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  1. And it's kinda hilarious when you see the same posters pretty much only post when they complain about their specific hated player over and over again.
  2. Definitely tell it's a B2B game. Legs are tired. But the refs are hosing us too.
  3. What the hell is going on with the officiating tonight?
  4. Our offense has officially hit our first lull of the season.
  5. Was just wondering if I'm the only one thinking the officiating is even more hot garbage than usual.
  6. hi? And wow, John Collins murdered Allen at the rim.
  7. The growing pains of a young talented team trying to figure out the next steps towards winning vs the big boys. We know we can score. We know we need to continue working on defense. We know we need to continue working on the little things to close games out.
  8. I love Trae but he's killing us down the stretch.
  9. Really wish Trae would stop wasting possessions with those uncalled for 40 footers.
  10. 7 TO's in the first half was less than ideal.
  11. Don't think he turned his ankle at all. Replay showed Kyrie running for the ball and his left knee jabbed behind Gallo's right knee.
  12. They can't all be pretty. But I'll take a W with plenty of teaching moments over an L.