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  1. Yo Spudz glad you're good. Had that happen to me awhile back during some ice On the very tip top bridge Of spaghetti junction, spun Around and almost smashed into the wall. Crazy losing control like that. Mighta pooped a little? anyways I have no great hopes for this one, mostly just watching for Trae and to see if Hunter or cam shows up. Don't care if we win or lose I just want to see signs of improvement and no blow out.
  2. I just want more of these loud ass John Foy commercials during free throws. Gimme more of that type of stuff.
  3. Exactly. This dude gets it. You do it because it's a splash and can hopefully get the attention of other, better players in the future and put us on their map. It also has very little downside and could be a crazy steal of a deal for the production. Could be really fun to watch and get us farther into a modest PO run. And if not, meh, we tried but weren't really aiming to get max players for a dynasty right now anyway. History favors the bold. Do it and then run like you stole something.
  4. Nope. Twasnt me. Too busy for all that with having to keep track of all these chi'rens and such. A burner of @kg01? Ouch, brah. Thought we were like squawk bros. hurts. Right here in my chest.
  5. Aging players with a history a titty tears. Could you imagine that happening again at 39M/yr??? Yikers.
  6. I can't let it go, and I should. But back in the day it was a thing that for real made me cringe.
  7. I love Nique, I hear he is a genuinely good person, but he does wear on me every season. By the ASB I'll be ready to choke him for repeating "that's a bad shot there" or "that was a heat check." Also, when Stinger fills in it's so refreshing because he is so intelligent and articulate, and I actually walk away from each segment feeling like he imparted knowledge to me. I rarely hear Nique reference statistics or anything other than just a bare surface level discussion of how the play was drawn up and supposed to work. Stinger will drop some knowledge bombs regularly, making me go "damn, I didn't see that." Love Nique but I'd go Stinger all day. Dude is solid. Even with his sometimes gross patchy moist head situation. Much love for that guy.
  8. The crazy long 3s worried me at first but it's just by design. It's how he likes to play; it's an (a) intentional trade off of an (often) early shot clock low percentage shot for (b) keeping defenses honest and more open for him to create better passes and shot situations for his teammates since it draws out other defenders as well. Is his % going to improve with time? Sure. You practice making long ass shots for a long ass time and your percentage should increase. Is a 38-footer ever going to be a "high" percentage shot? No. But if it has the impact of opening up movement and passing/driving lanes then it starts to make more sense, especially when your team leads the league in pace. Then a few extra, seemingly stupid, long distance shots from 35-38 feet might pay off. Sacrifice your 3pt % for more scoring and assist opportunities. Not sure exactly how it plays out, but I get it with a guy that has his court vision, so if it helps him find more open guys, then fine. And it's thrilling and fun to watch.
  9. I thought section 116 was the (un)official Hawksquawk section. Used to be right behind Hawks bench, but seems like they switched it up during the Mavs game.
  10. Josh Smith must have also been deaf, because every game I went to where he jacked up those long twos or ill-advised threes, the entire arena would let out a very audible groan or just straight up shout "No!" But he just kept doing it, and then acted dumbfounded when he was 'Let go.' Had a decent game otherwise, not sure why he insisted on those low percentage shots (especially low for him). Should have stuck to his strengths, might still be in the NBA instead of Bulgaria or China or Lichtenstein or wherever he is now.
  11. If 95% of what someone posts for I don't know, a year?, amounts to various forms of saying "I'm mad, Hawks suck and will suck indefinitely" at some point I think even you would agree that enough is enough. Especially when there is specifically a "Hawks suck and you are mad about it" thread where those posts should go, but instead of confining said posts to the "I'm mad" thread they infect every other thread as well. Standards of decency have been violated. Excessively.
  12. I can't make it, but anybody else planning on going? Curious how the new amenities are perceived and if HS is going to make a solid showing.