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  1. Which of these categories in which we're ranked in the bottom 20%, if not the very bottom of the league, do you expect will improve between now and the end of the season? And why will it improve? (Yes, judge, I admit I'm leading the witness. 🙂 )
  2. This goes to why I'm one of those who think the NBA has it right to do the draft before FA begins. We absolutely need a defensive asset at PG. In a perfect world, we draft Haliburton and get both a defensive and offensive asset. But if that doesn't work out, maybe Dunn in free agency does... Or, otherwise, maybe a trade for Ntilikina can.
  3. Weird. I see now that others have been able to reply to Supes' thread, but I still don't see any buttons over here on this side of the internet. Anyhow, mods feel free to delete.
  4. Current PGs effectiveness is not even as daunting as this fence. This team roster cries out for some stronger defensive assets, and particularly so on the ball. Edit: I swear, that looks like so much fun. I wish I were a dog sometimes.
  5. I assume the deal is for the rest of this season and a non-guaranteed minimum contract for next season. But then, there is some possibility that that's not completely true. So, if the assumption is correct, then "yes," but if it turns out that terms are different than that, then maybe, maybe not. Will he stick long-term? What's long-term? Through next season? Probably so. But beyond that? I'm bullish, but also non-committal, pending next season.
  6. Did Schlenk say something I missed? (Hope not.) Teague has his positives, but from where I sit, either he or Goodwin have to find other work next season.
  7. I love Teague's maturity, but this roster cries out for someone who is an exceptional defender at PG. So, to my mind, it's either Goodwin or Teague, and I think Goodwin's too intriguing to let go.
  8. @mrhonline, I missed the first thing he said that evidently prompted this second thing he said. But I concur specifically from the perspective that the other stuff is peripheral really at this point in his career, and by inference, that the focus has to be on developing the part of his game that remains a work in progress. The "end all" is not a matter of any individual achievement but this team's level of success. Or, at least, that's how I took the things Pierce said.
  9. That's where I was about a week ago, but I've talked myself out of him b/c he doesn't have the range of skill that I think Schlenk looks for, and in his place, I've talked myself into Sap being a plausible option.
  10. I, too, will be shocked. That said, it is at least plausible that it becomes an Al Horford-like situation, with us in the BOS role, given their salary cap situation. Barring some significant injury, I feel like we'll make a max 4 year offer and let the chips fall where they may.
  11. Hate it for Trae. But it's good for us in two ways. First, yeah, the tire wear thing. But maybe even bigger, if it is humanly possible to be more competitive than Trae already is, we're about to find out. Look out, NBA.
  12. My current depth chart vision: This presumes (1) we draft high enough to get Haliburton--not exactly a given, of course... (2) that Eriksson would have an opt-out, though I realize that flies in the face of Supes' tweet exchange... (3) that Ingram wouldn't get a max offer from NOP... (4) that Bender would be signed now or shortly, with us picking up his minimum non-guaranteed contract for next season... (5) and that Millsap would be interested in coming back. I think this covers all our bases really well. You've got a budding big 3 with Trae, Ingram and JC, and some other young high-ceiling assets, and a couple of solid productivity vets as a base. I imagine this to be a roster that easily gets to the playoffs in 2021, and that matures into a top tier contender in 2022 with the projected addition of another major talent/contract from the 2021 free agent crop. EDIT: Might be ever-so-slightly easier to pick-up Halliburton suddenly...
  13. I'm seriously, seriously missing something. I never anticipated even this much man-love for Graham. As far as I've seen, as much as I've read, I'm amazed that he wasn't let go already. But perhaps, sincerely, I'm seriously missing something.