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  1. I'd be inclined to think Schlenk is targeting using his MLE for a new #2 PG (... and I remain on the Derrick Rose train, fwiw). Given that, he's left with the $6.5-ish cap space, and some of the names being suggested in this thread seem all but certain to get more than that. Not all, though. First priority is someone who isn't a big butt or thunder thighs, and rather is in the mold of the mobility and hops that Double C and Double O bring to the table. Even better if that player can, once Double O returns, can plausibly pick up leftover minutes at both the C and the PF, so he's still potentially going to provide some spare minutes and injury insurance in the playoffs. Give me Dieng or JaMychal if my guess is right that either will end up in that $6m neighborhood. Footnote: Would be nice to see Bruno stick around long enough to take Double O's summer league slot, and maybe get one more chance to turn some Hawks FO heads there.
  2. Surely someone else has said this by now... I haven't read very much today, big meeting tomorrow... but if they haven't... This COULD be one of those blessings in disguise. Because bigs who Schlenk might covet and who would have been tempted to sign-on with the Hawks for a slight if not appreciable discount out of some admiration for what happened this season and anticipation that they could be part of something really, really special... Who, though, would not mainly because they could see it would be very difficult to get very many minutes behind Double C and Double O... NOW will have that concern largely set aside, and thus, we might end up with some gift that could only be on someone's wish list. Let's see what develops.
  3. sturt

    Backup PG

    Hollinger's BORD predictions certainly aren't anything that would threaten Nostradamus, but it's about as good as we get, at least until HoopsRumors puts out their predictions. Pertinent to my comment above, here's the just-dropped verdict on PGs... Me, I'm not real sure that the Knicks are going to outbid anyone for Rose. There's every reason to believe they have bigger point guard fish to fry. I think Rose likely gets an offer from the Knicks, but it's essentially the same as he can get from another team or teams. And I could see Rose putting a priority on whichever team he believes is better positioned to get him a ring.
  4. One would naturally wonder... If we're talking a tripling of the income, why would I sign a 5 year deal if I'm John Collins? Or, a 4 year deal if I'm Trae Young (or Kevin Huerter)? Or, a 3 year deal if I'm Dre or Cam? Or a 2 year deal if I'm Big OO? Won't everyone who is at all bullish on his future want a contract that begins with the first dam-burst year, 2025-26?
  5. There's a draft next week... did I hear that right? Insto-chango... waaaaaaaay ahead of any actual game... there will be 5 teams who, eggsperts say, had a better draft the ATL, and you can look for us somewhere in the 10-ish range.
  6. Preface: Have to say, I'm not a fan of The Athletic's paywall model, but if they're going to produce this kind of reference for the NBA and NFL (Dane Brugler) drafts every year, that's a lot of value for the $60/yr on its own. Don't think I'm offending anything to forward the overall big board and its tiers for casual viewing... particularly given the unsolicited plug.
  7. Yep... interesting that HoopsRumors doesn't appear to have even thought it yet merited a mention. I dunno. I'm about to call BS on this, and officially the beginning of hype week for no-names to see if some whisper from someone's barber's third cousin can turn into the thrill of seeing their name splashed around Twitter. But. For the heckuvit.... You'd think we'd have interest in Rubio in such a trade, just naturally. You'd think Schlenk plausibly might reasonably feasibly sorta-kinda maybe could still have some interest in Culver. Not totally ridiculous. And you'd think Schlenk would look for some asset to replace the PF void created by such a trade. I don't like this trade. But it's somewhere in the region of something that might be considered.
  8. Been almost an hour. I'm left to think that everyone else is in the same boat as am I. So, my interest in this thread is waning accordingly. I don't really care that much that a MIN podcaster claims to have a source that ID'd Gallo as a target. It's a big ... ... for me.
  9. If the street talk was accurate, there's reason to believe Schlenk might still be thinking under the right coaching Culver's talent would emerge to be what it was thought to be.
  10. Someone should come up with a way to settle the runner-up argument. Any ideas?
  11. Someone help me out... I've scoured Twitter just now, and I'm having difficulty discovering anything but the one "rumor" (which isn't anything more than a mention of MIN interest, of course). What's this "all the rumors?" Gracias in advance.
  12. Phoenix fans, how about it? Edit: Given more thought on my way into work... yeah, NBA, how bout it??? Truth: All you actually know right now is that Milwaukee is the champion. You don't actually know what team deserves to be considered the runner-up, because the one just happened to be in the East instead of the West. Why didn't we think of this before? I dunno. Such an event would amount to an opportunity to coronate a new champion in a whole new way, much like the pomp and circumstance of the Olympics. You have the championship team host the deciding "silver medal" game between the two teams that they defeated to win it all, and at its conclusion, there's a ceremony where teams receive gold, silver and bronze according to their finish. Now, maybe to be conscientious of the Olympics' turf, you don't go with medals per se. Maybe something else gold, silver and bronze. Open to ideas on that front. But the core idea seems stout, and would bring just that much greater attention to the champion and to the leag... er... association. The silver game would represent a bit of a bonus award to the championship city. And who's really against a few more dollars rolling in, right?
  13. It's nice to think that we can legitimately lay claim to being tied for runner-up.... seeing as we lost to the same team that PHX did.