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  1. Month out from the trade deadline. Someone said recently that the Hawks best trade piece overall is probably Tony Snell. I'd especially concur with that at that point that BogBog or Hunter gets back. Just before the beginning of the season, I proposed Snell straight-up to MEM for Gorgui Dieng, pending the return of Jaren Jackson. That return hasn't happened yet, but I believe Woj just reported that he should be back just after the ASG. MEM fans to whom I proposed the deal seemed "meh but maybe" for the most part. And I'm sure they were even less enthusiastic once they saw how Di
  2. I don't participate in conversations here anymore. But I'll say this much, and leave it alone: Leaders of significance are forged in the playoffs, not in the regular season.
  3. I might never complain about the sad generic state of jerseys in ATL again. Stealing someone else's line... "Now you know how Bill Walton sees every game."
  4. What mighta been. (And as I say that, to be clear, I know the interest was one sided.) I mean, I'd rather have Bogan all things being equal. But it goes w/o saying, they aren't equal. One has been on the court, the other hasn't.
  5. But Coach McMillan, doesn't 48 minutes, rather than 36, constitute a "major" adjustment?
  6. The blocks of-late are Mutombo-like. The points and rebounds are Moses Malone-like. Next 10 games don't really feature a lot of Pistons or TWolves kind-of teams... can't really expect the Moses Mutombo thing to continue, but dang, it's a sweet thought, right?
  7. General statement that others probably have already said in so many words... I like that the team can go home knowing that they're competitive with one of the top tier team in the conference, and at the same time, go home very unsatisfied, very hungry. I almost prefer it to having won, b/c winning could translate into some over confidence. It's going to be a long slog, long grind and yet also a more concentrated one than in other seasons. Some very good teams on paper are going to underperform significantly. I thought we might be one of those. And truth be told, we still could be. Th
  8. I should have phrased it differently, I suppose. Mulligan? Would Dunn having been on the floor for 15 minutes (overall) likely have resulted in some reduction in the Nets' final tally, or no? And to your point, is it conceivable that those minutes would have not had an effect on our final tally, or no?
  9. Soooo... at the risk of my persistence being take as offensive by someone and worthy of some new consequence (presumably not you, bleach)... just asking opinions.
  10. Soooo... at the risk of my persistence being take as offensive by someone and worthy of some new consequence (presumably not you, MrH), I'm not sure if that means "yes" or "no." Can be interpreted as "yes," Dunn would have changed that, or "no," that would be an over-reaction and we really just need one of our primary guys to step up.
  11. SIAP in the same or slightly different words... Do we win tonight if we have a legitimate defensive asset to deploy for some minutes versus Kyrie? In other words, would 15 minutes of Dunn have made a difference, you think? (Asking. Not a statement wrapped in a question. And as should be clear, not interested in participating in a discussion. Just reading your opinions.)
  12. Based on this, should be hearing hopefully-good news on Dunn today. Hawks press release: