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  1. He worked out for the Warriors last week as well.
  2. I like Bogi as a secondary creator, and a guy we can run off an infinite amount of screens.
  3. I'm only trading #20 if it's in a package for a star that fits our timeline. And right now, no real superstars are available that fit that description. So keep the pick.
  4. So you'd pay Bamba at the expense of losing some of the other pieces in our core in a couple years? I can see a guy like him thinking he'll be worth a 4/$60 million contract based on how well he played down the stretch for the Magic. It's not worth it to me. It's better to bet on cheaper talent that'll be on their rookie deal when most of core guys are up for extensions.
  5. I wouldn't do that trade because you're going to have to pay Bamba after this year. He ain't worth a first round pick.
  6. Could also be an attempt to throw other teams off their trail. Not wanting to reveal their hand too soon. It's all speculation at this point.
  7. Surprised they haven't worked out many players in that 20 range. Only a few like Christopher, Hyland, and Thor.
  8. ATLHawks3


    Get Javale McGee or Gorgui Deing.
  9. How soon will they be able to renegotiate the TV Deals?
  10. Defense wins championships. I'm just saying...
  11. Yeah preventing teams from getting into the paint at will is really valuable. As you can see, Phoenix was missing that in this series as they really didn't have the right personnel to build a wall against Giannis. Milwaukee is a rare team in that they had elite perimeter defenders combined with elite interior defense. That's the reason they won, and we should adapt a somewhat similar model to going forward.
  12. I would rather run it back with a fully healthy squad. 2-way wings are too valuable in this era.
  13. Bucks are the next obstacle. Just like the Heat/Cavs/Warriors were of the 2010s.
  14. Foul trouble and the yips around the rim.
  15. Find a way to get Naz Reid and you have a deal. Otherwise keep him.
  16. Off-ball movement and shooting. Defense can always get better as well.
  17. He really was sick though. A couple days before the playoffs started, he posted on his Instagram Stories a video of himself in a hospital bed surrounded by his mother. It's good to see he's been cleared, and hopefully we can bring him back as a 3rd PG next year.
  18. I've seen a lot of mocks of him being a lottery pick. Regardless, I think he'd be an outstanding pick.
  19. I'm hoping he falls to us because I don't see him as a fit anywhere except the Warriors, San Antonio, Washington, and Atlanta.
  20. Very raw right now. He'll probably be most impactful offensively in transition as well as being a lob threat starting from day 1. At this point, he should get better at spot up shooting. As he progresses he should also get better at attacking closeouts, working on his handles, etc.
  21. Usman Garuba film breakdown with ESPN's Mike Schmitz Find that backup PG in free agency. Get this kid in Atlanta ASAP.