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  1. At 6-10, 215, he's not a C as the Peachtree writer claims. His game is low post exclusively from all I can tell, but not every 4 is a stretch 4, after all. As-is, we have two defensively-questionable 4s in Collins and Parker. Bruno, Len and Jones are all 5s. It fills out the roster somewhat, then, to add a guy like Spalding to the mix whose defense is better than adequate.
  2. Is that to say you're a Bengals fan? Hope not. Tough life. Tougher than being a Hawks fan, truly. Mike Brown, to me, far exceeds any bad ownership we've ever had. That franchise is nothing but an ATM machine for the Brown family. Never any serious interest in winning a title. Father Paul would be so ashamed, imo.
  3. Fwiw, probably nothing, I abstain. I have no opinion on this topic either way.
  4. September 17, 2019. The date kg finally apologized for something irrational he posted. It's a good day.
  5. @Gray Mule you wanna chime in here and help me put these young whippersnappers in their place??? 😉
  6. If I had my choice, I'd rather die in cotton. Volt colored, of course.
  7. Was sick and tired of the format on the AJC board, and thankfully when I told Diesel, Walter and a few others that I'd begun a new board over on EZboards, they agreed we needed something better and came on over. But that was the Model T version. It's been taken to Rolls Royce heights in comparison since then by those who succeeded me.
  8. Um. Classless? It's a damn game. No one spat on Culberson. No one kicked him. It was a legitimate question no matter the score, and at 1-1 it was a necessary question... and then, it turns out, it was a PROPER question BECAUSE the ump said he offered. Your reactions, Barves fans, are ridiculous. YOU should apologize for taking it in some personal way. It IS a damn game, and there ARE rules, and regardless, the rules APPLY to all teams equally.
  9. Expanding on the OP just a bit, the last time I felt as good about the Hawks first two picks in a draft as this year, Indiana's Scott May and Marquette's Butch Lee were household NCAA names ticketed to play in the Omni. Big disappointment when neither one translated to the biggest spotlight.
  10. Just coming off a 4-hour drive, and among the random thoughts to strike me... Unless Charlie Brown is quick out of the gates in TC to distinguish himself... and based on SL, I don't look for that to happen... I'm looking for Schlenk to let go of Brown as a 2-way, in favor of Spalding.
  11. Haven't read this thread, but I'm sure I'm echoing what someone else has already said. Nique, and most of his teammates, just weren't ball movers. Celtics always enjoyed that advantage, and I believe when you boil it all down, that was the critical advantage that put them ahead of Nique's teams.
  12. As stated in the header, Reggie Theus. But restricted to just those obtained through the draft... have to go with Al Wood, drafted #4 in 1981 out of UNC.