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  1. While I am not the highest on Nique, it's hard to say he doesn't deserve to be mentioned on the list. I felt he probably deserved the top 50 over guys like Dave Debushsure and guys like that. Nique seems like he's being left off the list again and it seems so unfair. What do you think?
  2. Bro, he was used the same in the preseason as he was in the preseason. The gap in quality of play between the two levels is massive.
  3. Tremendous deal. Especially considering his role can grow in a year as it did with Bogi
  4. It feels like it's either going to get done soon or it will go into the summer. I haven't gotten anything saying otherwise.
  5. This. Do I love the lack of consistency, no but we gotta have a clear setup for Cam. This is something LP didn't do and it put us behind the 8 ball with Cam Dieng and Delon aren't high volume shot takers. Only three are Gallo, Kevin, and Cam.
  6. All three of them will go to the G-League on E10 deals is what I expect.
  7. I am a Duke fan but I am not a, you played at Duke, I will stan you type. He lost too much weight but his athleticism is still the same. It's basically turned himself into Kevin Love without range and rebounding
  8. I liked Jah in Atlanta but it was clear, he's not an easy fit in the modern NBA everywhere he's been. He doesn't seems to have the same strength he had when he played in NO.
  9. I told you. It's not pretty but people got to remember, Coop has T.J. Ford like quickness and speed. He's not gonna be closely guarded like that.
  10. College tape is far more valued when it comes to defense.
  11. His Auburn defensive tape was horrendous. To say he was always pretty good when he was horrible at it at Auburn just isn't the truth.
  12. Here is a comparison between Cooper, Lillard, Jimmer, Trae, and CP3.
  13. At times, I felt he was our most important player even more than Trae. In the playoffs, its obviously Trae
  14. I honestly think Coop just wasn't comfortable at Auburn. His defense in HS was known to be pretty good but his defense was worse than Trae and Jimmer in college and was Lillard bad but Lillard had a great excuse. He had to do everything offensively. Coop also only played SEC games for Auburn so the quality of comp was so much higher than your average college player schedule. He played Baylor as well but they were the best team in the nation and won it all. I've never seen someone improve their defensive profile as much as Cooper has so far.
  15. Capela is to our defense what Trae is to our offense.
  16. It's not that, he's a lot better than Trae defensively. His instincts is top notch. His feel for defense is exceptional. He really reminds me of a young John Stockton. Coop gonna be a star in this league. It might take sometime but it will come and he will be great for awhile.
  17. Scottie Barnes had 8, 5, 8, 2. My goodness! Scottie Pippen Jr.
  18. He's a better fit than Delon but Delon has shown me a lot of good. His fit with that bench mob is good.
  19. Once he's back, we can cut Okafor. Dieng is more injury prone than Gallo.
  20. Okafor might simply get the 15th man due to injuries. It will for sure be a non-guaranteed