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  1. If we bring him back on a 1 year deal I'd be fine with it. I like next year's offerings at PG better anyways.
  2. Do they have money like that though? I thought their owner was very cheap? They have the ability to bring everyone back, I'm just not sure the owner will want to pay up.
  3. Overpaying for Joe guaranteed we'd never win with him on the roster. There was no one else we could package to bring in our #1 option. You say Smith was only valuable as a 6th man, but losing him and replacing him with Millsap did not immediately make us a better team. So again, I think you're valuation of Smoove is still off. The fact that he never planned out is his fault, but he could've been an effective power forward in his own way. John I think will be fine in the playoffs so long as he's not facing Johnathan Isaac who's the only match up along with Giannis I'd say he struggled with
  4. Once upon a time Smoove was getting DPOY talk. You might've seen through it all at the time, but I remember thinking the sky was the limit for him. And even in hindsight he could've been successful had he actually focused on what made him good, instead of trying to be a jump shooter he could never become. Paying Smoove never limited our options, you should remember that at the end of the day we were never serious about winning a championship. We proved that when we gave Joe the max that definitely locked us into mediocrity. I just reject the notion you have to build a championship roster
  5. No, no, no. I won't accept any of this Josh Smith slander. Any Hawks fan in 2008 should've been excited about what we had in Smith. The fact that he kept taking jumpsuits he couldn't make is an indictment on him as an individual basketball player. Paying Smith was never an issue for us, the reality is that we did not have a #1 option in Atlanta and didn't have the capability to bring one in. Now in 2020, we have Trae. The most important piece of a basketball team we've got, we just need to surround him with the right talent to make us a contender. John can be part of the equation like onc
  6. Very much agree with this. Both teams are well coached but they'd get swept in a moment by the Warriors or a prime LeBron led team. Shoot, the 60-win Hawks could've beat these guys. It'll be interesting to see if the introduction of Hayward changes anything if Boston can get him involved. Them getting clamped by the zone last night was a joke. All Smart had to do was take the free throw jumper in the middle of the zone, or make a pass to the baseline and he couldn't do it. I would hate to see this Heat team win it all, they really ain't nothing special.
  7. I kind of see what Supes is saying defensively, but Collins shortcomings would be simple to conceal if he's next to the right personnel. If we're playing the Raptors, Collins doesn't have to guard Siakam ever. Between Hunter and another player you could have someone else be Siakam's primary defender. Same with Boston, if they're starting Theiss, we can play Collins a bulk of the minutes at center without asking him to defend Tatum. Specifically you do that against those teams because their centers are not huge offensive threats. Against other teams we will need Capela's size full time. Ve
  8. RJ Hunter is back in the draft? I hope things workout for him this time.
  9. That's sad. But it's life changing money and they're still a good team with him so I can't be mad about him choosing to stay if that's what ends up happening. Back to rooting for the Nuggets for now.
  10. It's not impossible we can get him to sign here. We've got pieces that can fit next to him. We've just got to demonstrate next season that we can compete now without him. It remains to be seen what Schlenk does to the roster this off-season, but the foundation is already here with Trae leading us.
  11. Is it really a big deal that he doesn't create his own offense? We've got other players who can get him the ball, and he's efficient all around the court. Even if he never improves offensively what he's doing for us now is already unique and valuable. It's not like John can't dribble and drive like other bigs, so it gives other players on the roster more touches to do something else with the ball. What I think is more important is that we get Huerter, Reddish and Hunter to take better advantage of John's (and now Capela's) movement moving forward. The threat they present around the basket
  12. That would make sense why he seems to be on nobody's radar. It's a shame, because any team could use his shooting ability.
  13. That's what I meant, #6, our 2021 and OKC's 2022. As good as next year's draft is supposed to be, I would hope we're not picking at the top of it.
  14. Why not, is he not a positive asset? Genuinely curious because I've barely watched him in Phoenix but his stats look solid and he hasn't had any controversy with the Suns as far as I'm aware.
  15. I've seen them linked to VanVleet who would be a good acquisition for them. If we traded back with them it could be a good move. At #10 we could take the best PG on the board.