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  1. I will say, I'm a bit disappointed in Hunter and Reddish that they haven't been able to step up at all so far. I'm fine being patient, but they should be better than what they've shown so far. It's a process though and it can't get much worse. Just have to stay focused on what we can do on defense, and figure out the offense as we go along.
  2. Silver needs to do us a favor and let us get Collins back. We need all hands on deck to be a competitive team. We can deal with one players absence, but we do not have the quality to cover up for anymore than that.
  3. Is there a back up PG we acquire via free agency or trade? We really need some facilitators that can actually do something productive with the ball aside from Trae, Jabari, Kevin and sometimes Bembry. That's what is killing us right now, we can't consistently create any good scoring opportunities outside those four.
  4. I will say, watching Reddish this game I see what Supes was saying. He's gotta take more threes right now even if they aren't dropping.
  5. This would be a different team with Collins playing.
  6. When you've shot as bad as he has to start the year, that's probably the primary reason for putting up less attempts. When the shots start falling consistently, I expect his attempts will go up.
  7. I've really enjoyed watching Jabari play on offense. I'm glad to see him healthy the way he's been dunking on everybody in traffic.
  8. He's our second best player. If we don't pay him, who are we gonna pay?
  9. Did Collins say that? You want to trade him and nothing has happened yet. We still have this season to play through, you do realize he could improve? I don't get the point in being so reactionary. Things aren't going the way we'd like, but there are positives too.
  10. Who ever said he was gonna be our go-to player?
  11. I don't know why y'all are being so critical. We don't have a PG and nobody else is can step up and handle the responsibility. It is what it is.
  12. He looks like he doesn't want the ball on offense. Cam has as much opportunity as Hunter has on offense, but he looks like he's overthinking everything. Hopefully he'll settle down soon.
  13. Another ball handler on this team needs to step up. It's early days so you can't be too critical but we need someone to take pressure off of Trae. Down the stretch our offense stalled since no one other than Trae could put pressure on the defense. And Len better be careful, if he can't hit open shots consistently he's gonna lose the starting job to Bruno. I like Len for what he is, but he's a backup with a limited game.
  14. I'd rather we had signed Dwight Howard again than trade Reddish for Adams.
  15. Both Prince and Bazemore got over 10 shots a game in 28 minutes or less. Cam is straight up a better offensive player than either. Obviously he lacks in experience, but he's a better shot creator than either right now. Personally I don't see Cam lighting the league on fire initially, but he will get opportunities to shoot if he's playing. I don't agree with Supes' conclusion simply because I haven't see how Cam plays with the Hawks in reality, but I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility. Trae put things together a lot faster than I anticipated, so I'm open to the idea Cam can do the same.