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  1. I'm anxious to see the Hawks play vs some elite teams with bigs. I want to see if the Hawks have made enough improvement to squash that weakness. Keep injury free especially in the playoffs. Even if it meant a lower seed cone playoff time stay healthy.
  2. What is needed? How about the Hawks practice their free throws. I know it's easy to over look but can make a difference in a playoff game. Improved shooting from the outside. Although the Hawks beat the 76ers I wish they had a guy like Curry. He just seemed to kill the Hawks.
  3. Looks like Vegas is underestimating the Hawks. I've heard teams will be prepared next season. No sneaking up on them. Will see but I think you need to be able to show flexibility in playing certain teams. For example the Bucks have bigs so now the Hawks can throw Dieng,CC and OO at them and Collins. I sure hope Hawks are practicing their free throws. It might not seem like a big deal but it is in the playoffs. Health obviously a critical factor so pace yourself but make sure your healthy come the playoffs.
  4. Excellent move. You see the teams that want to win a championship by the moves they make in the off season. Got to stack the lineup add depth and be able to play different styles of ball when playing the elite. Because of the Hawks run in the playoffs maybe will get some players a bit cheaper because they want a championship. Tired of seeing teams like the Lakers and others get quality players cheap. Keep up the good work TS.
  5. I saw that don't know if that's a good thing or not.
  6. I'm also not buying the when Hunter and Reddish come back the Hawks rebounding will get better against elite teams. I'd like to see a big that can get boards.
  7. Collins had his moments in the playoffs good and bad. There were times when the Bucks just dominated the Hawks on the boards. Where was Collins? Both Capella and JC you didn't even think they were on the floor vs the Bucks who got 2nd,3rd etc shots. Scoring wise games where JC was invisible . The man's almost 7 ft where's his post up game? Get a steady jump shot. If the Hawks are going to pay this kind of money then JC needs to take his game to another level. There are to many players that sign the big contract and don't play up to it. Generally what you see is what you get from players. I hope JC improves and like all the Hawks work on your #%%@ free throws. How many points were thrown away by not making a free throw.
  8. Hawks need to get bigger. You can't teach 7 ft and it shows deep in the playoffs. While Collins also got boards it just seemed he and Cap could not hang with the better rebounding teams. Overall Hawks need to do a better job boxing out and not allowing 2nd,3rd etc shots.
  9. Would be hard to get Wiseman. Other than Trae and Capella alot of young players who haven't reached star potential. I doubt the Hawks deal Capella right now with OO hurting. Wonder if theirs a way to send Collins and another to Warriors. Think they have cap problems though unfortunately.
  10. Do you think the Hawks package is greater than the Clippers or Washington package?
  11. Just doing some sleuthing on Wiseman. What I found so far is Golden State is ready to win now and Wiseman it might take him awhile to be a force in the league. His athleticism is jaw dropping running up and down the floor. I have heard names like Beal and Paul George as possible deals for him being the key in a package. Do the Hawks even have enough to get him? Do they need him?
  12. Lol.Yep I remember. Sometimes a change of environment can do wonders though. I would hope Hawks GM has enough connections to find out what's going on.
  13. Sounds like a good strategy the more picks the more chances to hit the big one. I agree the Athletic with these scouting reports are worth the money. If Hawks don't trade down I'd be happy with Butler . Just pick the BPA if no trade down.
  14. Before I do any deals there must be a way to find out why Golden State would deal a big with this potential. Is he a locker room cancer? Doesn't get along with certain players or coaches? Is a stat padder? You see the tools but these questions need to be answered. If everything checks out find a way to get him.