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  1. Lies. Goofy shit. Bolded was actually a quality post which I am surprised came from you. The rest above was bullshit as well.
  2. Raw stats are meaningless if you don't understand them which is clear that you don't
  3. That's still a traditional 4. Range in the 2000s for a 4 was the deep 2 for spacing. Now it's the 3 ball and it's a requirement for a 4.
  4. I liken him to Joe oddly enough but he's PnR Bogi or Sniper Bogi instead of Iso Joe
  5. You really think either of them will score in the playoffs like that. Teams go out their way to take away our lobs threats and the refs aren't interested in calls where teams constantly go under our bigs.
  6. You and raw stats. It's like you never moved out of the 90s
  7. They do the dirty work, rebounding, they score either in the post or in the PnR or PnP. They lack positional versatility. They can shoot with range. They usually have good size but not center size.
  8. It's something we strongly got to consider.
  9. It looked like a strong class till everyone resigned or signed extensions John Collins
  10. Bruno back to a 0.0 WAR. @TheNorthCydeRises, come eat
  11. Because Collins locks down Randle and Harris right? Stop it. Hunter is more suited for this role in the playoffs. Collins is a 6th man
  12. Two moves I will consider is SnT JC to Sacramento with Bruno for Bagley and Delon Wright Sending Wright and Dunn and draft compensation to Minny for Rubio Gives us Bagley III and Rubio Bagley is pretty much a 8-10 million player. He's had injuries but I see him as a clear 14/7 guy who doesn't need the PnR to score 12% compared to Holmes 35%. He can draw fouls and he has tremendous talent we could try to draw from especially defensively as we did with Kevin under Nate. Rubio is one of the PGs I always wanted. Floor general who's a tremendous defender that can play wit
  13. Move 3 to 2. We really gonna have to address that SF position depth. Especially if JC is traded and we move Hunter to PF.
  14. I wrote this on my peoples site, my language is a tad more colorful than usual. My bad for that.
  15. We got literally 3 wings (Kev, Cam, and Hunter) and one should be our PF of the future. We gotta get more wings. Contenders don't have Snell and Hill in the playoff rotation We gotta a lot of guards