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  1. Thanks. I really am wondering how they haven't done a better job. Im using a firestick and when I fast forward or reverse it doesn't do 15 seconds, it just blindly goes forward or back. I have a sony tv with Android built in, but I can't use that and my good sony remote because ATT hasn't developed an app for sony tv. Unbelievable.
  2. I had youtube tv, but just now switched to ATT now thanks to this thread. I don't like the set up at all. Also, there is no option to record all Hawks, falcons, or braves games. I hit record series on hawks game and it records all NBA games. Also there is no way to "extend" recording to keep me from missing the end of game if it goes long. Has anyone hear figured out how to do this or is it just how it is? I feel like I went back in time like 20 years. Can't believe this is how ATT DVR actually works. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. Thanks. Prince won't get a lot of practice time b4 Friday, I guess. If we were one of the teams already playing Prince wouldn't even get to play. I just can't believe the NBA can't figure out away to make situations like this better.
  4. Is the 8th the day that Prince is officially a Hawk? I can't remember the exact day, but Friday the 8th is game 1 so how does that work? The NBA needs to fix the idiotic way they deal with the drafted players. It makes zero sense and is like amateur hour.
  5. Coach Bud said after the game that Mack played because they want to continue to develop and grow the bench guys. Right after that he said and it helps Dennis grow and develop too. It sounded to me like Dennis was in the dog house for something and Bud wants him to learn by sitting out a game.
  6. We are looking good tonight and Patterson looks like he belongs. I feel much better about what I'm seeing from this team tonight.
  7. I was a little off on the score. It's ATL 72 NOP 71 end of 3rd. We had a great 3rd Qtr. Bazemore, Korver, and Horford have 10 pts. Milsap and Splitter have 9 pts. and Schröder has 11 pts.
  8. 92.9 frustrates me because every year they say they will have the game, but it is never broadcast on their internet site. Tonight I am trying to listen to the game straight from the radio instead of internet and they aren't playing the game. Why do they advertise that they broadcast it and then not do it? Anyway, looking at the box score the score is ATL 68 and NOP 70 beginning of the 4th.
  9. Unless Mike Scott had the drugs in his pocket isn't it possible they can say it was all his brothers? A good attorney can work wonders so if he was just a passenger in a car that ran from the cops and had drugs in it then the attorney will say it was the other guys. I doubt he will get off completely, but it will definitely make a huge difference. Can the cops make Mike Scott give them his blood to test it? I doubt that will happen. Jonathon Babineaux got pulled over 5 or 6 years ago with over an ounce of weed and that got swept under the rug. As far as I remember Babs didn't get any punishment from the law or the league. His cousin(?) was in the car with him and they probably claimed it was all his.
  10. When I read the article and read the part you posted I seriously thought it was a fake article for a minute. Players definitely don't want their GM telling anybody that kind of thing. Weird.
  11. Starting in the second part of the 3rd qtr none of our players looked like they belong in the NBA. The Spurs stepped up and the Hawks caved hard. That really was pathetic and I have been feeling so good about how these guys were playing so it made it even worse. Ugh! The Spurs always beat the Hawks and even in summer league.
  12. It got real sloppy when the Hawks brought in the second unit. Ugly
  13. I was wrong when I said it was in red. It's actually in blue. I'm not sure why it's not working for you. Maybe I'm not remembering another step I took to get it live, but I think that's all I did. Petteway looks pretty good so far. Edy is running around pretty well and just easily outreaches everyone.
  14. Yes, click on schedule and then watch live(in red) where it lists the Hawks game. Edy has two blocks already in the first 3 minutes.
  15. I think I went to schedule and then clicked on the game. It just started.