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  1. As if all the weird shit KD says and does isn't enough, this clip is 100% proof to me that he is in no way, shape, or form a leader. He is whining because his team didn't do enough to get them over the emotional hump of a little on court spat? Isnt that his job as the leader of the team? Disgusting.
  2. Two words that should never be in the same sentence.
  3. Can you offer a player on a rookie contract a 5 year extension that isn't a designated extension? What is the difference?
  4. I heard a team can only have two 5 year contracts on the roster. Is that wrong?
  5. Oh how the culture has changed….Resigning with the (shitty) team that drafted you is now considered a loser move.
  6. LOL I just saw a horrible trade that you won't believe. JC SnT for Steven Adams bahaha must have been on RealGM. Oh wait...
  7. Players defending Brook Lopez, and FG conceded: Capela 3’38" – - – 2/3 Collins 2’38" – - – 5/5 OO 2’10" – - – 2/2 Gallinari 1’13" – - – 1/2 Bogdan 0’40" – - – 2/3 Williams 0’40" – - – 0/0 Huerter 0’28" – - – 2/2 Cam 0’23" – - – 0/0
  8. Is Gallo on a minutes restriction? Why did he only have 22 minutes last night? His defense couldn't possibly be worse than Collins on Portis and his offense is night and day better.
  9. I've never seen the shooter get their own rebs so many times in the same game. WOW REDDISH!@!
  10. Collins cant even seal Connaughtan in the post? Really?
  11. Bail out call...KM was out of control.
  12. Not to mention Jrue blew by him without a screen like 3 possessions in a row. He keeps making bad gambles.
  13. Get Dunn off the floor. He's getting burned on D and can't even throw an entry pass.