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  1. From what I've heard, he's interested in moving up but not into the 1st round with his 2nd rounder nor is he interesting in trading our future picks. I've heard he's targeting about 5 players right now but I don't know exactly who. I've heard he likes about 8 players so far which is all of the top guys including Wiseman but Wiseman wasn't high on his board is what I've heard for multiple sources but you never know, some scouts might like him but nothing is really known till they come in for the workouts. I've heard we like Ball as well but not big on him but we like him. I've got direct contact that Ball's people DO NOT want him to come to Atlanta and want a situation like Atlanta/Trae Young for him as a rookie. Multiple people have confirm this for me but it doesn't seem to have deterred the Hawks but that could be for trade reasons. I know the people we like but I haven't heard that we love anyone yet but workouts play a big role. I know Okoro ppl want him in Atlanta BAD!!! I also know Obi's people want him in a good situation and they are targeting teams including Atlanta but Golden State is where they want to land. Wiseman people would like him Golden State. Big O people want him in Golden State. Melo's people want him in NY. Cleveland and Deni A people have mutual interest in Cleveland. Edwards people want him in Atlanta of course. They really hope Atlanta gets him. Cole's people want him on the Knicks. I don't know about the others as much at this time.
  2. Buzzard posting with pure rage mad like a kid who just found out Santa wasn't real and I'm like Buzzy, are you okay, are you okay, are you okay Buzzy
  3. There is nothing vague about our system. If we want to look at someone who's doing our system way better than us, just look at Dallas. It's a heavy PnR/DHO/PnP/requires guards to be PnR ball handlers and requires the bigs to be connectors, have high BBIQ, be good decision makers, and they have to be good to great screeners to be effective. It's not that difficult to understand. TS/LP system is clear and easy to understand. Moreso than even Budball/Ferry. I could care less about your emotions on this. The post was garbage because you had zero sensibility in reference to the guys you want.
  4. Bogut was considered a top 10 center. I agree on that last part on Coach Jackson
  5. TS wasn't a fan of Wiseman for awhile. That's why they perused Drummond, Adams, and Capela.
  6. I've been waiting three hours to say it
  7. This is a garbage ass post. Bogut was traded to GSW for Ellis. Bogut was one of the best centers in the NBA at that time (abit a weak position at the time and he was injury prone) and they needed someone next to David Lee in Coach Jackson's heavy PnR based offense. They needed a great screener, a high BBIQ center who can protect the paint and fit their system perfectly. Bogut was a great fit for both systems. The heavy motion system and the PnR system. Draymond was drafted by Coach Jackson to be a high-end 6th man long term. Which is what he was on pace to be. In fact, he was the perfect fit for the motion offense like Pippen was for Phil Jackson's triangle offense. GS actually still runs a reminiscence of the triangle offense. If this posts proves anything, that you don't know shit about systems. You would know that both players are ideal fits in the motion offense and while Green wasn't an ideal fit in Coach Jackson's system. He was a 2nd rounder in a draft that at the time was considered to be lacking in depth. Just being a part of the roster and having a role is an accomplishment from the draft spot. Our system isn't Golden State's motion offense. We ran an extremely heavy PnR based system which is an suppose to be elite at PPP. The issue is, we suck at PPP and Dallas is also runs the same exact system is elite at it and ATG at it. This is why I have so much issues with you, you don't understand shit about how we play. Our system if we were talking Football would be similar to the NFL's spread offense that KC runs. Except we look more like Arizona running it and Dallas looks like Kansas City.
  8. Who said I don't like Grant?
  9. Add me to the I don't see it with Paul Reed club. All you gotta do is watch a number of full games of DePaul and you come unimpressed with his consistency, he didn't produce against better comp like he did against comp that wasn't good and he just never felt like more than a college high end player at the end of the day overall. Millsap at LA Tech was always a star college player. Even if he never was a superstar. Reed would constantly jump from star to high end role player at this level. I tend to be on the same page with Vecenie on Reed. Clear 2nd rounder but he's a player that does have value. Shakes from RealGM has a decent write up on Reed who's a DePaul alum
  10. This is a terrible statement. Nothing is accurate. Even your interpretation of me. Talent obvious matters.
  11. Our system is a lot more complex this that.
  12. If you can't select players based on your scheme, you end up signing Alex Len and Jabari Parker. You want to know why Danny Ferry was elite in FA. He signed players who fit Budball to a T. The issue with Budball is it requires a lot of things that require talented experienced players who are NBA ready. If you are drafting in the back half of a weak draft, it can be hard to draft players for that system. For this system, it's not easy but it's not exactly difficult either. Patience is needed nonetheless.
  13. Obi is 100% a PDS player as well as Budball, and Woodyball player. His offensive versatility, high BBIQ, excellent movement skills, high skill and talent level fits any and every system. He can go anywhere and be an excellent fit. Defense is where the question lie. That's where some schemes are better than others for him. More so personnel. For him, a paint protection center is critical for him. He wouldn't fit with Damian Jones. It would be a disaster. He wouldn't fit with Draymond Green. Too small.
  14. You don't get it. Our offensive system fit is far more important than our defensive fit. That's literally the case for every NBA team. Graham and Tyrone Wallace fit our defensive philosophies and neither are likely to be Hawk next year. You gotta fit our offensive philosophy which is most important as the case with any NBA team. Its heavy for PDS and movement based players. Which is why our Hampton 5 aka Buckhead 5 is a good lineup for us.
  15. It's the fit that I am comparing. I don't think you know how we play honestly at this point spud. The Obi thread was where I was skeptical, now I am 90% sure you don't understand how we play.
  16. It Don't Work Like That You can see fit. You can't make believe it. You can see it a mile away. That's why it's not difficult to project what this team will do in the draft. If you know how we play, you likely know who we will target. We still got posters targeting players that was a good fit for Budball. We still got posters still targeting players like Grant who was a good fit for Woodyball.
  17. Grant teammate is actually a great system fit in Paul Millsap but Grant is an anti-fit.
  18. No, it don't work like that. We did this shit with Jabari Parker. Not again
  19. Lol, you always think people who don't fit certain roles fit. I mean always. You still Collins can defend in space. How does Grant fit a PDS system? OKC is where he had his best success isn't one at all. DEN where he had moderate success is a movement based system and he didn't really have any impact, rocking close to the same WAR as rookie Cam Reddish who was one of the worst players in the NBA for two months. So he's suppose to fit a PDS system which is a high volume big man touches system? LOL, stop it
  20. Grant really doesn't fit our style of play at all. Signing him is like signing Aminu for Orlando. The fit just doesn't make sense and it didn't for Orlando
  21. Nesmith and it ain't close
  22. He does, which is why he said that. The issue is, bargains can be had for a bigger price tag, bargains and being cheap are two different things. Overpaying is what we want to avoid.
  23. We're talking about college before the ACL Martin where he was dunking everything relentlessly. When you watch the games, you realize, this mfer is extremely good offensively. His highlights don't do him justice