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  1. Of course I have been. I'll share soon. Maybe this weekend.
  2. I'm good, thanks for asking Marco. Not too much to talk about these days regarding sports. I've been spending a lot of quality time with my family and just working on being the best father to my children as I can possibly be. I still reach out to my contacts within the league to see what's the NBA is thinking. Right now, they want to continue the season and are looking to potentially implement Koonin idea but the fear isn't just the players getting Corona but the people who are camera men, coaches, staff who might not be in the same physical shape getting it. That's the fear. This is the real deal Holyfield. Everyone is in limbo. Regardless of business area. Tough times....
  3. NBASupes

    Hoops rumors

    Tubby was a great coach. Best one I've seen at UGA but couldn't recruit stars for shit
  4. Jeff Austin isn't Trae agent
  5. NBASupes

    Hoops rumors

    He wants one very good vet but he is signing at least two vets. They want to add more vets to the core.
  6. NBASupes

    Hoops rumors

    I read it from Chris report. The only details I got behind the scenes is LP is good for another year but he must win and the team must improve. TS is also expected to be much better next year. He wants to sign at least two good vets and wants a very good vet this offseason. From what I got, the Hawks are open to trading back or out of the top pick this year but man, so is just about everyone else this year. With no NBA combine, a lack of workouts due to Corona. This is expected to be the the hardest draft to read in ages.
  7. I am still working. I am in a meeting right now
  8. Cam dropping 50
  9. FYI: I love you all!
  10. It's easy, when you are a star, fans want to interact with you. These are the two biggest stars for the Jazz and are extremely accessible. I am a strong believer that celebrities have to be extra careful because even people who are sick (gravely or not) want to meet you. It's normal, they are celebs. Gobert didn't know he had Corona at the time. If he did, he wouldn't have did it.
  11. Really thinking about it, I doubt Donovan got it from Rudy. I believe they both got it from a fan who probably was traveling overseas recently who wanted their autograph. Rudy just showed syndrome faster. It makes sense because no one else in the org got it, plus they are stars. When I see fans ask for autographs, everyone goes to Trae. It makes sense when you think about it.
  12. Donovan Mitchell got it now. Rudy needs to be slapped.
  13. Half done Obamacare has ruined the industry. Full Obamacare would have saved it. Insurance companies and their lobbyists need to be banned.
  14. It wouldn't shock me to see the BRI go down to 100-105 million. Good- Gambling profits. Potential sponsorships Bad- Kobe death China - Morey COVID-19
  15. I got about a 3 hour workout and Bible plan while I work as well at my job from home. I should be losing a lot of weight again.