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  1. My gut tells me we are trading Kevin Huerter during the draft Thursday night. I think we will keep Cam to see how he develops under Nate next season.
  2. I agree I think we will sign Noel to a one year contract.
  3. As I understand it we couldn't officially acquire Jamal without clearing our cap holds and exceptions and that included Illy. So we couldn't buy him out until we actually acquired him You are correct but I thought it had to be IIyasova or a combination of Sefolosha and Humphries.
  4. That wouldn't surprise me but I think its something else. Maybe KCP?
  5. This an the IIyasova move tonight makes me think we need the money to sign someone tonight.
  6. They would need to use the space before they match.
  7. If they plan on matching the THJ offer form NY they need to use the cap space they have.
  8. We didn't have to renounce IIyasova to sign THJ.
  9. I thought we may resign him for one year.
  10. That means we need the money so sign someone.