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  1. nathan2331

    LaMelo Ball?

    It's just not in Trae's interest to force anything. Regardless of what he thinks about Atlanta, unless he's willing to take the qualifying offer, he can't hit unrestricted free agency. There's not much he can do to facilitate a trade. And fwiw, I think Trae enjoys being a Hawk and wants to be here. We've given him the keys to the team, and we're trying to put pieces next to him. I think we'll be fine so long as Capela is as good as he was for Houston and we fill out the rest of the roster with veterans that can contribute.
  2. nathan2331

    LaMelo Ball?

    Trae's agent went to Klutch, so Trae followed him. This isn't really a big deal. By the time Trae would actually be in a position to force a trade (3-4 years from now) I doubt LeBron would be in the biggest name in the league to try and team up with anyways. If we haven't built a winner by then, LaMelo wouldn't change our fortunes. That being said, there is merit to drafting Ball, but insurance for Trae would be a very poor justification.
  3. I don't see the logic in paying big money for Bertans to come off the bench when he's only got one position he can play and adds nothing defensively. Collins is taking the majority of the minutes at PF matter what, and we've got two quality centers on the roster. If you go small, you'd want Hunter at the 4 instead of Bertans. Not to mention the fact that you'd have to outbid Washington severely because Bertans isn't leaving a situation where he's a starter to come sit on the bench for a team that's been losing. If we want a shooter, Joe Harris makes more sense since the Nets have a lot of money committed elsewhere, he'd probably starts if we sign him, and unless we draft Edwards or Ball and they're dominant immediately, Harris will get his minutes at one of the wing positions.
  4. NBA players generate more money than individual hospital workers or essential employees. Our society priorities that above all else. That's really it.
  5. The problem is Nash's teams never got a ring. Trae is an offensive savant, but we still need to diversify what we can do on offense. If Cam or even Huerter can become legitimate secondary playmakers that would be critical for any future success. Any playmaking John is able to add helps too. Obviously our players will get better with time but it would help us now if another perimeter player can step up and create on their own.
  6. nathan2331

    Ask Supes

    Really enjoyed the two pods Supes. Quality content as always. I'm surprised you're so high on Toppin considering you're hesitant to see the Hawks pay Collins, but he's gonna be a good player regardless.
  7. If the Hawks ain't playing, I ain't watching.
  8. Once we're a playoff team, I wouldn't mind if the season is shortened. So long as we're in the lottery I'd like us to play as much as possible so we can gain experience.
  9. That's unfortunate. Got to dig in for 5 more minutes now.
  10. What have y'all seen from LaMelo that you're getting converted. He's talented, but Lavar is a clown I want nothing to deal with. Hayes and Haliburton are the two PG prospects I'd want on the Hawks, but I'd rather have a vet backing up Trae. I'd pay up to get Jrue Holiday in a year.
  11. The criticism of Pierce is expecting him to turn water into wine. I agree that if we're not a playoff team next year we need to be asking questions about everybody. But the primary reason we look bad is personnel. We're starting a rookie, 2 sophomores, a 3rd year player and Damien Jones (not an NBA player) half the time. Our bench consists of another 2 rookies, and vets that have done little on the court. Nobody is winning too many games with the roster we've got. The biggest thing we need is patience, time will help us the most. We can retool in the off-season and hopefully Schlenk will make good additions that can help us moving forward. Our offense has been poor often because of the lack of shooting. Only Reddish is a shooter coming off the bench. No one else, not Teague or Dedmon since they got here, not Vince, not Bruno, not Jabari, not Bembry, not Graham, Crabbe couldn't shoot for us and we knew Turner was trash. That's the problem there. The majority of the minutes outside the starters goes to garbage shooters who can't make open shots. The system we run is fine. It gives us the most out of Trae and John. Huerter hasn't progressed like we hoped, but coming off the bench next year may help. Hunter maybe a bit lackluster, but he's also shown he can play and hit shots when we need them late. Reddish as we've just seen is a star in the making. It is what it is, this year was a development year. We've seen Schlenk and Pierce acknowledge things need to change and we need to set our sights on the playoffs now. I expect we'll do something in the off-season to improve the roster. We don't need a lot, just some pieces that contribute. A wing that can defend. A vet that still can contribute. A high draft pick that could help somewhere. It doesn't take a lot to make the playoffs, Pierce is capable of getting us there. But more than anything we need our core to get better, and I'm confident they will.
  12. Not that I blame Atkinson for voicing his concerns, but these coaches are starting to become worse than the players. Unless there's active mutiny, as a coach I think you should at least be finishing the season with the team.
  13. Looking at that cap sheet, I don't think money will be an issue for the Pelicans. If they really don't want to pay luxury tax, Jrue Holiday can be moved for picks. They can resign Ingram and Lonzo for whatever the price, and keep them together. I have no idea what their plan is though, so maybe Ingram could be attainable.
  14. I like Craig too. I saw you call him a 'generational defender' and decided to watch a replay of a Nuggets-Pelicans. While I wouldn't go that far, he was locking up Jrue Holiday, and kept Ingram in check whenever he was matched up on him. Clearly made the team better when he was on the court. If we could get him in the off-season we'd be a better team for it. He's a playoff run away from developing a Tony Allen-esque reputation.
  15. Is Ingram really gonna be available? I have to think the Pelicans match whatever offer he gets. They don't have anything better to spend their money on. If he is available, then sure pay him now, figure it out later. Otherwise, I'd be wary of paying Bertrans. If his shot isn't falling, he doesn't contribute much else. I'd rather overpay for a year or two of Millsap since he at least gives us a veteran presence that we're familiar with. If he falls off, get someone else next FAcy and give Hunter or Labissiere minutes at PF.