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  1. Maybe you will, but you would be okay once SL comes and you see him in our system.
  2. This is exactly what's happening. That's why I said it unlikely, like the draft really gotta go against us to make these moves. As long as Cam/Culver/Hunter/Little is at #8 and one of them Sekou, Hayes, or Clarke is at 10, we probably not moving. 4. Culver/Hunter 5. If it's Garland. We aren't moving up for nothing since PHX taking White. 7. Bulls could do whatever they like, Hawks good from here. Things go south if Garland or White is at 8.
  3. Good mock https://nbadraft.theringer.com/
  4. My top 30: Will be updated this week before the draft:
  5. @Peoriabird Read these articles: https://www.thestepien.com/2019/03/29/draft-notes-latent-value-respect-draft/ https://www.thestepien.com/2019/06/13/uniqueness-brandon-clarke/ https://www.thestepien.com/2019/05/16/draft-notes-quick-thoughts-question-answer-dropbox/
  6. Which was part of the excellent GMing. He also had traded the 10th pick in Poetl. That player helped them get Leonard as well.
  7. The GM won this title. We had a 60 win team and couldn't trade for a star. They did and did.
  8. Other than Bol, Clarke and Cam is the business
  9. Since this is what's likely in talk, let's talk contingency deals. A contingency deal is when the terms meet for both teams if all lands correctly. You average one is like Atlanta and Dallas last year. Dallas wanted Luka. Was willing to pay #5 and future 1st. Atlanta wanted two players, Trae and JJJ but was really targeting Trae the most. So they announced the deal before the draft as you would have to take Trae 4th which wasn't happening as MEM wanted JJJ. This meant the deal was final once the pick were made. Then we have the hard ones. This is when teams agree if... 4 is no and 10 is atl No is open to trading 4 if Johnson is available at 10. If Johnson is not available, no deal. Now what if Atlanta wants Johnson at 8. This means Johnson will not be available and no deal. Let say ATL isn't targeting Johnson, he falls to 10, the deal is made. But lets say Johnson falls to 10 but Oakley, Smith and Carter who Atlanta thought was going higher are also available at 8 and 10. Atlanta deal could be contingent on if our players we covet at 8 and 10 is available, no deal. These are complex deals. A lot of actions to complete it could happen. This means teams must make their deal based on who they want. If Atlanta decides they didn't covet that player. Also no deal so you want to get your guy if its your team. These deals are very hard to complete
  10. I don't know if the Hawks have interest in Bol but yes sir! Would love it
  11. It seems like Atlanta has a lot of potential contingencies deals on the table. Meaning if this our prospect is not here at 8 and yours is, we will complete this trade. This is not just with 4, this is with 5, 6 and 7 as well. Atlanta has been working the phones. It would not surprise me if we moved up but it wouldn't if we did not.
  12. This is the samething I've heard from three different parties that the Hawks are open to talk but not a lock to move 8/10/17. That said, everyone I have spoken with claims they believe our 2nd rounders are for sell to move up.
  13. Yep, leave KB back in retirement. Something tell me it would have been last year part 2 in this thread
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