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  1. This team overall has low bball IQ guys....it's very sad!
  2. When Jeremy Lin is the leading scorer......that is not good and we all know he is garbage.
  3. Anybody want a re-do on the W-L record this year??? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!
  4. Dude...my question was directed at the fact some you guys believe that Justin Anderson was a piece to add....aren’t you all tired of the same ole same with the Hawks? I am because this organization really does not know how to truly build a championship team.
  5. Rondo was the starting PG of a NBA championship team and for his career has averaged almost a double double(pts and assists).....I will let you try again......
  6. The Hawks usually always ends up with other team's castoffs and then folks expect them to contribute here in Atlanta.....
  7. Can somebody explain to me the benefit(s) of having a "good locker room guy" vs a "really good player"? Just curious....
  8. Sothron....they know it.....but they have to defend him for this nonsensical move.
  9. The Hawks could have just kept Isaiah Taylor.....since they have the "tank mentality" anyway
  10. Agreed.....Lin has done nothing......these guys all over Lin being "good" have all become "Resslers of Schlenky Things"!
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