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  1. Time to forget this one and watch the Lakers game. Go Fakers!
  2. So now the 3rd seed is out of range. Fine, let's secure the 4th. We would be playing Philly or the Nets one way or another in the secound round. Yep, it's early to talk about the playoffs but we can and will secure the 4th spot. GO HAWKS. And please get healthy.
  3. FRAK THAT! Five possessions in a row...
  4. We're done tonight, really. I just hope Trae won't be out for 2 more weeks because of an aggravation of his injury.
  5. Ok, 12 more minutes to go. They already showed they can do it. I'm just not sure whether they want it or not.
  6. 24s violation... That was ridiculous.
  7. I'm trying not to be furious about Trae's play tonight but I'll tell you, it's hard as hell.
  8. Everytime we get within 3, Hawks do something stupid and we go down by 10 again.
  9. Must stop with the floaters... Do something else, PLEASE!
  10. Oh Trae... I see you're trying. But maybe Lou and Brandon would do better tonight.
  11. 3OGI FOR THREEEEEEEEEEE... and the Trae misses another floater... and then SOLO FOR THREEEEEEE... Well be ok if and when Trae starts to score.
  12. Sorry I'm late... LET'S GO HAWKS!!!