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  1. We shall see on Wiseman. Out of all of the top 4 guys, he might not have the lower floor but I am not sure on his ceiling
  2. I disagree. I think he is the best thing going for the Knicks. Didn't play tonight but that's okay
  3. R.J. hasn't been underwhelming at all. His projected WAR was -1.1 and he is a 0.1 WAR. That's a legit multiple time all star level at the least. Nothing underwhelming about that. As for the others, it was tier 3.5 and tier 4 prospects. To expect them to be positive players playing key minutes or just JAGs is crazy. Even I was foolish for saying Reddish is Randy Moss as a rookie. What you are seeing from all of these guys is what tier 3.5 and tier 4 prospects look like. This upcoming draft is not much different. Outside of the top 4 prospects, this class is also loaded with tier 3.5-4 prospects. Tier 1.5 - Edwards Tier 2 (Ja and R.J. level) - Wiseman (Extremely high risk), LaMelo Ball (Extremely talented but shooting and defense?) Tier 2.5 - Cole Anthony - Most polished prospect in the class but does he have any NBA superstar potential or is he just a NBA ready PG who is just limited to being a good NBA starter like Rubio? After that, you looking at tier 3.5 to tier 4 guys. They either take time or they really not that good.
  4. I expected him to struggle this bad. I just didn't see him working in the NBA like he did in college. He played that Evan Turner bully ball but at 195. You can't play bully ball being small.
  5. I agree with that last part. There is a number of things we need to do long term we aren't doing right now to utilize them. Cam and Hunter did a lot more off the ball actions in college, right now we are doing that secondary handle thing we did at the beginning of last year. By the end of the season, I want Cam and Hunter moving off screens. Other than Len, I don't have much positive to say about the bigs. I thinke we need to slow down long term, even John got room to get much better.
  6. It's way too early for these career statements
  7. I actually thought Len did a good job of this. Len issue was playing soft till the 2nd. If there was a takeaway I had, I wish we would have played Len more. 21 minutes wasn't enough in my eyes. But two days till December 15th
  8. I am not saying Dedmon is the difference maker but having him on the floor for 25 minutes makes a big difference and the Hawks suffering from the same thing the Bulls did last year. Parker defense makes it so hard for us. You already got Trae who does as well but at least Trae on most nights offensively is a monster. Parker is a better offensive scorer than Collins but that's where it ends. Parker and 6th man can't happen any sooner.
  9. Played elite defense and his playmaking was really good. To be honest, he barely shot the ball in the 2nd half. He went to the FT line, made a wide open 3 and missed a heavily contested layup in traffic.
  10. Trae Iverson and Scary Chuckie Finster
  11. f***! We could have won this game!