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  1. Both Prince and Bazemore got over 10 shots a game in 28 minutes or less. Cam is straight up a better offensive player than either. Obviously he lacks in experience, but he's a better shot creator than either right now. Personally I don't see Cam lighting the league on fire initially, but he will get opportunities to shoot if he's playing. I don't agree with Supes' conclusion simply because I haven't see how Cam plays with the Hawks in reality, but I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility. Trae put things together a lot faster than I anticipated, so I'm open to the idea Cam can do the same.
  2. Well, in high school Cam was a killer. I've seen multiple videos of his peers praising him, and for good reason. He didn't show it at Duke, but he's absolutely got the ability to score in volume. Playing as a third fiddle next to Zion and RJ, his game was suppressed. Similar to how Bosh had to become more perimeter oriented in Miami to accommodate Wade and LeBron. In the NBA, obviously he isn't going to come in and be our number one option. But the ball moves on our team, and it'll be to his benefit when he's getting open looks and more space when driving to the basketball.
  3. After reading your analysis, I see what you've been saying now. Like you said, Cam is just a seamless fit next to the pieces we have. I don't anticipate his transition being swift due to the time he's missed with injuries, but once he gets going, he'll be exactly what we need at SF.
  4. Well I hope I'm wrong and you're right.
  5. I respect your ability to evaluate talent, but everything you said doesn't change the fact that when Cam plays the Pelicans it will have been around 6 months since he last played in real competition. I think he'll be a star, but that doesn't mean it's gonna come quickly. He sounds ready in interviews and everything else, but I don't expect him to dominate Day 1. Even considering the poor fit, he still didn't play great at Duke. And I agree he sacrificed a lot, but the NBA is a different level. I'm sure he'll figure it out and eventually dominate, just might not be quickly.
  6. Perhaps we'll see more ball handling from Reddish since he's better at it than anyone we've had since Bud, but it hasn't been a focal point for our offense. As the game progresses and more players get incorporated into the offense then sure Prince, Baze and Bembry were asked to create. But to start games, our focus has been the PnR with Trae and John. Now, you raise valid points about the differences between Reddish and Hunter I didn't consider, so you're right that Reddish is a better fit with the starters. I would say though, you should temper you're expectations a bit with Reddish because it's unclear what we'll be getting early on. I definitely agree his potential is as high as anyone on the team, but with the injuries he's recovering from, we at least need to see him play to know where he's at currently.
  7. If both Reddish and Hunter will play 30 minutes a night, I'm not sure if it matters who starts and who comes off the bench. Either player will have the same role initially of hitting open shots when the ball comes there way. Neither will be asked to do much ball handling while Trae and Kevin are on the court. Off the bench, I think it'd give Reddish more opportunities to create with the ball in his hands. Playing with non-shooters like Turner and Bembry and Parker would hurt him, but there will be other shooters on the court.
  8. I think if he avoids injury, there's a chance he approaches 6th man of the year. He's always been a good scorer and rebounder. On the Wizards, he looked athletic which is good to see after tearing 2 ACLs. I think he'll be looking to prove himself, and we'll definitely have minutes available for him. If we can bring VC back, I'd call this off-season in total a win.
  9. So you saw Kawhi to the Clippers the whole time? I don't base my opinions on the talking heads on ESPN. I don''t think any of us do.
  10. I didn't take them seriously. If that PG13 trade didn't happen, Kawhi goes somewhere else.
  11. And I didn't think the Clippers had a chance in hell of landing Kawhi. You never know. If the Lakers struggle, Davis could very easily walk out the door.
  12. Why? He's a free agent next year. Hypothetically if he would be open to coming to Atlanta in 2020, then he should be fine playing out the season in LA. It's in the Hawks and his own best interest.
  13. I think this is great news for us. Now that Kawhi has signed with the Clippers, the Lakers don't look so formidable. I really don't think Lebron + AD will win that many games with mediocrity they'll have around them. If they do end up struggling, we could put ourselves in an attractive position to get AD next year. We just need to put together a solid season and show promise in the playoffs. Which I already project us to be capable of doing.
  14. I think we drafted skilled basketball players who can play next to each other. Just that simple. Shooting is a skill that all our draft picks possess, so I think it's fair to say we prioritized that over defense, athleticism, height/length or other attributes. Collins was a revelation, but after his first season it was clear he could be a great player. Young I don't think was an attempt to copy Curry. If we had the #1 pick I think we would've drafted Ayton. If the Mavs didn't want to trade up we probably stand pat and take Doncic. Huerter was a great pick, but I don't think Schlenk took him intending to draft his Klay. There were a ton of SGs that draft in that range, we just identified Huerter as the best aviilable. Probably because we valued his shooting and passing ability over someone like Lonnie Walker. This draft we went for defense with Hunter, to complement what we already have with Trae, Kevin and John. Reddish and Fernando were just icing on the cake.
  15. If the cost wouldn't be too high, I'd do it. Playing next to Trae would make him look a lot better than he did for Orlando, and I do believe he has the capacity to improve significantly.