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  1. Problem is that we keep taking then when they aren't dropping. They were mostly open, but we've got to start getting more attempts at run and even midrange shots.
  2. No one wants to drive him out. Collins made a valid critique and Young took this somewhere else. Even if you think Collins is wrong, you don't do what Trae did last game and basically abandon your responsibilities on offense. That's immaturity. There are constructive ways to go about this, otherwise you lose the team's cohesion. Hopefully they figure it out.
  3. A lot of y'all need to find some patience. Obviously there is valid criticism with us blowing 3rd quarter leads, but we're not in a bad position at all right now. 8th place in the East and one of 6 teams with 3 losses is not the worst place we could be right now. Especially considering the injuries we're dealing with. Losing like this sucks, but we're not getting blown out so just let it go.
  4. Amazing to have a team this deep. Jerami Grant showed why I thought he'd should've been our #1 target in FA, but he needs to learn how to actually draw a foul. Otherwise he's hurting his team every time he hits the floor without making the shot. Moving forward I hope Collins and Capela figure out how to play with each other. When we're shooting well we'll always look good, but we still have some problems getting our bigs involved in addition to our defense.
  5. What's Knight gotta do to get some minutes? He should been in the game already.
  6. This win was a testament to how deep this team is. Great to see us win the rebounding battle 54-46 with Capela out.
  7. I don't think he'd be available for what we'd be willing to offer.
  8. Do we need him though? Seems like a lot of money for a player who's not going to be playing much.
  9. Isn't that what we have Gallinari for? He isn't gonna lock any of those forwards down, but he can guard them while Collins defends their center.
  10. Nope, that's too much compensation for them not to match
  11. No way he takes less than Gallinari. Nor should be, he's more valuable to the franchise. That being said, I doubt we get an extension done this off-season unless Collins is willing to take a significant discount for the extra security. It's not in the Hawks interest to get a deal done now.
  12. Exactly. Hayward is a good player, but he's nowhere close to being worth 30 million a season, especially with his injury record. Much rather split 30 million between Grant and a backup PG. I know we need help, but we don't need Hayward for that much money.
  13. I don't know why y'all would be in a hurry to overpay for a guy with the injury history of Hayward. I don't mind overpaying in general given our position, but not for Hayward. If New York is offering something significant better than us, they can have him.
  14. Our wings better be ready then. Trae can find them anywhere on the perimeter, so we can't be having games where they're missing everything.