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  1. achilles is a bad injury. teams won't but should avoid him imo.
  2. You have so many dysfunctional organizations that it is great to have a solid GM. don't know much about ujiri. Looks like he is nigerian but not yoruban, mom was Kenyan. Looks like he had to work for everything he ever got. I remember that people really questioned this move, but it panned out so far.
  3. mule, travis is going to be patient in the rebuild. The team should be a good bit better this year, but the hawks aren't going to pay up to get a vet that will improve the team greatly. the team should be better than last year; look at how much better the team played at the end of the year.
  4. how much better do you think reddish is vs the next tier?
  5. if schlenck wants dribble, pass, shoot I just don't think that is nas (now). he is definitely an athletic specimen, has a high ceiling, and is a great and smart kid. hope that atlanta takes a chance on at least a couple high ceiling wings.
  6. I like little but he seems unlikely for the hawks.
  7. I can't get to page 34, but schlenck has definitely been to see sekou. They mentioned it on the peachtree hoops podcast last week. schlenck won't tell the guys directly, but he will say where he has been and people can figure it out
  8. I'm going to bet that atl picks naz, simply because there are two nazes. as a unc fan, we talk about zion a lot. he is a physical specimen, but hasn't shown a great bbiq yet.
  9. nique is going to be super confused.
  10. gray mule has only been a fan for 68 years and expects to understand basketball? ha ha, wow. I am a unc fan and didn't understand why anderson went so late in the draft. he is really athletic, good size and could shoot the hell out of the 3 in college (i guess mostly for one year). here is an article on him https://virginia.sportswar.com/article/2015/05/14/virginias-justin-anderson-shines-at-nba-combine/
  11. some chinese will love any athlete who is chinese. I told my wife and brother (who are chinese) about the trade and they could care less. def interesting.
  12. some players can come in and pick up everything immediately. they may not have the physical skills.
  13. 1-2, then i hold my breath.
  14. i got back late from work and saw this game from trae. what a breath of fresh air.
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