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  1. This is the first team I've heard mentioned for Chris Duarte workout, could Atlanta be the team that promised him. Wrong, he's been mention with others for workout and they are saying his value is skyrocking
  2. Clint is way better than Zubac. Zubac is worth a 2nd roudner
  3. Zubac ain't got no potential to be a starter defensively around Trae nor is he worth 20th overall. You gotta have potential. WCJ or Bamba have some potential.
  4. I like this draft but I am still not sold on Capela being the center of the future and I still see Okongwu as a 4 due to his lack of paint protection which is needed around Trae. For 20/Dunn, I wouldn't mind WCJ or Bamba. Both should cost about 5-10 million per on their 2nd deal depending on performance.
  5. Most of those are late 1st guys. Maybe Mo Bamba for 20/Dunn
  7. Cheap vet centers are almost always backups which we need. My guess is go back to old reliable Dedmon
  8. There really isn't a viable replacement for Gallo
  9. NBASupes


    Of course you did. While his laziness on defense, his terrible PnR defense, his lack of energy for anything outside of dunks and rebounds don't have anything to do with Dennis right? I never understood your love affair with Dwight once he got washed. The Laker season was an anomaly and he played with Bron who always elevates bigs, Dwight's been trash three of his last 4 seasons.
  10. I don't. He doesn't have enough offense. We don't really have guys who can create without a playmaker. Rubio is a passer like Rondo but not like a playmaker who can create for himself as well. We need a scorer who's good at PnRs. Rondo experience pretty much soured me on the idea of Rubio. I'll rather a scorer who can run a PnR instead like Lou. Big O being out makes Gallo next to impossible to trade.
  11. Man, so that means we might not see a major jump for OO or Hunter since they are getting no real offseason. Eeek! I am glad he addressed it now. He's going to be out till at least Jan. Sucks! This obviously means getting another center is higher on the priority scale. Sadly, the draft is weak so FA it is. I hope we can bring Dedmon back.
  12. Assuming JC gets some ridiculous offer that makes no sense. Promise to match and do a SnT for TPE and a future 1st. Otherwise, keep him if the cost is reasonable. Target P.J. Tucker or if Portland is rebuilding, target Robert Covington for a 1st and OKC 1st. Use TPE money for Marvin Bagley III for free. Bagley is expiring so he's a trial guy to see if we can use him if Gallo leaves in 2022 which is highly likely due to salary cap. Trade Dunn for Jarrett Culver, both are expiring contracts since no one is going to opt into Culver 4th year. The issue is Dunn doesn't fit our offensive style for a PG who has to create everything for others, that's not him nor is he a PDS offensive guard so he doesn't fit. Culver can PD but is a terrible shooter who needs a setup. I always looked at him like a lesser Bazemore with higher BBIQ and better defense. Both are min salary guys for now but we don't have mins at PG likely and we do on the wings due to our injury prone tendencies. Draft BPA Resign Solo Sign one of Mays or Knight to multi year non guaranteed deals. One will have to take a two way deal. A decision to keep or cut Bruno, likely cut or traded and then cut. Sign McConnell to a full MLE deal for three seasons. If not possible to upgrade, resign Lou Will. Trae/McConnell Bogi/Kevin/Mays* Hunter/Reddish/Solo/Culver Covington/Gallo/Bagley III/Knight* Capela/Okongwu 1 - BPA (20th overall) 2 - Two way contracts
  13. I love clowning Bud but his stubborn ass finally adjusted against Brooklyn, us, and PHX
  14. If Atlanta wants to take a shot in the dark at Culver, use Dunn for that, not an impact player like Gallo. He got a -0.8 WAR and a -0.4 WAR and saw his time cut in half like Bruno. No beuno!
  15. I agree. Gallo is just far too valuable for anything MIN would be willing to offer.
  16. The best deal I can see is Rubio/Okogie/Culver for Gallo/Dunn/Bruno Rubio is slightly better than Lou Will but Lou isn't costly like Rubio is who's extremely overpriced. Gallo is just much better than every piece in this deal. I would have to get Okogie for starters. Culver/Dunn is a better playing time swap more than anything. We always need wings.
  17. Off ball movement since he finally improved on it with Nate coaching.
  18. I don't think she adjusted well to the lead role. Steph and them boys were vets so they had an idea what to do without her but these boys don't. They need someone more hands on and better at this on a day to day level.
  19. Embiid been a superstar. Kanter been Kanter. Parker failed but Giannis is a two time MVP one game away from a ring. This happened for awhile like you said. Yep. I think we can all agree on this. Bud refused to tank like an asshole.
  20. @AHF Dolfan was wildin'!
  21. Does anyone want to bring Dolfan back to ask him about this?
  22. Man, I wish we drafted Giannis. Ferry f***ed it up and that's when I started hating his ass.
  23. Our old offense, hybrid motion offense with a lot of big creation actions. We actually ran a lot of motion offenses since LD. We even ran it to a degree with Bibby. The difference is the style, they run their motion with elite pace. The players move fast but the ball moves faster.