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  1. Nothing from what I have. I haven't heard anything.
  2. I love Parker in a specific role but starting ain't it and we all see it but what's our options with no Vince?
  3. That little 3 minute period, he had his moments after the blocked dunk attempt on AD. Now, I know, that doesn't mean shit. Evan Turner and Crabbe could do that, anyone can do that, too small of a spurt. True but this is the first time this year v. Legit NBA players Cam did it. Progress.
  4. Progress. That's what I want to see from Cam. Progress. He regressed back a tad on his carelessness with the ball which I didn't like. I want him to be more careful and less nonchalant with the rock. I want the 3rd QT mindset, all of the time. Just win the day is what I want to see. Like I said, the shooting and finishing will take time but as you see, it's starting to come to him. He is starting to feel the game well. For him, he needs more than some of our other recent lottery rookies but he is making progress. Defensively, I really like his contests as well. Progress. That's what I want from him and Hunter
  5. Happy Cam had a breakthrough quarter with Bron and AD on the court
  6. I just need Reddish to finally have a healthy off season where he can put a lot of work into his body and game. He has moments where he looked like the best player on the court while playing with Trae, AD and the GOAT
  7. I rather this era. Some of ya'll forgot how bad that era was. If we were full staff, it wouldn't be that bad
  8. He gotta hit open threes. The Bucks will give him plenty with no fks given
  9. 38% from the field is an upgrade for Cam at this time. I love that he was shooting and jacking threes. Next step is making them around 33%. Progress.
  10. Cam gotta make that open three and if you don't get back on transition defense
  11. LeBron and PG13 just hitting threes from everywhere
  12. Rondo did a good job on the high sell. That's a good vet move. Cam will learn how to defend v. It
  13. Parker is a 6th man. Making him a starter is a joke
  14. I wouldn't mind a lineup to start the 2nd of Trae Crabbe Bembry Parker Len Not that I expect it to work, it won't but we need more cutting. Honestly, I don't think we would be getting blown out with Vince. Beat, hell yeah but we are getting blown out because we have no PF and teams figured Parker out as a starter. Just take away his driving lanes, force him to be a post player and since we don't and can't use him for PnR, we are f***ed Every PnR is doubled teammed. The one thing I liked with Crabbe was the spacing improved but LA just adjusted and forced him to put the ball on the ground and it was a disaster. While LA is playing Cam to shoot, they are playing Hunter to drive into traffic and it's leading to disastrous results. Cam has to take and HIT open 3s. Hunter has to realize when he drives, to dish it to the opposite side wing. Trae has to be more patience. His lack of PG feel is showing tonight. Parker is ass cheeks if he can't play his style of game. Jones, Len and Bruno just don't matchup well v. LA. I was worried about that.
  15. Collins is critcal to our starting 5
  16. How can anyone watch this game and blame a player in particular. They are obviously overmatched
  17. We just lack too much talent with the vets and polish with the youth outside of Trae and Collins