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  1. I can't process this yet. We are so far ahead of schedule, but I'm not satisfied with making the ECF.
  2. Did Trae just go to far into the stands??? We can't have him in the Covid protocol
  3. Get a hand on Curry to start the half! Do not let him kill us again like game 6
  4. Glad Curry is in early foul trouble, we just can't seem to stick with him.
  5. Don't start Capela. These bunnies are supposed to be your buckets
  6. The experts have been counting us out all year! Who cares if they think we're losing tonight! LET'S GO HAWKS!!!!!!
  7. Man I think Philly just had a blizzard tonight. @Peoriabird must've gotten caught up in the storm cause I haven't heard from him since halftime.