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  1. I've said this once and I'll say it again. We will win titles because of those who are ceiling risers, not because of Trae's floor raising. Our title hopes are based on the development of Cam and DeAndre. Those two will take us all of the ways. I kept telling us last year, Trae might make it easier for us to get a #1 option who isn't a #1 option like PG13 but he will never be a #1 option. He is just a scorer. He isn't really a #1 or #2. John really is going to have to elevate his game. There is a reason he went 19th and not higher. No one wants to admit it but John is not that much better than Parker. He is better but not much.
  2. I don't say this often but everyone should rep this post. Best post of the thread
  3. Hots has and will always have a bottle half empty ideals to the team. That said, Trae shot selection will always suck ass considering he isn't a lights out shooter like Steph Curry is due to his limited off ball movement skills. He is a very good shooter but for the level of control he has the ball and his size, he needs to be elite. The turnovers aren't bad in my eyes. Some of it can simply go away if Trae lets the game come to him which he did in the 2nd half of last season
  4. I am convinced if we can still close to .500 by December that one of these players will be moved with the Brooklyn pick for a starting 5: Parsons Turner Jones Just seeing how much shooting the Hawks need, Crabbe might stay for the rest of the year.
  5. He went to the lab to become an All Star
  6. He been that, not becoming. I knew when I seen that John/Cam was out/limited and heard the Bulls were window dressing that this was a L.
  7. They called it a block but it was a strip. He just has to make better decisions. Goodwin was open
  8. This. Getting a center is so we can develop John the way we want
  9. His first decision tends to be elite. Something I saw in HS but not as much at Duke. The one time last night he didn't do it well was that foot out of bounds when he had a wide open 3. His issue tends to he 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th decisions. That's where his development is needed I haven't seen a young player create space for himself this good at this age since Iverson.
  10. Limited Reddish No John Unlikely to win this one
  11. I want Ibaka so bad but Toronto doesn't have him on the market