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  1. smoove31210

    Ask Supes

    Good damn move by Schlenk
  2. smoove31210

    Ask Supes

    Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn 2 minutes ago Detroit's discussions with Phoenix on a Luke Kennard trade have reached an impasse, league sources tell ESPN. Sides unable to agree on protections for a Suns first-round pick that would have been in the deal.
  3. smoove31210

    Ask Supes

    Seems like things are starting to quiet down for the Hawks after reading that
  4. Bad basketball by the Hawks right now!
  5. Sad day for sports fans and Laker fans(Kobe was my favorita NBA player of all time)....but an even sadder day for his family and close friends that lost him and his daughter Gianna......I am heartbroken and still numb!
  6. smoove31210

    Ask Supes

    I edited my phrase as a statement.
  7. smoove31210

    Ask Supes

    It's about damn time!
  8. Yep I am.....that 60 win season seems like it was 10 years ago....being a middle of the pack and now back of the pack team with a STAR at point guard and really nothing else is not good for my fandom.
  9. Guys, losing for our Hawks game after game is depressing....Ressler and Schlenk have to do someting.....some type of move needs to get done.
  10. Reddish....Huerter....Hunter......ALL need to gain muscle
  11. Does any team want to trade for Bembry for one of their G-league players?!?!
  12. Out of curiosity.....what are our asst. coaches specialties with player development?
  13. The Hawks seem to be everybody's "get right" game We play too soft and passive to much
  14. This needs to be the last year with Bembry on this squad for sure