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  1. You talkin bout my guy from Marshall?
  2. Thought I saw that reported, too. But now it appears it's the remaining regular roster slot based on what Cunningham reported.
  3. Just now realizing that they said "2-year," not "2-way" for Taylor. Fine, I suppose, but how bout Zimmerman for a 2-way contract, Colonel? He's back on the market with LAL having released him at the end of training camp.
  4. sturt

    Wade Baldwin

    Delaney's made some good impressions so far in preseason--that's just from what I've read since out here in TX, there's no first-hand knowledge of this stuff. You now have two PGs on 2-way contracts... I don't see them adding what would be a 5th PG to the roster, do you? My money for that 15th regular slot is on a big, at least temporarily until Plumlee gets back. This guy's available isn't he?
  5. Taylor is just 23, so there's some development potential there, and I suppose Schlenk's scouts just see more in Taylor than they did Cook.
  6. Seems the consistent thing is, whether Quinn Cook, or this new guy, the opposing PG getting burned is also on our roster... ie, Magette.
  7. Team press release says they've requested waivers on Felder after all. Not sure what sense that makes.
  8. Cunningham's story on the final roster seems to assume that Felder will be cut, but the logic suggests otherwise. You have a 3rd PG slot open, and you're paying for Felder anyway.... might as well hold on to him.
  9. AJC just reported Cook has been released. Quinn Cook must despise Kay Felder. Just has to. (only half-kidding)
  10. I remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth as we took a cool million or two (right?) in that exchange. Draft night, I was unmoved when Wilcox explained it away as-if the Hawks had plenty of PGs. Admittedly, I was among the somewhat-miffed, though, when we went into last season without a viable 3rd PG. And another thought... Felder essentially is the reason that Quinn Cook never played for the big league team... will be interesting to see if the Hawks allow opportunity for history to repeat itself.... don't think they will, this close to season's start, but it's certainly possible.
  11. As with every season, this one will bring to the surface some talent that, to-date, hasn't particularly impressed anyone as worthy of a big contract. Hopefully, it's a young 5 who fits right in beside our young 4 at the other positions. I for one will continue to be tracking Nerlens.
  12. You made me go look it up, and yep, yur right... has to be 3 years or less of NBA experience, and he's got 5.
  13. "Well ya didn't have to be quite that blunt about it." "But. Yeah. I suppose that gets the essence."
  14. And forward to about the 3:00 mark in the video... ... and something like this appears... Think we might make a lot of use of that one, this season in particular. ;)