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  1. Where is that punk Bill Simmons now?
  2. He looks little retarded...same as Schlenk/Shrek
  3. Bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the barrel junior college move. Great! Prepare yourself for three years of tanking.
  4. I was referring to backup point guards as report suggests, but I believe in this categories he is better then most starting pg. Time will tell.
  5. It's always funny to me how US reporters don't know shit about Euro basketball. Last two years Delaney was best Euro pg . He is better shooter then any NBA pg and better playmaker then at least 2/3 players here. And he is in his prime now. Only question for me is how he will translate his game from Euro to NBA. Can he be new Dragić or underachieve like Navarro.
  6. Yes. Well, It's not easy to explain cause FIBA rules are bit crazy and they change them every year, but something like this: In Europe you can't put the ball down, you can't dribble after you get the ball, you must score after direct pass. So, if you get the ball in the lane you must score, if you rotate of fake with the ball down - it is not assist. Also, creating for shooters, like Ebert said, is not consider assists also, only at fastbreaks. They consider assists only when is obvious that you created 100% field goal from your pass to your teammate.
  7. Hi everybody, it's been long time since I was here last time. I am from Europe and I watched Malcolm a lot last couple of years. And let mi tell you: You got THE STEAL! This may be the best sign Bud ever did. By far. I don't have words to express how good this guy is. Someone said beast. Well, he is no beast, but I never saw US player in Europe so talented and smooth like him. First, he is great team player, true point guard, great passer (don't let 6 assists per game fool you, in Europe they count them differently), his court vision is incredible, and his shooting is... I dont know what to say. Maybe best thing about him is how easy he creates for himself and others and how cool he is in the clutch. In Europe crowd is very, very hostile, to say the least, when you play away they spit at players, throwing everything they got at them, threatening to kill them, they have those lasers always in the eyes of opponents and so on, for American fan is hard to imagine atmosfere like that...And Malcolm... He is like born to play under pressure. I don't know his shooting percentages, but when the game is on the line he always scores or finds the open man. I never saw him missed important bucket. I swear. So, to cut this short, Atlanta got the biggest steal ever, but they must use him right. He could easily be second best scorer on this team.
  8. Nice, How much cap space we have now?
  9. If we do not sign SAP and not bring quality sf - this could be a disastrous move!
  10. SerbianHawk

    Free Agency

    Hm...Good rebounder is hard to find these days, maybe Nikola Vučević, but then we would have to give up Millsap or Carroll.
  11. This is happening? Still looks like a dream to me!