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  1. I know there was some discussion on whether Gallo is a SF or PF at this point in his career, but it would be great to start him at SF. Trae/Cam/Gallo/JC/Capella.
  2. Page 402 and we’ve resorted to asking Supes what he made for dinner lol.
  3. Kyrie thinks the earth is flat and he (allegedly) wants to leave the probable #1 seed in the East to go play for the Knicks, an organization which just signed one of the most ludicrous contracts of the free agency period (good for you, Tim) and seemingly follows a strict "one step forward, two steps back" philosophy. On the bright side, adhering to such a philosophy for long enough will force Kyrie to accept that the earth is not actually flat. Dude can ball but you don't sell the farm for a dummy.
  4. He's taking the Waldo approach this offseason.
  5. "The Green Puke" -- love it... ¡El Vómito Verde!
  6. Awesome press conference (even the first eight minutes where Bob just stands around looking confused). Watch it if you haven't already.
  7. Barring any trades and supposing Baze moves to SG, it's looking like: Schro/Jack/Delaney Baze/Korver/THJr Thabo/Prince/Bembry Sap/Humphries/Muscala Howard/Splitter/Edy
  8. The Prince that was Promised has arrived!
  9. We're still not good enough to get past Cleveland (let alone GS) but I love this squad.
  10. Sort of like Captain Hindsight but somehow worse.
  11. Reading through all of their "accomplishments" is so depressing. A brief history of the Hawks: Out of the frying pan and into the fire, then back into the frying pan, back into the fire, another dip in the frying pan, fire, pan, fire, pan, BudCox.
  12. Eh. I hope he tears both pectoral muscles in the first minute of the first game next season, but I think this is nothing. The article says OKC thought pursuing Horford would entice KD to stay (and locking down a commitment from KD would help them land Horford), nothing more. Definitely doesn't make me think a deal was in place.
  13. Horfamania gone! New world Horford rises.
  14. Refresh page, no news on Al, refresh page, no news on Al, refresh page, no news on Al... Come on, Boss!