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  1. kalaps

    JJ calls Drew

    I think hawks fans need some time to get over JJ's poor performance
  2. Dominique Jones or crawford would be a good pick if they are there, the only reservation is do we really need to give labron any more motivation to drop 50 on us.
  3. kalaps

    Jermaine O'Neal

    I would be all for signing JO on the cheap, he is actually an average size for a center. There arnt that many 7'1 centers in the league right now that's actually dominant. And he wound give us what we need off the bench.
  4. I meant he was an ok defender, my game involves a remote and a cold beer, which I'm top 10 in the league at
  5. One thing to that I did not mention is his defense, I was an ok defender and I kinda compare him to a more offense Rando. They both show good hustle, even though Rando is at a different level that everybody else in that department, but that is the biggest factor in playing defense.
  6. The problem is chemistry, the NBA is built on offense, but basketball is mad of 2 parts; offense feeds defense and vice verse, you have to play as a team to win and you have to play both ends of the court.
  7. Jeff Teague given the opportunity, has the chance to put up some really big numbers. In the few minutes he had I saw him run down fast breaks and had some Jsmoove type blocks. The talent is there, I see him taking the same path as Deron Williams of Utah, an unimpressive rookie year, but flourished from that point on. I'm not saying he will be as good as, I hope he's close, but the potential is there.
  8. The opportunity only comes along once in a generation, never again will you have the chance to thank your hood, your shrink, the world warriors, and your producer for putting together the dopest beat on a track. To you my man, I say " cocaine is one hell of a drug".my respect for you was deepened by your post game speech.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I thought he should have been gone last year. To his credit, he was able to maintain a gradual progresion. I never really saw us as an elite team, better than the rest, but not as good as the best. To get to that level woody had to go. Its like your dad can only take you to a certain point, but eventually you're gonna need a real coach
  10. Woody wasn't the greatest coach, but improving in the NBA 6 years in a row is not easy, even starting from a 13 win season. He took us to the playoffs the last 3 years, and let's be real, we lost to better constructed teams with dominant players. Yes he did reach his peak, and yes the players did start to tune him out, but give the man credit for what he has done. We can all sit back and say what we coulda, woulda, shoulda, but none of us is even close to assuming that position.
  11. I wouldn't mind Heywood, and seeing what TMac has left, at the right price. Even tyrus thomas as an active body.
  12. We would all love one of the big names, but relisticly that may not be possible. Who are some of the second or third tier free agents that you would like to see in a hawks uni?
  13. Wht stop there, how bout Howard Hakeem Smoove Jordan Teague If we can't win with that rehiring woodson should do the trick.