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  1. Like I said in the other thread
  2. I'm glad that the Knicks have Home Court. It puts all the pressure on them Hawks should feel relaxed. Just steal one of the 1st two games and we're good
  3. I'm seeing a REALLY interesting hot take being talked about on different forums and twitter right now It's about how the Hawks look without a certain player on the floor. I didn't even know this was such a popular sentiment
  4. Do u see how valuable TEAM DEFENSE is!?!?!?!?
  5. Julius Randle is why u don't trade Cam Reddish
  6. They really don't make players like they used to smh. These guys are ALL young. I know this shortened season messed up the conditioning phase but my goodness they gotta be tougher
  7. Yea they had better make their way back or it's OVER and this team will be pushing up daisies
  8. He straight bullied him. Treated him like a lil kid
  9. As it stands right now, they need to just let everyone know if players like Cam and Dunn are gonna be out for the season or what. It's do or die right now Either you're in or you're out. I think they're gonna have to make a decision by next week. I mean cmon, if you're not gonna play this season just say it!!!
  10. Collins proved he isn't a max player Randle took his cookies then spit em in his face
  11. Bucks diving on the floor and everything Hawks don't even look like they want this
  12. Oh man u can find the beauty mark on a pig's ass lol SALUTE haha
  13. 2/12 5 turnovers *YAWN* Edit: Oops 2/13
  14. I'm being sarcastic man lol I'm surprised u didn't catch that hahah