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  1. Bonkers


    Watching TheLastDance Bulls documentary and them talking about the different in coaching mentality between Doug Collins and Phil Jackson/Tex Winters is amazing and what I be saying on here U are NOT winning anything in this league by allowing a player to be an over dribbling, super ball dominant to completely halt your offense. Sadly the Hawks think that is a winning brand of basketball Salute to the Bulls for realizing they had to change
  2. Another Trae turnover lmaooo Dude is damn ballhog JUST LIKE I SAID hahahaha He may never allow someone like Cam to be better than him on this team. Dude is becoming detrimental
  3. Trae with the game losing turnover lol Then the ball hogging hero ball shot
  4. SO many things goin on right now The virus This game I can't keep up. This is crazy!!!
  5. And Rudy Gobert has tested positive for the Coronavirus!!! Dude is an idiot becuz he thought it was a joke and was touching everything barehanded
  6. Trae with another Turnover lol
  7. Worst Coached Team In The NBA Don't even bother starting with the BS excuses either "It's only his 2nd year coaching" even tho it isn't "So many young guys on the team" Even tho they're not the only team with a bunch of young guys
  8. The Hawks are most definitely the worst coached team in the league. There is no arguing that Cam with the good play to end the half Now watch this egg headed coach start bum ass Huerter the 2nd half lmaooo
  9. What kinda team consistently lets the Knicks beat their ass lmaooo
  10. This is what LP writes on his clipboard during every timeout
  11. Trae has been absolute garbage
  12. If u think Pierce survives after next season U ARE SORELY MISTAKEN