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  1. They already bet high on Kevin Porter Jr.
  2. He's going to be the big slider. I was told Charlotte likes Wiseman more than Edwards but Ball more than Wiseman. Chicago is looking to trade down and Cleveland is targeting the best wing and like Edwards.
  3. I am not a huge Wood's guy. He's the Kelly Oubre of bigs. He's very productive but at what cost.
  4. I don't believe in it like that. Especially for role players. For players playing 30+. It's more accurate. That said, Wood's been on the RPM top 25 for several years. No reason to think he doesn't add value in general. Nearly 5 WAR, he's your bargain bin Harrell.
  5. I could care less if Toppin or Hunter doesn't go to the combine because their focus is the pre-draft workouts if we have them which we won't and interviews. But I did want to see Wiseman and Edwards, especially Wiseman. But it's about your agent. CAA and Excel Sports is all about control in the process. While Klutch and Omar Wilkes in particular encourages using the combine.
  6. There are two MASSIVE mistakes you can make in this draft class. Comparing Bam Adebayo to Onyeka Okongwu and John Collins to Obi Toppin. They literally have two to three traits in common. Just that alone. Big O has six traits in common with McDyess. Five with Favors. Obi has six to seven traits in common with Al Horford, six with Kyle Kuzma and four with Amar'e. I understand the comparison to some degree but they are not the same. They really don't play alike. Adebayo isn't the only verstiale big man in today's NBA or past tense. We have had McDyess, Favors, and some others. It's
  7. NBASupes

    Ask Supes

    Trying to get promise information. I am having a hard time right now. I really want to know about Edwards, Toppin, and Cole Anthony.
  8. He was a good empty gym shooter in general. Once he started getting moving, his shooting percentage sharply decreased.
  9. They are more open than they are in the regular season as they play with LeBron a lot more in the playoffs. We seen this story when we played Cleveland. LeBron playing a lot of minutes changes how you defend the others.
  10. I've said this before to Andrew Kelly and others but Trae Young can be a better defender than Kevin Huerter even though Kevin is a superior team defender. His man defense is flat out awful and his lack of stamina makes it impossible for him to ever be a net neutral defender. I've been saying for a couple of year, Trae has excellent lateral quickness, wiry strong, has great BBIQ, and when he communicates is effective on defense but him more than others, he needs a great defensive cast around him because he does have natural limitations due to his lack of size. That said, you can build a team to
  11. Dedmon was more massive for us than Teague was. Dedmon was critical for us. Having him and Capela should solve 99.99% of our center issues last year.