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  1. Outside of what I just typed I’m speechless...
  2. Thank God that one guy is gone... can’t remember his name but he shouldn’t even be allowed to coach a rec center team.
  3. Arguing with random people on the internet...
  4. Thought this move was kinda lateral but l didn’t think it would be this lopsided... Lou could prolly play as long as J-Crossover and still put up numbers if he wanted to.
  5. Ready to cut this off...
  6. Shoutout to Whoreford for having as many rebounds as Trae...
  7. Why do people want Mark Jackson? Of all the potential coaches...
  8. Haven’t seen enough of him to really judge his play but I can tell you now that he’s better than Adreian Payne...
  9. Amazing comeback and once again amazing play and composure in the 4th quarter.
  10. Doesn’t really matter what standard a coach wants to hold the players to when he alienates them, bad mouths the star’s play style to other coaches, refuses to run any type of real offense, and makes nonsensical adjustments all the while looking clueless and detached on the sidelines... I don’t hate dude but he’s Schlenk’s biggest mistake so far.
  11. Damn, I really ain’t know all that was goin on... seems like he shoulda never been hired in the first place. His style of “coaching” and his philosophy don’t fit the players we have and never did. That comment about not liking Trae’s play style makes sense seeing as how he came from a team where one of the star players refuses to take any jump shots whatsoever...
  12. Haven’t been on this site in a long time and honestly this is the first season I’ve actually had time to watch in awhile. I wanted LP to grow with our young players but when I watched him coach (this season specifically) I didn’t even know what I was looking at... dude was completely inept. What was our identity? What plays did he draw up? How did he play to our players strengths? No clue. Now he wasn’t solely to blame due to a lot of the injuries and some questionable signings but he failed to adjust at all. Every single team in the league has been dealing with injuries and COVID and their co
  13. He checked out before the playoffs even started... pretty much played to preserve himself for a big payday.