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  1. Collins ain't trying to thrive. He's trying to get paid and get a max contract. He's thriving right now and is not happy.
  2. I actually like the role JC is in this year but JC doesn't.
  3. Hunter is clearly the All Star. Collins has the metrics but his raw stats might hurt him. Capela has to build on to what he's doing. Hunter will get the coaches votes. Unless fans go nuts for Trae, it might not be and the media isn't Team Trae either
  4. Expecting him to get this amount of touches with Trae is unlikely
  5. They would be our best player if we merged their strengths. Sadly, we can't at this time. We gotta develop them
  6. I've seen none so far. Okongwu is massively better on defense right now. Offensively, he's clearly learning the speed of the game. Knight isn't a center but he's showed more impact. Bruno has showed the least amount of impact. I still believe in Bruno. COVID has hurt some of our players who for sure needed more development with the coaches due to the NBA restrictions.
  7. People like BH will call it a blunder just like they called Hunter trade a blunder last year. They don't have any foresight. What have you done for me lately.
  8. It's silly to call Ant man a bust. We won't know what he is till year 3 or 4.
  9. Yeah, has to be Knight was ahead of him in the rotation. That said, he should be in College Park. He has to be better at impacting the game outside of quality screens. I feel like COVID has hurt his game.
  10. The thing is, metrics say they are having similar seasons as does the eye test. We got a tendency here to shit heavily on a player who played their worst game of the season and put his entire season like it garbage when Cam been our most impactful perimeter defender all season long. To say Kevin is much better just completely disregards defense where Cam has been much better. Both players need to show improvement but overall, both our are 5th best starters and compared to the general production of 5th starters, they are general within that tier regardless if we all know they are more tal
  11. Kevin offense has been fairly consistent as has Cam defense. The issue is, Kevin defense has been very inconsistent as has Cam offense. For Kevin, this is not a surprise for us. The thing is, many fans want Kevin to be more consistent at shooting. 3-9 games just won't cut it. For Cam, while he has had less clunkers on defense than Kevin on offense, his offense has been a bigger mess than Kevin defense this year. Ultimately, a lot of fans notice offense over defense. Both players have have shown improvement compared to last year on one side of the ball but to see degree have r
  12. This was one of those things we saw improve by January and now it's back. He needs a screen nearly everytime but not because he can't beat his man off the dribble but he doesn't trust his handles. Bob mentioned he was the one player with no access to a gym during the quarantine. It shows. Kevin, De'Andre, and Trae have shown good improvement on a number of skills compared to last year. Cam seems to have regressed offensively based on what we saw in the 2nd half of last year. Kevin has improved. Trae has improved. His issue is his floater and jumper. De'Andre massively improved. Cam
  13. He's been a lot more aggressive this year. A lot more! He's just not a good finisher. Neither is Cam but if Cam was willing to be patience like Kevin, he would have a lot more success because he's just a much more talented player with the basketball. Another issue I noticed is when Cam is patience his handles aren't. That could be the cause of why he's so out of control. We had to do so many drill with him last year but Cam also keeps growing. These things do impact things like ball handling to a degree.
  14. Kevin has given us offense in the last 3 games outside of tonight. He had to deal with two of the better defensive wings in Donte D and Middleton. Holiday and Giannis doesn't make things easy either.
  15. Obviously that's the goal. He's just not ready yet. He's too unpolished. The difference between him and Hunter is, you can tell Hunter improved in the offseason. With Reddish, I seen massive defensive improvement outside of obviously tonight. He still has many of the issues we saw last year. It's clear that the only area of improvement that we see is foul throwing drawing and rebounding but his FT drawing was good from Jan on. Honestly, he didn't get the amount of work he needed to this offseason and it shows. In the preseason, he looked excellent but he was hitting shots. Especially thr