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  1. Great deal and so happy for the Hawks that it didn't take an overpay to get K'Von back in the fold. DeAndre, you're up next!
  2. I'm never disappointed at how many people fail to understand the meanings and/or limitations of analogies or statistical comparisons, especially of one minor data point. I'm never disappointed because experience has taught me it's a LOT of people. The guy is making 22.5m per, not a max contract...
  3. The boys out supporting the big Braves win tonight.
  4. Cam having some amazing moments mixed with quite a few /facepalm fiascos.
  5. And now it's time to nitpick Bogi because he hasn't scored eleventybillion points yet, so clearly it's time to trade him for a bag of Doritos and some Boone's Farm.
  6. Anyone else thinking practicing against Cooper's peskiness on D looks like it's rubbing off on Trae? He looks a lot more active and engaged on that end.
  7. Ughhh...and at the END of seasons too. HIs low 3pt % is and has been one of the few things he really needs to improve upon.
  8. Soo, I guess Trae didn't work on his 3pt shot in the offseason, heh.