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  1. man. Note that I work in the field. I am pretty sure that I have cv, btw. For me, not much of a threat. f it. I don't feel that bad; no short term memory for about a week, but physically ok. In terms of the herd immunity concept, moronically described above(man... sigh....), the concept is that if 60% of the population has had it, it can't readily spread further. Most people have immunity, so they can't pick it up and spread it to the others. friggin moronic description above in most every way. man. Trust me, my short term memory is shot, but my iq still beats eddie. a/w good luck to everyone. the world isn't going to end.
  2. herd immunity. enough people get it, it stops spreading. tough to get there, though, would cap hosp capacity.
  3. Can Marvin Williams play center?
  4. I liked Pero, but if supes is blathering about how luka needs to improve his body... pero needed to improve his body and stop working at the carnival as an evil clown and starring in horror movies (etc late)
  5. well... Definitely there are some fan bases that are ridiculously optimistic, but there are plenty that are critical. I didn't go back to look at the first couple of pages, but trae can be worse than luka and the trade still could have made a lot of sense, depending on the additional assets we have as a result. Crazy how much better trae got during the year last year.
  6. maybe compare dwayne to jabari and kent to cam/hunter should be a downgrade year 1. have to factor in the dramatic improvement we saw in some players by the second half of last year as well. Def Dedmon is the biggest loss.
  7. yah, let's hope he can contribute as a backup and leave it at that. Don't know how many times i have to say that age and injuries are a bitch on some of these guys.
  8. a lot of these guys want to play at their prime, but lost it. injury and age.
  9. (also, why do we always bring up Marvin as the worst pick ever? The Hawks did so many boneheaded things from 1999 to 2008 that Marvin is not at the top of the list. Shareef Abdur Rahim?)
  10. Marvin Williams had a long career. He just wasn't worth the second pick. He always was kinda uncoordinated, not a freak athlete, but a good teammate, etc. And yeah, for this team, Marvin Williams with the 10th pick would be good enough. We already have two very solid players and some other good pieces. supes definitely likes him...
  11. I think that you got cam reddish's shooting ability mixed up with cam johnson's. -g-
  12. funny, because i looked at advanced stats yesterday as well. John Collins and Damian Jones looked OK; dj not with per but with some others. when you have a losing team i think that a lot of those stats look like crap.
  13. cam reddish, rui or hayes, "other"
  14. his stats weren't bad last year, even if he did look bad in the finals. i think the lakers are doing ok at plugging their gaps.