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  1. Being good at NBA Basketball is a lot different than being statistically productive. He's a high impact, low volume guy who plays with BBIQ, energy, communicates, and works extremely hard on the court.
  2. I told ya'll even at that time, Hali didn't want to be an Atlanta Hawk:
  3. It's strange, we had the most patient fanbase in 2006 when the talent was nowhere close to what it is now. The fanbase we got now was cool with trading Bogi which was crazy to me.
  4. None are Squawkers. At least I don't think so He wasn't the HC and tells the players what he wants them to do. That's a fact.
  5. I hear some jackasses who are Hawk fans like trade Cam Reddish. We literally just got a real coach. All of a sudden, Bogi doesn't look trash no more. Kevin has a pluse again. Everything is making sense. Let's give Cam a chance to get healthy and get some real f***ing coaching before we do anything with him. Bogi looking good again. He was trash for the most part under LP. I hate our fans sometimes.
  6. I really enjoy watching the Hawks since Nate took over. It's clear he gets more out of this team than what we really are but damn, I think he could get everyone to play at their max.
  7. I officially turned my 21 month old into a diehard Hawk fan. He was trying to say Gallinari when he made the three and screamed YAAYYYY!
  8. Rondo in LAC, of course, he looks like a beast. It's like he signed with us so we can trade him in the middle of the year.
  9. If I could place Bibby BBIQ with Trae Young game, he would be the best player in the NBA
  10. Bause Bibby Doc We had a lot of high BBIQ players but these also had impact. We just had a genius on the roster we traded in Rondo. I'll say this is the big three. If I had to say someone in particular, it would be Bibby. Bibby is one of the smartest players I've ever seen in the NBA. I would say Rondo from a career stance but for us, not impactful at all.
  11. LOLZ! Someone on Hawks Reddit said LP stood for losing plenty
  12. Usually you don't get a shit coach and replace him with a very good top 10 in the NBA coach within the same staff but somehow we did.