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  1. BTW - may not be important again, but there is a very convenient parking place right on 10th street across 75/85 under the tall building on the corner on the south side of the street. I parked there for a lot of Dream games I've attended - very convenient and cheaper than on campus parking. Never full when I went. The sign says parking is free for patrons of the Chinese restaurant but I don't know if it is still in business. If so, one could dinner and free parking.
  2. BTW - there is yet one more possible home for the Dream in the future albeit a few years out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GSU_Sports_Arena "In February 2018, The Signal reported plans of a 200,000 square foot (18,580 m2) convocation center included in the Georgia state government's 2019 fiscal year budget. If approved, the new arena would be located north of Georgia State Stadium on the corner of Fulton Street and Capitol Avenue. The new arena is planned to cost $80 million, with $60 million coming from state funding and the remainder from private funding. The new arena is planned to seat 8,000 spectators. In addition to being the new home of men's and women's basketball, the arena would also be used for commencement ceremonies, concerts, and other large events. While the basketball games would be played in the new arena, the programs' administrative offices and practice facilities would remain in the current Sports Arena. Planning of the new arena would take 12 months while construction would take an additional two years to complete.[11][12]"
  3. Well, longer thread than I thought it would be.
  4. Randy


    True to Atlanta......
  5. And now we have the real answer. Former Conn. Sun GM Chris Sienko (who stole J. Thomas and Bentley from us while with the Sun.)
  6. We now have an answer - and the answer is "No one knows" at least Ms. Collen doesn't know. It was the first question asked in this excellent interview. It does seem as though she will have a lot of say as to who is on the roster, and w/o a FRP this season, scouting draft picks is probably not a super important issue. And the Dream have typically not been a destination that excites FA's so GM job may be a bit more administrative than anything. (BTW - Chris Sienko former Sun GM ran the job search for HC, so he is out there as a resource apparently.) https://www.fanragsports.com/dishin-and-swishin-nicki-collen-is-living-the-dream/
  7. I am not super excited about this, but then I was a Cooper fan. Cooper did better at building the roster than getting wins I guess. Big question, not addressed in the press release is who is the GM or player personnel boss? Wenzel was a college athletic department administrator so it doesn't seem she has the background to evaluate talent. Team owners generally don't do well in that department either. Since the Dream don't have a No. 1 pick this year, the draft doesn't matter much for now. However, Free Agency comes up soon and the question is who to sign? Maybe that doesn't matter much for now either since the Dream have almost never signed an important FA (and sometimes are lucky to sign their own players - e.g. Lindsey Harding and Arminti Herrington left town). So I guess we will see.
  8. Google Col. Klink. "Hogan's Heroes." The answer will appear before your eyes.
  9. Fortunately for Dennis, he can check with Bud, Mike Scott, Thabo, and Pero for the names of some good lawyers. At least the Hawks are undefeated in court. They keep this up and they can match the UGA Bulldogs for arrests.
  10. Yeah - trading Angel now has been likened to the Fever trading Catchings before 2012. Not sure I agree with that, I don't think she is going anywhere either. But stranger things have happened. The touchy situation is whether they would core her when Hayes contract expires (apparently at the end of next season.) Angel shows every sign of wanting to live in Atlanta - would she leave? It is not a slam dunk that she will play next year either. I suspect the first part of the new coaches job will be to convince her to do so (without convincing Angel that she will be in charge.)
  11. Great analysis, and thanks for the shout out. I hope you don't mind I posted it all on rebkel, with a link to here. I am pretty much in the glass half empty stage now. Cooper had his shortcomings, but he did rebuild a roster in just 2 years, after the Angela Taylor era ended. Some of Cooper's success does belong to her for getting us Dantas and eventually Holmes via the Erika trade. Speaking of Dantas, she has only completed 3 seasons in the WNBA so my thought is she would be a reserved player for one more season and then a Restricted FA. The bigger question might be how often she actually shows up to play in Atlanta, or wherever we might want to send her. As for Cooper - he found a replacement for Erika (Williams), got a good backup for the 2,3 and sometimes even the 4 position (Holmes 11th in the 16 draft), turned Shoni into legitimate point guard (by trading her for a 2nd rounder that became Clarendon) and found the best player (IMHO) in the weak 2017 draft - Sykes. A ageing ship that was sinking (without its Captain going down with it) suddenly had 3 young All stars and ROY candidate. Unfortunately, for Cooper, apparently the owners figures a 3 All star team should win more games so it must be the coach. As you pointed out - Cooper did not play his hand right and Coach Cooper fell victim to the success of GM Cooper (kind of the Hawks/Coach/GM problem in reverse.) I think this Dream team (with Angel) would actually be the best Dream team in franchise history with the best coach (maybe not a high bar). Apparently the owners didn't agree with the second part of that. My hopes for the road ahead: 1.) A solid WNBA coach (not a college coach) who brings or can get a good post development coach. TBH the only ones I can get excited about now are Bill Lambier and Stef. White. I doubt either would be available to the Dream. 2.) NO TRADES. The Taylor trade machine threw away 2 future All Stars (Bentley and J. Thomas) and got back only one player past her prime who has never produced. I admit - Bentley's All Star year was a bit of an aberration but she is far more useful than Ajavon. Thomas did what she does - continue to work on her game and get better. She eventually became quite good and a legit All Star. So I hate the idea of bringing in someone new who decides this bunch of players is not for him (or her) and has a fire sale in order to produce quick results (e.g. trading Sykes for aged Cappie, or worse. Far worse.) 3. I would make an exception for trading Her Majesty (Angel). She is past her prime and who knows if she is really committed to the Dream or WNBA anyway. Of course, we would want a ransom worthy of her. I don't know - maybe Dallas' FRP+Powers+Chong. I think it is likely though that no coach (who isn't desperate) would want her. 4. Resign Lyttle, Dantas and maybe Young. Sancho is too old to be a starter, but could provide depth. We need Lyttle's replacement. Dantas is the heir apparent. The obvious plan would be to start Williams and Boyette. See No. 1 above though. Young is not a popular player among internet fans, but I don't think she is that bad. (BTW - I think Lyttle might just go to MN, or even LA in hopes of winning a ring.) 5. Put everyone except Hayes and Sykes on a No 3 point diet. I'm looking at you Damaris, Clarendon, Ajavon, Holmes. (Actually I'm hoping they find a replacement for Ajavon.) 6. I'd suggest looking at FA's to fill voids, but the problem is the Dream are lucky to sign their own FA let along anyone else's. 7. Draft - we have only a No. 16 pick. It would be nice if we could find the a backup PG (there were 3 picked up in the weak 2016 draft that stuck with their teams, so if next year's draft is so great....) Well - with this perfect blue print what could go wrong? Easy - the owners make a bad hiring decision. First of all they are pretty bad at hiring. Angela Taylor is just one example. They have also had more team Presidents, PR people, etc than anyone can count. Executives names would appear and disappear from the team web page like overnight. The ticket sales staff has been a revolving door. I've lost track of how many account exec's I've had. So that's why I'm worried.......
  12. In thinking about the 60 win season and the team's discombobulation that followed I think of those great words of Latrell Sprewll "Success is just failure that hasn't happened yet."