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  1. He's been extremely productive as a point forward who can defend wings with the ability to even play small ball 5. The issue is of course injuries
  2. This is good for Jalen. All of these players have made over 100 million in their playing careers. The fact that he shows a lot of potential is a positive thing. Winslow stays healthy and he should get a 80-100 million dollar contract. Hard to find guys who defend like him with that size, strength, and skill at the 3. I want to see more range from him at least when wide open.
  3. Idiotic posting if you think its just one play. This thread is garbage anyway, that's why I barely have entertain it outside of people @ me. But saying its just one play ain't true
  4. Makes sense because the players in MIN liked Rosas but if the new owners didn't, then you know what happens next.
  5. He's doesn't have Cam's defense. Cam has the type of defense to be all NBA a lot. Cam can seriously be a top 3 defensive player and even the best perimeter defender in the NBA when he become disciplined on that end. You mix that with a top 50 scoring package, I think that's a top 15 player for sure. I would say that's more valuable than Ben Simmons for sure and would even say that's more valuable overall than what we got from Joe Johnson in his prime. So I don't take saying his offensive ceiling is Norm Powell lightly. Could he be better? Sure! But Norm is consistent, he's proficient and efficient. He's been top 5 PPT in the last three seasons. He's add a lot of value just due to his offense along.
  6. Naw, Norm Powell offense is easily top 100 status. That's unquestionable when you dig deep into the metrics. His defense is merely average and he lacks defensive versatility. I don't know what ya'll think when you think of Norm Powell but I think extremely highly of Norm. You can't find guys who can average 16+ with less than 40 touches a game. Him and Klay are the kings of that but Klay is less versatile offensively than Powell although a superior shooter. You guys are coming off as casuals when it comes to Powell. He's a much better player than you think.
  7. Touches, will Cam get the touches to be a PG13 type. That's neither here or there, if Cam exceeds the Norm Powell level, that would mean he's an unquestioned top 15 player. To me, I would be happy if his offensive ceiling is PG because I like his defensive potential a lot more than PG at this stage.
  8. Norm Powell is extremely valuable offensively especially when it comes to scoring consistency with limited touches. Probably the best in the NBA.
  9. We only have one slot so only one can make the squad. Okafor and TLC are the obvious favorites. The other two are E10s extremely likely to be heading down to College Park to play with JJ, Coop, and Mays.
  10. Y'all gotta stop taking posts from BR and the fake troll sites even partically serious
  11. Cam has underwhelmed so far but that's based on him. Not his potential which is off the charts. Cam offensive ceiling is Norm Powell. He's been performing closer to a terrible day Norm Powell than Powell outside of the playoffs. Defensively, Cam is inconsistent as well. He moves and covers ground like Danny Green but lacks the discipline Green has. It took Green going into his 3rd season to figure it our defensively. Danny was a 4 year college player. If Cam figures it out this year, that would probably be right on time. He also has tremendous perimeter versatility like Ben Simmons. He just doesn't have Ben's strength and body maturity. He's never going to have Ben's size but he needs to be a great size for his frame. Cam's right now outside of flashes is a rotational player impact wise. His talent screams star if he's consistent. Cam isn't a versatile offensively player but having tremendous skill, being a bucket and scoring a lot in limited touches is extremely valuable to an offense impact wise. Especially one like ours. Cam's movement off the ball was a strength we saw Nate use that LP didn't bother as we saw with Bogi. Hunter of all three is the most limited scorer but he's the most polished scorer. He can shoot, pass, dribble, post up, and he has really good intelligence where he doesn't make stupid mistakes like the others. Hunter lack of tremendous skill, bigger hands, and off ball movement with a Kawhi mentality of wanting to analyze the game when he touches the ball kinds hurts him as a #4 or #5 option. That said, his defensive value for us is 2nd to only Capela. Even with Cam defensive potential, Hunter ability to guard 1-4 is a massive game changer for us. Hunter has shown time and time again that he's one of the most valuable defenders in the NBA even if no one knows outside of Atlanta. JJ has tremendous potential and I see him more as a 4 than a 3. I can see why he's so appealing offensively as a swingman in general. Once he can showcase a reliable jumpshot, there is no question he is established as a 3 level scorer. He can also pass it and pass it extremely well for a 4 considering his age and experience. For JJ, shooting, off ball movement, off ball IQ, discipline when not involved or frustrated, and emotional intelligence is what defines him. A player that also comes to mind when I think about JJ is a young Rasheed Wallace. He's not quite as good as a rookie Sheed but the potential is enormous.
  12. 1. Trae will be a MVP candidate. 2. Hawks will be 1st overall in the NBA but I don't know if that will help them in terms of where they finish. 3. Bogi will join Trae at the All Star game. Things to look into: 1. Cam's development 2. Dre's health for the entire season. 3. Can our bench be the best in the NBA, I think so.
  13. 2000s as well. Remember Andrew Bynum and that era. Okafor can blame Al Horford and Millsap for changing the game for big men. There was a time being a tweener a death sentence. Not anymore. He's too soft footed to even be an average defender.
  14. Okafor would have been a max cat during 2007-2008. He was superior to Zaza and a lot of bigs in that era. Shows how much the game has changed. Back then, Andrew Bynum was a massive deal.