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  1. We need Max back for these games. Still a lot of baseball to be played. In the big picture, I'll take a 2/2 draw in ATL, and look forward to Barves' next visit to WAS. We have the superior starting pitching. The offenses are comparable to each other. We just need to make a deal fairly soon to get our bullpen on solid ground.
  2. New possible plan that dawned on me just today... So, Randle on the remaining 2-way... and... Deng, when you think about it, is another ideal guy to fill the vet slot that Schlenk is said to be prepared to move on... and he might be more content than Vince or Shaun to play sparing minutes... and he's a legit PF body with some SF skills, so he would fit the 6th bigs slot probably better than most options. And... even better... he's another guy that Grant Hill would almost certainly welcome personally to the roster, right?
  3. Think you guys need another starter if the intent is to be a serious WS contender, though. Might win the division with what you got, but I'm not sure you can make it to the league championship with what you've got.
  4. So would you or wouldn't you be in favor of going out and getting Bumgarner?
  5. Best guess from here, fwiw.... VC and Jaylen Adams... or Shaun and Alex Poythress.
  6. But yet you seem to volunteer... And so often... And over and over again...
  7. Just an observation... how many pages now of vigorous discussion has taken place? And, do I understand correctly that this is a discussion board? All is well with the world. Thanks, Supes, for your work to promote deeper conversation with an attempt at well-supported assertions... as well as you others who have engaged, and written several paragraphs in response. Sound bites and tweets have their place. Even here. But so do essays.
  8. So, how confident are you that you guys have the pitching to get to the division pennant finish line? (That's a real question, not a statement.)
  9. What is that? Looks like a miniature Academy Award Oscar...??? I gladly accept on behalf of my team and fellow Nats fans. 😄
  10. I'm bored now. Wish there were "tons" of coverage about these last two slots Schlenk has said he intends to fill. C'mon VC. C'mon Shaun. Let's get this done, one of ya.
  11. Be sure to watch for my next post... I've decided to title it Eleven reasons why rookie Bruno Fernando will... um... be playable... and is the next Charles Woodson.