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  1. Google Col. Klink. "Hogan's Heroes." The answer will appear before your eyes.
  2. Yeah - trading Angel now has been likened to the Fever trading Catchings before 2012. Not sure I agree with that, I don't think she is going anywhere either. But stranger things have happened. The touchy situation is whether they would core her when Hayes contract expires (apparently at the end of next season.) Angel shows every sign of wanting to live in Atlanta - would she leave? It is not a slam dunk that she will play next year either. I suspect the first part of the new coaches job will be to convince her to do so (without convincing Angel that she will be in charge.)
  3. Great analysis, and thanks for the shout out. I hope you don't mind I posted it all on rebkel, with a link to here. I am pretty much in the glass half empty stage now. Cooper had his shortcomings, but he did rebuild a roster in just 2 years, after the Angela Taylor era ended. Some of Cooper's success does belong to her for getting us Dantas and eventually Holmes via the Erika trade. Speaking of Dantas, she has only completed 3 seasons in the WNBA so my thought is she would be a reserved player for one more season and then a Restricted FA. The bigger question might be how often she ac
  4. In thinking about the 60 win season and the team's discombobulation that followed I think of those great words of Latrell Sprewll "Success is just failure that hasn't happened yet."
  5. The thing about tanking is that losing makes you get amnesia. You tank to get off of the treadmill and get good enough to win a championship, but after losing for long enough, you forget why you tanked and become grateful if the team just gets back into the playoffs and onto the treadmill again.
  6. Randy

    Nerlens Noel

    If we could get him cheap it would be fun to have him around in late December.
  7. Thanks I just didn't understand Crawford's contract.
  8. I thought only about $3m of Crawford's salary was guaranteed. Does the entire amount still go against the cap whether they pay him or not? Is this a sneaky way of dropping below the cap minimum? Or was all of Crawford's money guaranteed?
  9. For a while we were Jazz East. Now the Jazz or morphing into Hawks West.
  10. I'm bummed that I'm old enough to remember Bob McAdoo. Is this guy his son, or grandson? Oh hell - great grandson?
  11. Really good articles, thanks for posting.