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  1. Holy cow what a necro post. Nice to see @Gray Mule dropping wisdom 16 years ago though 😃
  2. Finally, some competition that Jaylen Adams could hang with.
  3. Someone watches the no chill podcast 😃
  4. It was a definite shock to me to see so many lifetime donors banned for no apparent reason. It is the primary reason I have stopped posting on and donating to this site.
  5. Baze will be much better this year. Dude can't operate with no space on the floor. We needed a 3pt specialist, with Dwight, but now he will actually have room to cut.
  6. Too bad only like 5 teams have cap space next year.
  7. Signed by the lakers. 1 year 18 million.
  8. Ugh, I really hope we don't get a "root for losing" mentality around here.
  9. Bosh was specifically asked to move away from his post game by Spoelstra to give space to James and Wade, neither of whom could shoot 3s. If you read interviews, Bosh was always complaining about it. Can't say the same about Al.
  10. He called Horford soft in the same post. Come on dude...
  11. Only half? With the absolutist way you're talking, I would assume 100% of teams that ever touch the lottery never get out.
  12. Dwight losing weight and trying to transform his game? Maybe things are looking up.
  13. Yeah, because you aren't talking basketball. Please don't pollute the squawk with this nonsense.