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  1. I look for him to spend a big chunk if not most of the season at College Park. Who's with me?
  2. l'm one of those who care about consistency and precedent, and from that approach, it's a new wrinkle that scoring counts different in one part of the game than it counts in another part of the game. I appreciate the thought and the attempt to improve the flow of the game, but I prefer a different approach. ============
  3. I now catch your drift. I'll put you down for a "no," then. All good. And I did make my basketball point... actually, points, plural.
  4. 34 - 48 ... rough 1st half, encouraging 2nd 1. Miss playoffs 2. Trae 3. Hunter and Bruno 4. Trae, 1357 ... less than rookie season, but a credible consistent 3rd scorer will emerge 5. Evan Turner
  5. Not catching your drift. What did I say? I only asked.
  6. Preface... Jaybird, some folks around here treat you like gentlemen are supposed to treat ladies. I'd like to think you appreciate that I treat you like any other fan. Yes? No? Okay, to the actual point of my post now... Of those 7.... a) The two who are on minutes restrictions will, glass half-full, play some number of minutes. The 15th, 16th or 17th guy who woulda been a low post player? No minutes. None. Zero. Because he doesn't exist. So, there's that. b) The one rehabbing is currently expected to be back by the 3rd week of the season. If you're suggesting one of the 7 will be replaced on the roster with a low-post guy when Crabbe gets back... okay... maybe... but why not say that? c) The last your buddy Kirschner said anything... and to his credit, he does report on the Hawks like a real, live, gen-you-wine beat reporter... the rationale was not "he's not healthy," but rather "why play him in preseason?" d) Two-way players do end up getting used by LP to some degree, so it's not like they're not even to be counted. But I'd be happy if even just one of the two was a low-post player. Of course, neither are. e) Suckitude isn't really relevant to the question. We always have some sucky players even when we've been good. The question I'm raising concerns the make-up of the team, of course. And it's just not rational to add yet another wing, without making some corresponding move that rebalances the roster.
  7. The point would be, no matter if you call VC a PF (he's not) or Bruno a PF (he's not... and btw, I recall LP saying he'll get some PF minutes in the same way that Baptist will get C minutes, so I take that to mean not a lot)... You still have 11 guys who are going to be on your official roster who are backcourt guys. That's still one too many at best.
  8. Runner-up. No shame in that. WAIT. Nope. Looks like my winner had abdicated. You're our new weiner!!!
  9. You should see his blue Nats jersey. You should've heard him howling with joy after that 6-run 7th inning last night. hehe
  10. @kg01 I think you're missing Spud's obsession with finding some way to jinx the Natspos.
  11. I like yours if the standard is similar to the standard for a GQ cover. In the same way that I like AHF's if the standard is similar to the standard for a Maxim cover. Those are just not my standards. 😄