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  1. KCP is the better defender and 3 pt shooter....Im not opposed to Jones Jr. I mentioned him a while back too.
  2. terrell

    Ask Supes

    "Trae Young and John Collins might not be ready for that" But Herro, Bam, and Duncan Robinson were? Miami added Butler, Dragic, Crowder, to their young core and made the Finals.. Pretty sure we'll add a vet pg, and another wing to ours... Not saying PG can do what Jimmy did, but its possible right? lol Heat had a proven coach though..
  3. terrell

    Ask Supes

    "Theyre dropping Harrell? I dont blame them after that bubble performance... lol
  4. terrell

    Ask Supes

    I think I might just pass. Keep our picks and fill out rest of the bench in FA..Its not like he(whoever it is) is gonna make us a Championship contender...We can make the Playoffs without trading for PG13(or whoever it is) imo..
  5. terrell

    Ask Supes

    Jrue was my 1st guess..lol
  6. terrell

    Ask Supes

    Its Trae man......lol..Or are you misspelling his name on purpose?
  7. I thought it was funny...................And, I know a lot of people in NJ area who watch the Hawks now just because of Trae..Just sayin..
  8. I had to share this great trade I found on the Knicks Wall..smh Details: Charlotte trades the third pick for Atlanta’s Cam Reddish, the sixth overall pick, and a top-five protected 2021 first-round pick. Anthony Edwards: Anthony Edwards getting to stay home was almost as big a selling point as pairing him up with Trae Young is. Edwards is a gifted player with flaws, vision being one of them. Allowing Trae to worry about running the offense will free Edwards up to focus on his key strength, scoring. Trading Cam wasn’t an easy call, but there is enough redundancy with De’Andre Hun
  9. Exactly what I was thinking. We only have 2 interchangeable wings. Kev is strictly a 2 imo.. If we want another, the pick should be Okoro,Patrick Williams,etc....
  10. Much rather have the hometown guy.. KCP/Crowder/Okoro Those were my guys from the jump.. All GA offseason..lol
  11. terrell

    Ask Supes

    Tray? Come on man..lol
  12. I mentioned him a while back.. "Lobs from Trae to Jones Jr would be fun"..But yeah, it got shot down quick..lol