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  1. GThawks3

    Ask Supes

    Culver shot under 30% from 3 & 46.2% from the FT line. Not many wings let alone good wings in the nba struggle that bad from the line. Reddish was at 80.2% and Hunter at 76.4% in comparison. For a guy that had shot concerns coming out of the draft....his value isn’t close to the 6th pick.
  2. GThawks3

    Ask Supes

    Edwards averaged 19/5/3 as an 18 year old freshman so I’m confused how he didn’t put up numbers? His efficiency all stems from his 3 ball but his shot isn’t bad at all to me. I don’t see anyway Edwards puts up those numbers with no handle. Secondary playmaker (he isn’t a bad passer) & your last part is what they said about Trae too - they played on horrible teams where they had to do everything day 1.
  3. GThawks3

    Ask Supes

    He isn’t Trae but Trae is a generational offensive talent. But it’s been said Hawks want a secondary playmaker. They don’t won’t Trae taking up ALL the usage (give him more energy on D & he’s elite c&s from 3) & remember the offense fell of a cliff when was off the court.
  4. GThawks3

    Ask Supes

    I watched Reddish shoot 35% at Duke & the guy was playing winning basketball in the 2nd half of his rookie season. Think it’s crazy to write off Edwards & say it will take him multiple years to play winning basketball. Also remember he was the #1 guy at UGA - day 1 & he’s the same age as most HS seniors. Watching his highlight tape the guy was constantly double teamed with the lack of talent UGA had. Ppl were expecting him to be an efficient, defensive beast all while being the high usage guy (30%+) on a horrible team/coach day 1 he steps on the court? I think if he goes to a
  5. GThawks3

    Ask Supes

    20-21 - 34 M 21-22 - 36 M 22-23 - 37.6 M 23-24 - 39 M And he is a combo forward & we already have one in year 2 in Hunter & obviously Collins plays the 4. He doesn’t fit at all & like I said he his value is negative because of his contract. It’s not even worth entertaining....
  6. GThawks3

    Ask Supes

    Yeah Tobias Harris is a negative contract & Philly would need to attach value to get rid of him.
  7. GThawks3

    Ask Supes

    I’d be shocked. Wouldn’t be suprised if Edwards averaged more next year as a rookie than Henzoja does his whole career.
  8. Ha you need to go read the Celtics board. They are so delusional and think we'd give up Horford and Korver for their trash. Some of these trades they suggest are unbelievably bad.
  9. A little OT but Jazz fans are their board and they think we'd do backflips if got rid of Teague for Trey Burke/late first. I probably wouldn't take Burke for free...he can't even get 20+ mins for them on a team with no PG. A lot of them also said they wouldn't do Teague for Alec Burks and wouldn't even consider Teague for Hood. You would think with how valuable all their players are they would be top 5 team in the league...they're not even over .500.
  10. Uhh so you're saying the Hawks don't want premium free agents? I guarantee they'd take a Durant, Howard, James, Curry in a second. These guys just don't have the Hawks as their first choice so there is nothing they can do. And yes Ferry went after Howard hard.
  11. PG: Jeff Teague / Dennis Schröder / Shelvin Mack SG: Monta Ellis / Tim Hardaway Jr. / Kent Bazemore SF: Kyle Korver / Thabo Sefolosha PF: Paul Millsap / Mike Scott or Mike Muscalla C: Al Horford / Tiago Splitter / Walter Tavares
  12. Uhh Millsap was definitely not a nobody before coming to the Hawks. If we get rid of a little cap space (Bazemore, Scott) and get a legit starting SF then I will be happy about our off season.
  13. Interesting.... @stevekylerNBA Paul Millsap to Orlando concept has been out there, a situation to watch is Tobias Harris to Hawks as part of a sign and trade
  14. Ha I wish but the Jazz would reject that so fast.