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  1. If we still had a bad record like we did with LD, then I’d think it’s a cause that maybe the agent or player are shutting down because it’s a pointless season. Anyone can see and even the player himself that we have completely turned the season around and could make some noise in the playoffs. It would be his first playoff run so maybe it’s just the team being cautious. They know they must have some more 5 v 5 schedules with the amount of home games remaining and will hopefully be getting him ready just before the playoffs to break him in and bring him from the bench.
  2. So Bogi and Huerter are available. First time in a long time we’ve only had 2 inactive
  3. Dunn is unavailable
  4. Ah man imagine this season with a fully healthy De’andre. His injury is worrying but maybe they are holding him back until a couple games before the playoffs. Maybe if we were fighting out to just make the playoffs whether some of these who are injured would have been forced back earlier.
  5. I feel like this next home period we have will determine a lot about where we finish this season. We play the Heat, Magic, Hornets and Knicks which are practically worth double.
  6. Trae, Gallo, Collins, Hunter, Reddish and Dunn all out tonight. Will be good to see more of Lou, OO and Knight.
  7. They just called up Mike Conley to the all star game over Trae I don’t get it.
  8. We are supposed to find out more about Hunters injury today, whether he needs more injections, anyone seen anything?
  9. Capela bringing through 17 rebounds against Bam was impressive. Okongwu looking more comfortable out there too. Great to see Bogi when he hit them triples in a row. Great takeover by Trae but I agree, the turnovers need looking at and working on.
  10. Let’s hope this gives the team a new fresh start and some w’s in the right column.
  11. Ryaan


    Another game with Galo at the 5. He really isn’t a centre, maybe LP will realise by the end of the season.
  12. Trae got a few decisions wrong at the end of the game, his jumper wasn’t falling all game and he took a couple at the end. Should have stuck with Capela at the end.