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  1. https://theathletic.com/1584739/2020/02/05/snap-judgement-wolves-hawks-nuggets-and-rockets-swing-four-team-deal/
  2. RandomFan

    Ask Supes

    Someone you'll complain about.
  3. Let's hope not. In order for that comparison to hold true, Hunter would have to be a hero on defense and a zero on offense. 😄
  4. Yeah, I was a little excited about this at first. And then they went into the past results from these rookie surveys, and I was all like
  5. Is Schlenk believed that was true then he would have drafted Cam at #4 instead of Hunter. He didn't. Let's just hope they both reach their full potential and help make us the best team we can be.
  6. You're not calling me wrong, you're calling Schlenk wrong. And good grief, take a look at the bolded statement and take stock of how blatantly biased your perception has become. We get it, you love you some Cam. But to even utter that statement is borderline insanity when every shred of tangible evidence says otherwise.
  7. That article in The Athletic last week should have put to bed any question about Hunter being viewed as a starter or not (has nothing to do with if Cam eventually works his way into the starting unit alongside Hunter). Hunter is viewed long term as the defender we stick on the other teams best perimeter player. Those offensive players don't come off the bench, they start. Hence, Hunter will also be starting if he's supposed to be defending them. I hope Supes is right and Cam turns into the best player in the draft. But for rookie seasons, the Hawks clearly have a plan and that plan is currently for Hunter to be in the starting lineup.
  8. I can't help it if you guys can't grasp the concept that ATL could guarantee that they got ONLY ONE of the two, and they chose Hunter over Cam. We can try to play mental gymnastics all we want in an effort to spin that simple fact into a false narrative, but it doesn't fly.
  9. I think it was actually Pierce who compared him to Tony Allen, a guy he has coached before.
  10. I have as high hopes for Cam as the next guy, but let's face reality here. The Hawks sacrificed assets to move up and draft who at #4? It wasn't Cam, it was Hunter. Acting like Cam is going to be the starter over Hunter is kind of silly when you think about how the Hawks obviously view those two players, currently.
  11. With his age and amount left on his contract, OKC will be lucky if they don't have to attach picks in order to move him.