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  1. In this math most of yall are forgetting the Hawks multiplier (the "Spud constant" if you will), which is not a positive factor for the team. Hasn't been for decades.
  2. That's actually not a bad idea. Somebody should do that for real for real. (Not me, I dont have 2k)
  3. My wife has some friends that were out in downtown Decatur and they said it was like a snow day, restaurants and stores packed, people at the parks with their snotty little kids coughing on everything. For all the talk and fuss it seemed like business as usual. Out in Podunkville where @Vol4ever lives I'd expect that more than in downtown Decatur. That kind of crap is how @TheNorthCydeRises got that 'Rona.
  4. Super interesting read. Crazy how talented these young guns are. I wouldnt rank it like they did but I don't watch much outside the Hawks anyway, so what do I know. Next year I expect Cam to be on this list. Here's what they said about Trae for those too lazy to click the link and scroll: 5. TRAE YOUNG, 21, ATLANTA One of the most exciting offensive players in basketball, Trae Young ranks fourth league-wide in scoring this season at 29.4 points per game and second in assists at 9.3 nightly. Young is the only player 21 or younger in league history to average at least 29 points and nine assists per contest, an insane accomplishment for the diminutive floor general in just his second season. Of course, over the coming seasons, Young will have to answer questions about his actual impact versus his raw production, considering his Hawks team boasts the third-worst record in basketball in 2019-20, but at the same time, it’s hard to fault the uber-talented point guard for that, considering how much he contributes to the score sheet on a nightly basis. With an improved roster around him, Young will get the chance to prove his value as a winning player over the next few years.
  5. Interesting listen. Also check out this Michael Osterholm guy on the Joe Rogan podcast from a day or two ago.
  6. Okay I have to ask. It was AFTER buying the life insurance, right?!? Lol Or were you just like, "oh, I see you're no longer in the market. Ta ta!" and go on your merry way? Wtf
  7. I was initially excited about the Teague signing but more and more I get the impression he won't be brought back. He's too hesitant. There have been so many times that he has the ball wide open behind the 3 pt line where he clearly just doesn't want to take the shot. He's got to be more aggressive; he's in a contract year and a trial with this team if he truly wants to resign here. History favors the bold, my friend. I don't know if he's playing with a nagging injury or still just trying to get used to everyone or what, but he has to make a better showing or he's going to get replaced by Goodwin and or one of these PGs in the draft. I keep thinking about that Erickson guy. Would love to see him at least come over in SL and see how he fares. His catch and release is so fast and so high, it could be a really dangerous weapon for us. Some of those catches are at head height and it never comes down. Very nice form. We need shooting off the bench.
  8. For starters his name is cool AF. Can you imagine every time he was about to come into the game Ryan Cameron saying in a his deep booming voice, "Release the Dragan!" and then playing music from the Mortal Kombat movie. Would be epic.
  9. Is that right that Heurter has 25% ft ?? Otherwise looking good young guns!!!
  10. Yo Spudz glad you're good. Had that happen to me awhile back during some ice On the very tip top bridge Of spaghetti junction, spun Around and almost smashed into the wall. Crazy losing control like that. Mighta pooped a little? anyways I have no great hopes for this one, mostly just watching for Trae and to see if Hunter or cam shows up. Don't care if we win or lose I just want to see signs of improvement and no blow out.
  11. I just want more of these loud ass John Foy commercials during free throws. Gimme more of that type of stuff.
  12. Exactly. This dude gets it. You do it because it's a splash and can hopefully get the attention of other, better players in the future and put us on their map. It also has very little downside and could be a crazy steal of a deal for the production. Could be really fun to watch and get us farther into a modest PO run. And if not, meh, we tried but weren't really aiming to get max players for a dynasty right now anyway. History favors the bold. Do it and then run like you stole something.