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  1. Yea he definitely isn't as good as Al by any means. He seems to have been fairly injury prone as well. He will still go to the NBA though just because of his last name. Whether he is really good or not has yet to be seen.
  2. I've been watching Michigan all year and I'm just figuring this out lol. I saw the name Horford and the #15. In case you guys didn't know either his name is Jon Horford 6'10" Forward. Apparently he has just came off of injury recently and is a RS Sophomore. He doesn't seem to be as skilled as Al but I wouldn't mind having another Horford on the squad very soon. Heck if he were to come out this year he would probably be a late 1st round pick. I'm down.
  3. We need to make a trade like the Braves did today to spark the franchise. Not sure who we could get but we need to liven up our fan base a bit.
  4. I know he went to North Gwinnett high school for a little while a few years ago and this is basically his second home... Still this picture made me hurl a little bit, but maybe he will get us some bandwagon fans lol.
  5. Plays out of position, enough said. If he were able to play PF for an extended period of time his numbers would sky rocket.
  6. That was my first impression. I hope this is just an off the wall rumor.
  7. This is probably just an off the wall rumor but I NEVER want to see Paul "the thug" Pierce in a Hawks uni under any circumstances.
  8. Horford is the best player on our roster, not even a contest. Not only that but he also has the most heart I've seen from a NBA player. He wants to win and he loves the Hawks. My opinion may be very biased as Horford is my favorite player but he is the ONLY real aset we have on this roster moving forward. Horford is the guy we need to build the team around. I wouldn't mind having Dwight just to say we have a superstar but what if he walks? What if Smoove walks? Then we will be stuck with virtually no asets with a ton of money to spend. Having money is nice but it is VERY hard to lure stars
  9. For sure, our teams aren't bad by any means. We have it better than a lot of other cities, I mean all of our teams pretty much consistently make the playoffs. Granted they make an early exit but they make it nonetheless. Falcons came the closest an ATL has come from a championship game. Thankfully the Braves will be stacked this year, maybe they will be able to make a nice little push in the post season.
  10. Mike Brown has been to the promise land once and fell short, granted he had some great talent in Cleveland. I'm not completely opposed of this but Brown wouldn't particularly be a prime choice in my opinion for our situation... But hey you gotta admit, just about anyone could do a better job than LD. I think the majority of Hawks fans are about fed up with him, beggars can't be choosers. I just can't wait to see what Ferry does to fill that roster spot, plus the obvious. IF he will finally stop teasing everyone about a possible trade involving Smoove and actually gets a deal done. I'll give Fe
  11. I saw my fair share of those guys at the Hawks game last night. Crazy.
  12. I'm grasping at straws here, we need something lol.
  13. Not sure Miami will go after him now since they just got Bird Man but the Celtics are drawing attention to Oden.
  14. I realize when you hear his name everyone thinks of injury, injury, injury. But remember he is still very young and can come back strong. So I'm saying we sign him because we need another center and he may actually become good. Plus he would have to be better than some of the deadweight we have at the end of the bench... Johan Petro ( cough, cough ). Anyways he is expected to be ready to sign with a team by the trade deadline. Just sign him to a very cheap one year deal or something and see what he has.