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  1. Where all the Huerter H8ers at? 19pts on 6/10 shooting 3/7 from three 4 fts 8 ast 4 rb 3 st 1 blk He played great on both sides of the floor tonight.
  2. Holy cow what a necro post. Nice to see @Gray Mule dropping wisdom 16 years ago though
  3. Finally, some competition that Jaylen Adams could hang with.
  4. Someone watches the no chill podcast
  5. It was a definite shock to me to see so many lifetime donors banned for no apparent reason. It is the primary reason I have stopped posting on and donating to this site.
  6. Good screen Gortat. He only moved 6 feet clearing all that space for Wall.
  7. So you predicted that the Hawks wouldn't sweep the Wizards? Great analysis.
  8. Baze is most effective on the bench waving a towel. Dude got some hype 3 point celebrations.
  9. Absolutely embarrassing effort from this team. I'm ready to blow this bitch up. Everyone but Dennis, Prince, and at times Millsap look like garbage out there.
  10. Wait a second...I noticed you've conveniently left someone out of this offensive explosion????
  11. lol we "put up a better effort" against the wolves. That speaks volumes to the extent that Horford helped this team. Maybe we were slightly better with him, but I'm sick of people acting like he would have an impact on our w/l .
  12. lol @ Hump with 12-5-2 in 10 mins but somehow can't see the floor over -25 in 18 mins Muscala. Bud really needs to wise up on these rotations.