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    Hope you have a great day!  1st pre season game next week !!

    1. BrazilianHawk


      Oh, geez. I'm so late for this. :ahf:

      Thank you very much, GM, you're awesome. As you can see, I'm a bit sour with the path the Hawks decided to go, so I've been off the Squawk for a while.

  2. That probably would've been the case had Ferry stayed on board, but do you think we ever had a chance to beat a LeBron led team? I suppose in the three years the Hawks would've had Ferry, he could've made different moves to actually upgrade the team but we were in a bad position in that we were near the salary cap so we couldn't pay the biggest free agents and we had no assets to bring in a premier player. Players like Kyrie, Cousins and Paul George would've been traded without us being able to make a play. OR Maybe Danny could have traded the nice players on good contracts for
  3. He was better at signing layers than most of the folks out there, but drafting wasn't really his forte. Anyway, a fact is a fact, he built the best Atlanta Hawks team ever, so I was 100% fine with him. I only wish he had shown Larry Drew the door after that draft. We could have had Giannis instead of Dennis.
  4. I guess we didn't have the time to find out. I don't think it was, but you might be right, who knows?
  5. Well we had Danny Ferry and experienced some success for a brief periodof time. Then Gearon Jr. happened.
  6. And then they'll hire some idiotic first-time GM who "has been on GSW for many years, so he has to be good, right?" And then we'll wonder whether that would be the first or the second year again.
  7. you're right. Please Baby Jesus, can we have Billy Knight back?
  8. I did nothing, did you do anything? I saw Schlenk do it. Stupid motherf. He's gonna turn the ATL into Philly South. Stupid SOB. I wish he would lose his job and be in the gutter for the rest of his short life. First it was Millsap, then Bud, and now this... The SOB earns millions for doing this ish. I promise you, I could do better!
  9. Because if they said that, somehow they would become racists, you know.
  10. Welcome back all of you. I still miss Gramps tho. We need some more voices of reason in this madhouse.
  11. LOL. Then I believed the Hawks would win 11 without Bud onboard. Way to go, chief! I was wrong. It's as simple as that. You were wrong. It's as simple as that.
  12. He did what he was paid to do. coach the team. If Schlenk didn't want to compete, he must have had fired Bud at the beginning of the season. He screwed Bud's plans by sending Ilya and Marco away. Bud did nothing wrong, he only did his job.