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  1. Probably for more 2 way players maybe.
  2. I would love to have TJ McConnell or Quinn Cook as backup pg.
  3. Let's see if we get some good players or if it was all talk!
  4. I have had that avatar so long that I forgot I even had it.....oh.....and by the way it was added when the Hawks Spirit group was around and made me run away! I will change it to a Hawks logo soon.....well....after the draft and see what we are doing!
  5. A friend just sent me this but I cannot find any merit to it????? Hawks Receive: PF - Aaron Gordon Magic Receive: PG Mike Conley, No. 17 pick (via Nets) Grizzlies Receive: SG - Kent Bazemore, PG - D.J. Augustin, No 10 pick (via Mavericks)
  6. This team overall has low bball IQ's very sad!
  7. When Jeremy Lin is the leading scorer......that is not good and we all know he is garbage.
  8. Anybody want a re-do on the W-L record this year??? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!
  9. question was directed at the fact some you guys believe that Justin Anderson was a piece to add....aren’t you all tired of the same ole same with the Hawks? I am because this organization really does not know how to truly build a championship team.