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  1. Just for perspective. This was Len in college . . This is Len today . . .
  2. And honestly, that would be tremendous.
  3. If Len put up those numbers, we'd be foolish to trade him. Not even Al Horford has ever done that offensively.
  4. Those numbers would make him the 3rd scoring option on the team. If he put that number up, the Hawks win 50 games . . . or something catastrophic has happened to John Collins.
  5. I agree with this, although I love that he has that kind of confidence in himself.
  6. Yes. Because he's not the first player in college basketball history that has played with bumps and bruises. His teammate did it, and came back even more of a monster. The biggest knock on Cam last year, was his consistency and his willingness to get "into the fight". He has all of the tools to be a good player. It also wouldn't surprise me if he turned out to be a flat out bust, especially if he needs the "system" to bring out his greatness. I hope everyone understands that it's eventually going to come down to who is better . . . Cam or Kevin? One of these guys is going to be relegated to the bench, and may have to adopt a 6th man mentality. If Cam is truly great, he'll make Kevin expendable and become the 3rd best player on this team by Year 2. If he isn't better than Kevin, he better prove that he can guard SFs better, and make open 3s better than D. Hunter can. With the talent we think we have on this team right now, Cam could easily find himself in a limited minutes role, similar to Deandre Bembry ( a guy that Cam DEFINITELY needs to make expendable ). Nothing is going to come easy for Mr. Reddish. So he better have the mentality that he's going to have to take someone's spot. LP isn't handing out anything to anybody.
  7. Keep your emotions in check sir. I'm not cursing at you, nor will I stoop to that level. There have been tons of players in the history of basketball that has shown the ability that Cam has. He is not a unicorn. You keep making excuses as to why he didn't do this or that. Truly great players do force their style of play on you. Zion did it. RJ did it. John Collins did it at Wake Forest. Trae Young definitely did it. Why couldn't Cam do it at Duke? For the record, I do believe that he'll be a better NBA player than he was a college player. But you're talking as if All-Star games and All-NBA selections are in his future. He'll have to DRAMATICALLY improve and get that killer in him, in order to reach that level.
  8. I watched about 15 Duke games from start to finish. Cam simply looks like a solid player who has the skills to be a good pro. But he's not a "killer". The people you're comparing him to, were stone cold killers on the court who had no problem exerting their will on you. That's not who Cam is. Also, great players don't need a system in place in order for them to be great. Role players do though. Let's pump the brakes all the way on Cam, before you start having people believe that we drafted the most underrated player in NBA history.
  9. But most college players in high school were "killers". Cam had a 6 game stretch when Zion went down, to really show what he can do. He showed flashes, but at best, he was wildly inconsistent. Then he flat out disappeared in the ACC and NCAA tournaments. So to me, the guy has to want to be great. And people who want to be great don't sit back and let the game come to them. They go out and impose their will on people. If Cam is as talented as Supes thinks he is, I fully expect Cam to either be the starter by Christmas, or play a significant 6th man role as a scorer/defender/playmaker.
  10. For me, I think Cam just doesn't have that competitive "dog" in him. I can easily see a Marvin Williams type career for him, in the sense that he'll never be anything more than just a good backup/decent 4th option starter .. but could be in the league for a long time. His lackluster production despite his size, SCREAMS a lack of intensity, which would explain the poor finishing numbers at the rim and in the paint. The analytics actually show that he may be best with the ball in his hands as a pick and roll initiator, rather than a spot up shooter. If that's the case, he needs to be 👏 aggressive 👏 be, be 👏 aggressive. If Cam has all of this talent, we might be looking at Joe Johnson lite in a few years. Right now, I'd take a steady Marvin Williams like career from him.
  11. - 60% FG - #2 offensive rebounder in the league ( Collins is #7, by the way ) - excellent in the pick and roll, and as a screener - much better than Robin Lopez ( who is horrible defensively ). A guy like Adams would be the perfect frontcourt compliment to John Collins, and be the "protector" of Trae when things get chippy. Hopefully Fernando grows into this role. When people think they can go at Trae and try to punk him, something like this can happen to them . . .
  12. We should be interested in Steven Adams.
  13. Damn. I can't even go to a meeting and come back. But it's like I was saying . . dude can't come back out of shape like that, and expect everything to be OK. Once Bruno proves that he can be an offensive threat as well, he'll take Len's spot in the starting lineup.
  14. Or Crabbe + Turner = Adams I actually like that one better. OKC would do it ( if they're ready to blow it up ) because they'd get 25 mill off the payroll at the end of the season.
  15. Prediction: I'll say that we're using Jabari as a filler to flip for someone else. My guess is this guy, if OKC is about to blow it up. Turner + Jabari = Adams