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  1. Actually we might have to think bigger with this, like somebody was saying that we might have a package to go after a superstar if they desired a trade. The sky is the limit right now
  2. Year after he wanted some help, he got all of the help he needed, now it is time for Trae to do his thing (I think he is going to avg 12 - 14 assist per game)
  3. Yeah, I dont think we have that much depth on this team for a very long time, since the days of Nique that we had a decent bench and depth.
  4. Kangz matches or not, they are in a bind and unless Buddy gets traded to a TEAM WITH CAP SPACE, it is going to be very very hard and you can see why many people thinking that they will not match. But if they do match then they are going to be screwed for a while.
  5. Sometimes we have to do things that we dont want to do but this is the best chance to show Trae, JC and NBA that we are serious about taking that next step up and since we dont get any stars from FA, we got to get them when we can.
  6. Speculation - I was talking to some folks from Kings forums about this and they wanted to get Whiteside as their center but its going to cost them alot for him. They want to the same package that Bucks gave them for that failed trade.
  7. This is Shooters market and you have to pay decent money for one. I think he is a perfect backcourt mate for Trae and you have the ability to go after a bigger fish with Huerter and others while be able to max out Collins and Trae with no issues.
  8. Time to pigback on this. The Kangz was too greedy about what they wanted (I heard that they want one of Hunter, Huerter or Reddish) they thought that Hawks was desperate like the Bucks for getting him.
  9. Now Buddy just started his $24.4 million contact with year and not too many teams with cap space to get him (New York maybe) so it is going to be hard to get Buddy (unless OKC get involved but they want draft picks for that). So that means it is gong to be Buddy or Bogi for the Kings
  10. Actually it is not a swing and miss for us, we will still have money to use if need but Sacto will be up the creek because they will not have any other money to get better, cant trade him without his consent and have 15% kicker on top of that. Plus that offer sheet hurts them the most because of Fox new Max contract, it is going to be impossible for them be flexible.
  11. So McNair is totally back into a corner right now, keep Bogo but you don't have cap space to improve or let him go without any compensation and they are no where near any hope of getting a playoff spot . Tough choice there, don't want to be in his shoes.
  12. If Kings wants to do it then do it but they will have to trade Buddy and they still have that 15% kicker, poison pill and how the offer sheet is structure. If they want to be brave like that, then let them match this.
  13. Because history shows that the Kangz always do something crazy or not thinking at all about this things.