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  1. I talk about whatever I feel like talking about lol If I wanna talk about Huerter playing like trash then that's what i'm gonna talk about.
  2. In 30 mins Huerter scored 5 points And I bet he will still be starting
  3. Dennis got his hairline fixed and now he thinks he's all that
  4. Hunter has to do some plyometrics this summer He's not explosive
  5. LP rewards Huerter for playing like shit, while he benches Cam when he's playing good But he's a good coach right
  6. Dan Quinn---A defensive coach but the Falcons continually have a trash defense Lloyd Pierce---A defensive coach but the Hawks continually have a trash defense 🤣
  7. Trae just needs to pass he don't have it tonight
  8. I didn't say our future center had to be either of them lol
  9. When we get our next starting center we also need to make sure he's durable
  10. This dude Huerter don't really do shit on the court He makes the occasional 3 and plays 0 defense Get him the hell outta here
  11. Huerter is garbage!!! Gtfoh Trade Huerter + the Nets pick please!!