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  1. Our point guard’s confidence is shot. My goodness.
  2. This is trending on Twitter right now. I hope the players can have a player only meeting to hash things out.
  3. We gotta limit Drummond’s impact on the game.
  4. This is why sample size matters, and why people shouldn't overreact to 3 games.
  5. I didn’t like that last shot bogi took. He wasn’t open and you could tell guys were mad at that attempt. Gotta clean up these mistakes heading into Friday.
  6. These screens are killing us. Giving them so many open shots.
  7. You can cut bait in year 3 of the contract tho, so is it really bad?
  8. And hopefully that starts on Wednesday.
  9. The game was a lot closer than it needed to be, but a win is a win.
  10. Yeah I'm hoping the Hawks bring him in as a player development coach next year.
  11. That sucks for him. Hoping he makes a speedy recovery.
  12. Goodwin’s vision has to improve. Sometimes he gets too tunnel visioned on the court to where he misses wide open guys.
  13. Probably a result of over compensation from his knee issue. Get better KD! We need you healthy for the playoffs.
  14. Hopefully Gwu can play on Monday. He's been practicing 5 on 5 lately.
  15. We need to get to a point in sports dialogue where we stop trying to compare (aka minimize) players to each other and instead appreciate their greatness individually. Both guys have even said it in the past.
  16. Ja is gonna be very good in this league for a long time. He just needs to improve on his decision making when he's making passes. It's kinda similar to Westbrook when he forces the issue.
  17. Trae has gotten so good at drawing fouls. It's honestly a joy to watch. Especially after he comes up after a pick and gets the defender behind him to draw a foul. So smart.
  18. What a good win. Trae was ballin. Huerter was ballin. And Nathan Knight? Wow, guys really stepped up in this game. On to the next one.
  19. We need to retire Nathan Knight's number before the end of the game.
  20. This is an instance where I wouldn't mind starting Bruno. Val is one of the best centers in the NBA at drawing fouls.