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  1. yah, let's hope he can contribute as a backup and leave it at that. Don't know how many times i have to say that age and injuries are a bitch on some of these guys.
  2. a lot of these guys want to play at their prime, but lost it. injury and age.
  3. (also, why do we always bring up Marvin as the worst pick ever? The Hawks did so many boneheaded things from 1999 to 2008 that Marvin is not at the top of the list. Shareef Abdur Rahim?)
  4. Marvin Williams had a long career. He just wasn't worth the second pick. He always was kinda uncoordinated, not a freak athlete, but a good teammate, etc. And yeah, for this team, Marvin Williams with the 10th pick would be good enough. We already have two very solid players and some other good pieces. supes definitely likes him...
  5. I think that you got cam reddish's shooting ability mixed up with cam johnson's. -g-
  6. funny, because i looked at advanced stats yesterday as well. John Collins and Damian Jones looked OK; dj not with per but with some others. when you have a losing team i think that a lot of those stats look like crap.
  7. cam reddish, rui or hayes, "other"
  8. his stats weren't bad last year, even if he did look bad in the finals. i think the lakers are doing ok at plugging their gaps.
  9. Smoove, Chilz, and Marvin were some of his few successes.
  10. parsons had his best season after mini micro fracture surgery when he was with dallas, but has had two meniscus tears since. the cartilage issues (micro frac) are still with him, we can hope, but it is a gamble that he'd be able to be a positive contribution. I'm rooting for him, definitely a tough situation.
  11. dunno if parsons is still hurt. he played some later in the year, but didn't really put up great numbers when he did play.
  12. I thought the second season struggled. Loved the book. Also loved the male nudity, of course.
  13. listened to part of the ll one. tyson has always been a compelling interview and I respect him in a lot of ways. dunno about smart, but definitely respect how open he is about his mental health issues when he was younger. I'll listen through; thanks for the tip. I liked his interview with norm mcdonald if that is still out there fyi. now ll... he is probably super friggin smart.
  14. that was a good team that played really well together, but no superstars and as rehf said the players had big increases in front of them.
  15. I'm old and I'm still partial to centers... but bol has injury concerns and reportedly does not work all that hard. he is just capable of going out and getting it done. I think that the concern for other old people is that he'll have the same limited role that manute had as a ceiling, and then the injury risks layered on top. The hawks don't have the room in any case.