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  1. It's cap that Kev or Bogi don't have the ball handling. Also, how much less would our offense tank when it's Kev and Cam with the 2nd unit instead of Solo and Snell? I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess a LOT.
  2. I've been banging this drum for a while now, mostly falling on deaf ears. Not only Bogi, but Huerter as well. This is one of the big reasons I don't see backup PG as big of a need as most around here seem to think. Maybe draft a PG that can develop and be ready to fill a role once one of our 4 wings has to move on for salary reasons in a year or two. Other than that, Bogi and Kevin are fine serving as the initiators of the offense when Trae rests.
  3. Gallo is our highest paid player. Let that sink in, lol. And yeah, it's not a question of want to move Gallo, it's just following the smoke and making speculation. I love Gallo for what he brings, BUT that isn't worth $20M if we can spend that money more wisely.
  4. Don't laugh but Kelly Olynyk would be a viable, much cheaper, option for Gallo. Obviously not as good a player.
  5. We needed a healthy Trae, and a healthy DeAndre. That's it. BTW, which of our 4 bigs are you taking out of the rotation to play Robin freakin Lopez? That's talk. Perimeter containment is where our problem was, not in getting outmuscled.
  6. Disagree completely about them being the better team. You act like Trae getting injured didn't completely change that series.
  7. I notice you failed to mention game 1 when our Hawks walked in and put the smack down on their head. It's highly debatable if they are the better team if Ttae and Hunter are healthy, so no, zero reason to acknowledge they are just better man.
  8. KAT and JC would be a terrible front court combo with neither being a defensive anchor. If we traded for KAT we would have to also trade John for a PF strong on D.
  9. RandomFan

    Backup PG

    Rose is gonna sign for at least $13M per season. Out of our price range for someone that will likely only play backup PG minutes. For that much money we would need a combo guard that could also get minutes next to Trae.
  10. It's exactly that. The Hawks didn't fire her. Nope, nope, and heII nope.
  11. By all accounts she is the best in the biz, still. We're going to feel her loss.