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  1. This honestly just happened to be a suggested reading tonight.
  2. That phrasing, on its own, is indicative of hearsay. There's a reason hearsay isn't admissible as evidence. I'm just not okay with taking a TMZ attitude, by which I mean, whatever gossip might be floated is taken as credible, just because.
  3. Now that I've come to understand that NYK and MIA could be legitimate players in this free agency market, I have to confess my 30% chance is reduced to something closer to 10%. I perceive Ingram to be the kind of guy who, if NYK were to approach him and say "We want you to be our lead dog team icon for the next 4 years minimum," that would be appealing. I'm less concerned about MIA, but not completely disregarding them. So, revised numbers: NOP = 60% chance NYK = 25% chance ATL = 10% chance MIA = 5% chance
  4. Important clarification. Not "known." Rather, it is reported ... but people then either believe or don't believe both that the reporter's words accurately convey what s/he was told, and that the sources themselves are accurate in what they told the reporter (as opposed to just acting out of their own brand of animosity). Yes?
  5. He makes some plays defensively with some regularity already, as indeed his physical tools would suggest. His shoulders are too narrow and his girth is too thin to be very effective at the 4 at age 22. The natural progression, though, is that his torso will get thicker, and by 27 or 28, he may be able to guard 4s as well as he does 3s. Here's what Draft Express' scouting report said about him pre-draft, fwiw:
  6. I continue to push the theory that Ingram doesn't show up as good a defender mostly because he's been expected in NOP to defend 4s primarily, and previously in LAL, they'd had him defending 2s primarily... and that when he is finally able to guard 3s primarily, he will emerge as above-average in that category.
  7. Nope. The accuser is the guilty one. Some of us were talking about Harrell vs. Wood. Within that, a debate arose about how much recent history should count in assessing a free agent's value. I offered Ingram as evidence that a player really can significantly increase his perceived value in one season. The accuser, a rabid anti-Ingram-ist ( 🙂 ), took the opportunity to re-ignite that other conversation... and then, having no real ammunition to spend on counterpoint, she said something about a rabbit hole and then went *poof*. But that's pretty much what people do when they've run out of counterpoints and have nothing else to offer, as a rule. The only other option is to just concede one or more points, and that's anathema for many, unfortunately. So, they try the route of impugning the other person somehow, and go out in a blaze of self-imagined glory as they abandon the discussion. Right?
  8. Hate to say it, but it would not be the most absurd thing to find that what we're currently experiencing, among many new paradigms that we might see on the other side of this, could be a nuanced factor in where players decide to call their basketball home.
  9. Addendum. Add MIA (~$37m) to the potential bidders for Ingram, and probably less concerning, DET (~$31m).
  10. What just happened? You said what your criteria were. But you want a mulligan on that? The criteria weren't good enough after all? Just a moment, let me call my contractor to see what he'll charge to move those goal posts for ya... ( 😄 ) I've said all I have to say on the topic.
  11. Not you. No one gives a flip about "likes" from you. Get over yourself. Like anyone else here, the likes I covet are from the big Jay. 😄
  12. Start Harrell: 2 Wood: 12 Play 30+ mpg Harrell: 19 Wood: 13 Have to give you credit. Doesn't appear you cherry-picked criteria in order to support the definition. Your integrity meter checks out fine. 🙂
  13. Sheldon, you're doing fine. Your sarcasm detector alarm works. 😄 And yes to all the rest of that. I think I see a pattern developing here. (Hopefully, I get a "like" this time. )
  14. Biggest threat is NYK, including for Ingram, since they have so many players they likely won't be keeping. According to, they can get into the mid $40m range. That actually is a new realization for me--I think I must have seen a number before that assumed all contracted players will be playing for them, but they have some non-guaranteeds.