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  1. Knight boxed out Bruno from getting a double double on that last board
  2. That terrible 2000 trio of Bimbo/Jackson/Rider always sticks in my mind... they were supposed to so promising and we stunk so bad. I think that’s the year Chris Crawford starting showing out and putting together little stretches of good play and minutes? Dark times... Other random ones that stick out to me Bob “triple-double” Sura - I remember him shooting at the wrong basket to get his 10th rebound? He definitely balled out for a minute there Flip Murray - the OG microwave offense Joe Smith - the ridicule of him having to have his full name on his jersey next to
  3. Let’s get some Good-Knight time before this game is Dunn
  4. Man I was hoping for the half court buzzer beater lob to Hunter there regardless - it is so good to see Hunter out there getting run. He is so indispensable to this team’s success moving forward
  5. Runs like this make me wonder: what’s our 2nd half +/- under Nate?
  6. The NBA clearly doesn’t watch Hawks games. I feel like we see 2-3 Gallo plays per game that end in him falling over like a baby deer.
  7. Snell has 6 games left to hit 11 threes and re-qualify for the 3P% season leaderboard. If he does, he would likely break Korver’s all time record.
  8. Dedmon out there looking like the ghost of Joel Anthony
  9. That being said... you’re probably right that there will be some regression next year once teams really sit down and analyze his film from this year. Kind of like Steph after the magical 15-16 season he put up.
  10. I don’t know. I wouldn’t discount the kind of work that I’m sure Randle has been putting in the last year. I heard a story of how Kobe’s passing really hit him hard, and he has seriously upped his training since. Doing the “get in a workout before you go to the hotel when you get in town on a road trip” thing. Sounds like he has a newfound sense of Mabma Mentality, and it’s clearly showing this year.
  11. LaVine gonna lose this game trying to get that 50-spot and career high. Capela making sure none of that happens and secure the win
  12. Way to make our “bench game” into a (tied-for) biggest margin of victory this year