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  1. It's a skill in the NBA. Off ball movement isn't like the Y movement. You really gotta have a sense of what's going on around you, stamina, the ability to cut while taking contact at this level, and it takes away from your on ball play.
  2. I completely disagree with Sam on Reddish. He plays like he's 6'4 on both ends of the court. He's a SG. The thing about his defense is he's great at little man stuff and poor at big man stuff. The same is seen on offense. I think Sam seen Cam defend some bigger wings and PFs in the post and saw some promising things but for the most part, he got destroyed in the post by bigger players.
  3. You already know my answer, it's Giannis or AD. AD especially.
  4. This was an amazing and enjoyable podcast with Andrew Kelly. The topic: Covering 2nd year players: What happened to Waffle House Steph and Klay and are they really the next Harden and Gordon instead? The Sophomore years and Trae Young and Kevin Huerter Andrew Kelly is a contributor from Peachtreehoops and a co-founder of Hawksfilmroom. Here is his twitter page: Please follow him on Twitter, he is an amazing contributor in Hawks twitter.
  5. I keep telling people, having a Shane Battier type is extremely valuable as they mature in this league.
  6. Topic: What happened to Waffle House Steph and Klay and are they really the next Harden and Gordon instead? Trae and Kevin will be coming soon featuring Hawks social media star, founder of Hawksfilmroom and Peachtree hoops contributor, Andrew Kelly Coming soon!
  7. Not a chance in hell
  9. Haliburton and Toppin are so f***ing impressive. Same for Winston.
  10. I get that AD-Pels left a terrible taste in most NBA fans mouth, especially small market teams but these players like Atlanta and the agent has a lot of love for Atlanta and our organization loves him too
  11. I am indifferent, I love Klutch and what those young brothers are doing and I know Omar left for Klutch because he got more control than he has with Octagon. I expect Cam and Edwards to go there too.
  12. TS really has to prove he can sign good quality players for reasonable deals like Dallas did last year when filling out this roster