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  1. "Been been along time, shouldn't left you.... without a strong Post to step to." An old Timbaland reference . Long time, no see my fellow Squawkers. I hope everyone is well and safe. Show love and check out our YouTube channel We talk all things Pro, all things Atlanta. Sooooo that means Dem Hawks are in this episode. Give me some feedback. Enjoy.
  2. Prince needs to start. Let Korver come off the bench with Muske, since he can do some of the things Horford could. Move Baze to the two. If you wanna give Dwight the ball, I suggest the Orlando factor. ISO Dwight by putting everyone else on the three point line. Or at least try something different, cause teams are starting to figure the Hawks out already.
  3. Baze is pressing. He'll be fine. I'm starting to think that Korver and Howard can't play together.
  4. The Hawks beat the Hawks this game. No energy at all. I expect a different team tomorrow.
  5. They can't go around him, so they go through him. DS17 needs to hit the weights.
  6. Moose played a hell of a game. That put back dunk was powerful. I really hope his back doesn't keep him out for long. Moose is leading the NBA in FG%! Great win by the good guys.
  7. LoL. I saw a poster say that the guard play was terrible. DS17 doesn't look the same. I'm not saying he sucks, he just looks uncomfortable running the offense. One of the reasons why I was high on DS17 was because of his passing..... haven't seen much of his playmaker passing in a while.
  8. What? I feel asleep during the game. At that point we was up by 13....with ease. How in the world did the Hawks lose this game?
  9. The funny thing is that for years the 2 major weakness of the Hawks was lack of rebounding and a rim protector A.K.A a true center. The second was aggressive point guard play . Now they have both. It's about to get ugly for teams when they play the Hawks...... cause this is and for the first time a totally different Hawks team. The Woody era is now officially over.
  10. Bwahhaahaha! Someone must have told him to place that.....after Bazemore's. Something is telling me he's already regretting on how he handled the situation. The more I think about it, the more I think Horford made his decision before before the season started. He clearly packed it in so he wouldn't get a major injury.

    Hope you have a good 'un !

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      Gray Mule

      BIRTHDAY !

      Gotta learn to spell !

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      Thank you very much.

  12. WOW!.....that sounds like what's wrong with the Hawks. I believe that's the major difference between this season and last......The Hawks aren't playing for each other. Even the bench doesn't seem to have the same energy. With all the trade talk going crazy...it can only make matters worse. Teague has played great the last few games, but he's playing like he trying to prove someone wrong. You can clearly see his frustration. Last night during a timeout Darvin Ham was talking to him and Teague didn't even look his way. I've seen that a few times this season but with mostly Bud.....but at least h
  13. We have to guard the the three point line is game better than we normally do. Defense is the key tonight. I see us coming out on top....98-87