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  1. How did OO get another DNP-CD in this one?!...
  2. I don’t doubt he **knows** how to be an excellent rebounder. He certainly has the potential and should be. Just when it comes down to it, he either mistimes his jump or fumbles it alarmingly too often.
  3. 100%. His playmaking has resorted to posting up Pritchard from the 3pt line??
  4. I hate to say it, but he looks like the only capable playmaker on this second unit right now... obviously shouldn’t be that way, but at least he’s making something happen and trying to bail out Bruno’s fumbling hands and feet.
  5. There was an article recently saying Bruno’s only NBA skill was rebounding. I have to disagree. He’s a terrible rebounder too. Often jumps too early and comes down when the ball is coming in reach, giving up rebounds even when he’s got the box out. Or over-commits to offensive rebound attempts that he has no chance on, leading to a 5-on-4 break. His timing and mechanics are just totally off. It just makes him look even more foolish when he has the ball or trying to set an effective screen and roll.
  6. He actually talks about tangible things.
  7. I can't stand how pre-emptively Bob and Nique talk about our wins... I can't think of a time that they've eaten their words, but knowing us, I'm sure it's happened and will again.
  8. Can we just pick up JLin again already? The man belongs in the NBA and we have the need again.
  9. Yeah I bet soon enough we’ll catch one of those one-game win streaks followed by a four-game “moral victory” streak
  10. JC -35, OO +26 Making our team +/- max differential 61 tonight Thats gotta be a NBA season-high so far this year right? Wish that was easily searchable...
  11. Skylar savin our ass on team 3P% tonight