks so I’m assuming he’ll take the best PG available for future grooming
  2. Great season. I’m glad to have witnessed the birth of a great young team in the making. I honestly felt a comeback in the 4th quarter because I truly believed in these Hawks. This summer will be interesting and questions to ponder: 1. John Collins is not a max contract player. If he still believe in this, match and trade him for a big that can rebound. Maybe throw in Huerter and this years first round pick. After this playoff push, I wonder how many NBA Superstars want to pair up with Trae Young
  3. I can't see JC being a Max Player. He can't dominate a game.
  4. Get Lou out of the game. His old man legs can't handle all these minutes. Turnover prone.
  5. 3rd Quarter will make or break this game. Let's make a run and rebound the damn ball.
  6. If Gallo can’t make his 3’s, bench him. If he dances 2-3 steps before taking his shot, bench him. He needs to be decisive. We paid him premium money to show up in the playoffs. We need our return on investment.
  7. Gallo is garbage. Cant shoot 3s and no D
  8. Supes... I recall Michael Porter Jr slipping on draft night due to his back injury. I thought his family had a history of injury history. It’s taken him a few years to heal up but do you think it’s worth the gamble to trade for injury prone MPJ?
  9. Nuking the details. Sign JC to whatever Schlenk deems feasible. Schlenk found value for JC (#19 pick) + package players/pick and flip for a superstar. A superstar coming to ATL...that would be the ultimate GM master planning to pair with Trae. Bet!
  10. https://youtu.be/CHabBXF2WAw Bogan is high character and loves the game of basketball.
  11. Mid season, an unknown Hawks Office source said help is coming. What is the plan? - Draft day. Pick at #6 Or trade down to #9-#14 with a veteran attachment (bolster bench). - Free agency. Sign one year contracts (solid bench fillers) and scheme for next years strong free agency class. Is the intent this offseason to be playoff bound (sign one year veterans) and truly save enough cap space for next years top free agents? It makes no sense to sign long term mid tier free agents this year and handicap our flexibility for next years crop of free agents. I feel teams will get desperate this offseason because they want to position themselves in next years free agency. Yet we want to look competitive and appealing to have free agents sign with us. I say we go big on next years top free agents, the city of Atlanta needs a superstar to go along with Trae Young. If we can get to the playoffs without breaking the bank, Trae Young and company will put on a show, and next years free agency will take notice. Just look at what Doncic is doing in this years playoffs. I know Trae is screaming to have his playoff opportunity and show the world that he can carry his team. He needs help.
  12. Atlanta Hawks more assertive in Free Agency! Who is Schlenk referring to regarding trading for a 25year old coming out of a 1st contract? Karl Anthony Towns Porzingus Booker D. Mitchell
  13. In November, Shams Charania reported that the Hawks were pursuing Domantas Sabonis in restricted free agency. Unfortunately, he signed a contract extension with Indiana. Fast forward today, Domantas is averaging 18Points/13rebounds/4assists. Our GM has an eye for talent. Todays reports that Detroit would have given the Hawks Drummond if we had given them a 1st round pick. Our GM is not mortgaging our future on a rental. Remember guys, Schlenk has a keen eye for talent as he started his NBA career as a video editor for Golden State Warriors. Give our GM time. He’s building something special here. When John Collins was drafted with the 18th Pick (1st Round), did you envision him producing at this level for a mid round pick? This summer and next year (trade deadline or summer free agency) will be special for the Hawks. The next 2-3 moves via draft/trade will define Schlenk and this roster makeup. He makes decisions that are exciting, damn better than Pete Babcock or Billy Knight.
  14. The logic makes no sense. We rank dead last in the NBA ranking. If we stay the course, we draft Anthony Edwards and pickup Drummond in free agency. To boot, we can trade Brooklyn’s 1st and Hawks 2nd round pick if we want a role player veteran or move up in the draft. Why give up assets now for Drummond...win a few games for what? If Drummond walks and we gave up Brooklyn’s 1st round pick for a 4 month rental, there’s no long term added benefit and flexibility to maneuver. KAT is a pipe dream but we have the cap space for him. NBA players are taking notice on the Hawks promising core of players. It’s damn exciting watching T. Young on tv and NBA players want to play with him. We wait until the 2021 free agency class. We are positioned for it, and Schlenk worked his @55 off to get us in this position. Teams will want to position themselves for the 2021 free agency class and we are a hot commodity to negotiate with teams if the opportunity presents itself. We just have to wait and the Drummond situation is not worth it before the trade deadline.
  15. Makes no damn sense trading for a 4month rental in Drummond. He will win us a few games and will impact our odds of getting either Anthony Edwards and the Wiseman kid on draft day. Giving up Brooklyn’s 1st round pick for a rental, wtf. I would rather roll the dice and trade for KAT and aim bigger if we plan on trading assets. I say stay the course. If we want Drummond, wait until free agency. The plan is coming in place...the kids need to play and be patient. Help is coming