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  1. You should stop getting mad at comments like this. The reason being is that the comment is 100% true. Guy should have been traded yesterday to cut our losses
  2. This!! Resign the guy if he can embrace the 6th man role
  3. Someone just got destroyed on ISH.. 😂😂😂😂😂 Never thought I would see it happen, a Hawks player defended like that
  4. I think the Hawks are trying to land John a monster contract 😂😂😂
  5. I question his coaching Everytime I see Cam Reddish on the floor. I know there are some hopeful Squawkers, but Reddish is trash and does not deserve a seat on the end of the bench.
  6. Race? Really? Listen I am sick of Luka Luka Luka too but that is just bullshit
  7. They called that a flagrant? For real?
  8. Wow this is pretty blatant
  9. I am so over this Cam Reddish show.. Ship his ass to D-league
  10. Can't hit a free throw but nails that
  11. These refs are whistle happy for real.. wtf they just kicked Bembry 😂
  12. Atleast Alex is showing some fire tonight
  13. These cocky fckrs do realize they are playing a severely handicapped team right? Wow