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  1. Eeyore here... am I the only one who reads "I'm trying to act like I haven't done anything yet," and perceives some probably unintentional transparency in those words? That's a statement wrapped inside a question, fwiw.
  2. Not exactly sure how one has almost 1,500 posts here, and just now was the first time I'd noticed this username. Fwiw, I'd like to nominate dexmethylphenidate for username hall of fame status.
  3. Excuse me? Let me just affirm I'm reading accurately... "not resting anyone... no one will sit just to sit... ?" Someone correct me if my eyes deceive me. I mean no offense. So, if it's a blow-out... is it reasonable for us to take McM at his word on this? Asking for a friend. Well, me too, I suppose.
  4. To no one in particular... two ways of saying the same thing, right? I believe so, just recalling the crowds that showed up. We won that series on the basis of as strong an emotional wave as any that any ATL roster ever experienced. The crowds proved to be enough to push us over the top, imo. Wait. What's that? We didn't win it? I coulda swore we did. Well, then, maybe we need just a little more than we had then. A little more talent, or a little more emotion, or a little more referee love, or a little more pure luck, or... yeah... a little lesser competition. All plausible, non
  5. I'm wearing it. Call me Eeyore. Mods, let them all call me Eeyore, with no penalty. I'm a 2020-21 playoff pessimist. I see a team that does perceive itself mentally--though they'll deny it in words--as having achieved their goal for the year. Trae's "we're not done" following the WAS win, for example, was not especially convincing. At all. To me, anyhow. It was the obligatory thing to say, and it was an after thought. I'm inclined to believe that's not a one-off, but rather a sense that permeates the locker room. I see a team composed of individual players who, f
  6. Seemingly pivotal to any discussion in this vein is the referee factor. Just sayin.
  7. Ordinarily, if there was some injury consideration, I believe the team is obligated to list him on the pre-game health report... someone can correct me if I'm wrong about that. And if it's not a health situation, the most natural suspicion for any given player would be that there's some disciplinary issue involved. That would explain a lot, including the reticence of anyone to be talking about it.
  8. Looking at the box score, Bruno got 3 minutes tonight (!). That's progress. But here's the real stunner/head-scratcher. There is only one player who didn't even see the floor tonight as a DNP-CD. (cue the whodunnit organ... *duh-duh-duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*) Kris Dunn, what exactly is going on here? Coach, what's the story? Seems there's something being purposely kept from us.
  9. Yes. Mind-melding. The only way I would revise this would be to bold, italicize and underline want. And, maybe add a sentence again as I've said a couple or three times already... accept that this is effectively the first phase of Preseason 2021-22. Everything right now is practice for the next regular and post-season. Would we like to win preseason games? Yes. That would be preferable to losing. But the bigger priority is preparing to win next time we're in this same position. (So, one takeaway from that... Cam, when you're ready, expect to get suited up. You're more likely to
  10. To no one in particular... First, BogBog had about 7 games as I recall after he got back that had some Hawks fans asking, paraphrasing, "what's the point of giving this guy minutes?!?" But what are they saying now? Would we be in a better position or a worse position had McM given up on his contribution based on the first games after injury? Hope the point is well-taken. Second, should we take our wins in these two most recent games to mean there's really no reason to expect we couldn't have performed better?... in other words, is there no room for saying those wins