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  1. Our bigs help get easy points at the rim. Either screening for guys to get to the rim or finishing themselves. That's their skill set at least.
  2. I thought coming into this season we could be the 4 seed, but I wasn't expecting us to turn things around so quickly after moving on from Pierce. It's a great sign though. We're not playing at full power yet, but we're trending in that direction as we get healthier and everyone gets in rhythm. If we can get Hunter, Dunn and Reddish going, I don't think anyone in the East wants to see us in the playoffs. We have the personnel attack a team in different ways, and with Capela and Collins you can't kill us inside anymore.
  3. Not really, but I don't think our struggles this season primarily rest on him. This won't be a good team until we get healthy again. Maybe I'm wrong though and we see immediate improvement.
  4. Not a fan of this move, I hope I'm wrong about it.
  5. nathan2331


    We should've got Jerami Grant. I wasn't big on our off-season, but they're definitely underperforming. I don't think a trade for spare parts would help, just have to hope the new additions start contributing by the time the playoffs arrive.
  6. Y'all need to remain patient. We've got fundamental issues returning players won't fix, but we're still dealing with a bunch of injuries limiting what we can do on the court. This team can win games when everything is clicking. The fact that we struggle to execute with so many players out shouldn't be surprising considering how many games we've lost the past few years. We don't have a good backup pg or center now, Gallo has not looked great, and our top bench wing is Solo... Be patient, this season was always going to be difficult for us.
  7. Is Capela on a minutes restriction? That's the only justification for him not being on the court, because Gallo is not giving us enough offense at the moment.
  8. Seems like we've got minutes restrictions on guys when they come back from injury. I don't know what the trainers know, but if there's a restriction on place we can't expect Snell to play starters minutes, even if that's what the solution looks like.
  9. Is he healthy enough to play 30 minutes? I'd like to see him get more time, but I'm not sure if he's ready.
  10. That what it looks like but this should be an easy decision. Nobody on the bench has taken advantage of the injuries to the starters ahead of them. I don't blame Pierce for the team not executing, but we need to find something else that will work when we're shorthanded.
  11. If Okongwu can't go, Knight needs minutes next game. We need to find something else on this bench we can go to while we're dealing with all these injuries.
  12. Better late than never to actually force the ball out of Luka's hands. Mavs look worse than us now that someone else has to make a play.
  13. Cam It either him or Tony Snell. I'd rather see Snell, but we don't have an alternative tonight.
  14. We could really use Jerami Grant right now.
  15. He'd get less, but he'd still get touches. Especially with the injuries we've had so far. He wouldn't be as good on offense as Gallo, but his defense would be night and day.