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  1. Cover both sides of the plate
  2. I do. 6'8 then, 6'9 now. They play Basketball in shoes
  3. When did players start playing barefoot. He was measured at 6'8. Grew an inch. He is 6'9 right now
  5. Stephen Giles is an underrated pickup. He was an advanced scout for Cavs when they won the title. He is known for his in depth knowledge on the game and his passion as well. Highly respected in the industry. Loved that a lot of guys were internally promoted. We have one of the better staffs in the NBA and guys like Chelsea, Dotum and Dan did a tremendous job as did the rest of the staff in general. We are on path to great things.
  6. Odom grew in HS. I don't even think he stayed in college that long
  7. Speaking of Cam, he was featured on all of the tv shows this morning. But it wasn't really worth a shit to be honest. Mainly just about Zion
  8. He was listed at 6'8 with shoes and now looks 6'9. He is at least an inch shorter than Bruno when he was just an incher taller than Zion during the draft. McGrady was listed at 6.6'5 with shoes but grew an inch in the NBA. Was around 6'7.5 with shoes in Orlando.
  9. Reddish and Hunter midseason notes
  10. Cam Reddish is the first player we ever drafted I feel could be the best player in the NBA one day. Trae was the biggest offensive talent we ever drafted.
  11. Our defense largely depends on improvement from Trae, Kev and John and of course our youngins, Cam, DAH and Bruno
  12. Our system is a blend of the mid 2000s Suns, with some actions similar to the Warriors and Sixers. But truely, we are just Moreyball 2.0
  13. He has a lot more capabilities than Covington. It's not even close. He is a rare 2-5 defensive player. It's gonna take sometime for him to adjust on offense playing the perimeter but his defense is ready in terms of switchability.