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  1. Him not aggressive mayne. Gotta drop him off in the Bluff for a weekend.
  2. Yeah, Schlenk couldn't handle the chew out from Ressler and decided to save his own ass. I think it's going to get nasty as more news comes out.
  3. I agree. I believe we would've been in a better position if we didn't have many injuries. Even though LP had silly rotations, a lot of the blame goes on Travis because none of the players he signed this off-season (besides Bogi) fitted what LP wanted as far as defense and athleticism. His drafting of Okongwu is still a head scratcher. I don't believe the kid will be a solid contributor. He's too slow, plays too small, and doesn't provide a big defensive presence in the paint. Travis literally fired LP to save his own ass because the Rondo and Dunn signings are cringe-worthy.
  4. Gallo plays no defense at all! I don't give a damn about his offense if he can't rebound or try to defend the paint!
  5. I literally watched him not even try for a rebound. Smh
  6. I don't want to see another Huerter pass tonight. He's playing passive like he doesn't want to be here. Get him the f*** out of town! John Collins talked all of that sharing the ball crap at the beginning of the season and is about as chocolate chip cookie soft as Horford. I wouldn't pay him more than $18m per year. He doesn't bring nothing else to the table when he's not taking a 3 or catching a lob pass.
  7. The only difference I noticed was how Nate handles the 2nd squads minutes. He didn't allow them to lose momentum for our starters. I expect that from a coach with a lot of experience as headcoach in this league. Sometimes folks forget LP's learning how to be a headcoach on the fly. Hopefully, he watches tonight's game and learns how rotations should be used.
  8. Stats will have you missing certain aspects of the game. The threat of Trae in space makes defenses respect it and adjust. This in turn gives our other players the opportunity to find space and attack. People overrated point guards like Rondo because they were big assist guys. Unfortunately, these guys had a starting lineup full of closers. When Rondo left Boston, he became a serviceable point guard. That's it. His game is outdated and relies on too big of a supporting cast. Any opposing coach watching Trae go down hill on their defense would have an anxiety attack. He puts too much pres
  9. Trae isn't leading the league in turnovers, he's actually 5th behind the following players: 1. Anzejs Pasecniks 2. Russell Westbrook 3. James Harden 4. Luka Doncic I will live with turnovers from Trae because he's dealing with new team mates and complex defensive adjustments. He and LP have stated that the last few weeks. Another issue you're not seeing is the lack of movement and slashing from our guards. Turnovers happen when our players aren't moving, allowing defenders to cheat in the lanes.
  10. I can live with the turnovers because I understand Trae's multiple hats on offense. Dude has to make the machine work and sometimes things happen. I wish these old school basketball minds would stop trying to handicap Trae into a one dimensional floor general when he's probably the deadliest combination of Iverson and Steve Nash we've ever seen. When Trae scores 30+ the rest of the starters don't have to press and get away from what they do best. Just look at how Cam played tonight. He was under control and played within the flow of the offense. That's Trae's impact and LP and JC wil
  11. Collins shouldn't sniff a max contract! Mfer just wants to shoot threes all game and hasn't stopped a fly on defense! May's played better than Huerter but still got shelved.
  12. I'd rather Knight and Bruno get minutes on Randle rather than see Gallinari and Collins get baked. Pierce is going to get fired being stubborn.
  13. Gallinari doesn't play a lick of freaking defense! And Solomon Hill is trash! I won't even comment on Huerter. Smh
  14. Huerter - Does he need freaking glasses?! I'm sick of watching him throw the damn ball to the other team! Hill - He should never enter another game again! If he's not making threes, he's giving them up to the other team! LP needs to give his minutes to either Mays or Knight.
  15. THE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE ANALYSIS Huerter is cheeks and we should never see the Trae and Goodwin lineup ever again. Collin's doesn't deserve max money because he can't guard a 31 year old Blake Griffin on the perimeter. Solomon Hill needs to be dropped off in the Bluff.