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  1. That is not what I mean at all.. I mean as a team. The structure, maturity, experience and not so much Trae
  2. This topic has more drama then those daytime soaps that my mother used to binge on growing up. Guys just chill, crack a beer or seltzer ( or whatever in the hell you partake) and let the growing pains and growth commence. The finished product is gonna be worth it
  3. GM has the best way of letting everyone know that we are still youngins and have not seen shit
  4. This is all a complete failure of not having meaningful practice when you can. LP does not seem interested in squeezing in extra practice when he can. That's right, I said damn practice! Practice? Yes much needed practice!
  5. I am tired of changing screen names.. Get used to the bright puke green gracing this forum
  6. I think it is time to buy truck loads of white sage and perform a mass spiritual cleansing through out the Atlanta Metro Area.. The luck the city has sports wise is almost supernatural and downright scary at times.
  7. Makes feel like throwing up
  8. I have never understood this type of graph.. I am just old and dumb Zing
  9. Everyone just needs to remember that this team is very young and all this is experience for them. I am excited to see the core in 2 years if possible. Dre and Cam are high confidence and have little fear against anyone. HELLO THESE CATS ARE STILL BABIES IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS.!!! SIT BACK, RELAX AND WATCH OUR CHAMPIONSHIP SQUAD GRO AND DEVELOP TOGETHER. It will all be worth it when the final product is polished and ready
  10. Cause LP is a mediocre coach. As soon as this team has a better coach they will rise. Not till then
  11. Hate to be the bringer of bad news, but this team has a long ways to go. Cannot outplay the Clips bench
  12. Nice to see them just give away a game and still get paid for it. LP should be fired after this piss poor showing
  13. Check with me tomorrow is always a good response to this