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  1. I'd like to see more Humphries and Scott over Muscala. Moose rebounds like a frail guard. Go Hawks!
  2. I'm ready for ho-hum Teague and the ballerina Horford to be playing elsewhere next year. We got Dennis & spend big bucks on a superior wing or Horf replacement. And of course Korver gone or relegated to 5-10 mins a game at best.
  3. If we get a superstar, will people complain that he got 45pts like a lot of people did when Millsap did it?
  4. Bud failed in not playing Humphreys more early in the series. And he has failed in playing Korver too much.
  5. I expect the Hawks to win today. Then get manhandled again in Cleveland.
  6. Maybe the Cavs can at least use the leftover hides of Hawks players as doormats or something. Don't want it all to go to waste.
  7. Well, Teague deserves it more than most others because he has the talent but not the brains.
  8. No more ball in Teague's hand at the last seconds of games. 2 strikes and your out. Can't even get a shot off, AGAIN!?!? I sure hope he leaves after this season, can't stand having him on a team that I root for. He's pathetic. Floor leader my azz, guy can't even talk.
  9. Great win!! Maul Pimpslap been killin the boards n blocks lately .
  10. Teague needs to retire now and be what he was meant to be. A librarian.
  11. At minimal, inconsistent no-heart Teague has to go. I'd also like to see that pansy Horford go as well. Al doesn't bang, doesn't rebound, doesn't get to the line. We need an upgrade on the wing and a big who can rebound and defend. The Knicks are a joke, perhaps they will take Teague.
  12. Millsap absolutely killed john Henson on that slam. Dunk of the year nominee. Love how their coach just immediately sat down after that.
  13. With Sap out, our chances of winning this game went down by at least 60%
  14. We need a real 2 guard & SF. Horford must of been content with his last game. We have a PG (Dennis) so why keep the mannequin Teague? Trade Teague and the corpse Korver for hopefully a good 2 or 3.
  15. Absolutely time to reduce Korver to minimal minutes. He doing nothing, and its been that way for a while. I like the Teague mental midget thing - I really think he could be of use as a mannequin or something. Trade Teague (must happen) and possibly Horford - only if we can get a real center, and a good one.
  16. Love the Raising Arizona bit...Go Hawks! Hawks by 30