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  1. Now who the hell said I was happy about the loss I said I'm not upset anymore because I don't expect anything from this poorly coached team. Keep trying to lie on me clown. And next time try to tag me instead of being slick punk
  2. @Threezus I also think a lot of NBA players don't exactly like Trae either. Earlier Bron tweeted that Booker is the most disrespected player in this league. Of course he made no mention of Trae at all He really is not held in high regard. A lot of yall have him elevated to a place most others really don't Like @NBASupes says he's basically Stephon Marbury 2.0 right now and that's the truth *shrugs*
  3. I told people on here earlier this year that he keeps up the foul baiting shit he will be hated and here we are. NBA fans hate him and coaches apparently don't like him either
  4. This team is really going nowhere until there is a coaching upgrade. That's why I'm no loner upset about losses. I expect this poorly coached team to have losses like this
  5. I'm on 4 other sports forums and it's not looking good for Trae at all This is really the only place I've seen that thinks Trae was snubbed from the all star team U and be hated and respected but from what i've seen Trae is hated and not respected
  6. Trae is already hated all on the internet this is about to turn it up another notch since he wasn't picked for the all star team
  7. Glad I only watched the last 5 mins of this trash lol
  8. Collins is weak as hell. No wonder he was taking PEDs lol
  9. Man if Quin Snyder was our coach I would be sooo happy
  10. Cam has been bad but Collins and Huerter are a combined 0-12 FG and 0 FTs U have got to be kidding me. 2 fat goose eggs
  11. I wanna see Cam with another coach b4 abandoning him but yea