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  1. Smh. And I read that in SAS's voice too.
  2. The ending actually saved a real bad final episode. 1/2 of that episode should've been the battle itself vs the Dream Team, with Lebron and Jordan trading signature moves and making shots in a mano e mano battle at the end of the game. Then they should've had Lebron chasing down Jordan to block a dunk, and making a midrange fadeaway jumper in his face to go up by 1. At the end, Jordan pushes off on Lebron at the FT line for the game winner, but misses . . . and the rebound is secured by JR Smith who runs out by the 3 point line to run the clock out.
  3. Andrew Yang was just on CNN . . . . remember him? Mr "let's give everyone $1,000 a month, no questions asked"? He predicts that 42% of the jobs that have been lost so far, will not be coming back. The service industry is what is going to be hit the hardest. Eventually, everything will be computer self checkout, just like the express lanes, with grocery employees being reduced to stocking and pickup delivery positions. Just about every job that can be automated, companies will look to do so. This is is what Yang has been saying all along. COVID has forced everyone's hand into thinking different. If people lose jobs that won't be coming back, how will they get money? In the NBA, you could see . . . Frontline order takers at food courts Arena Ushers Halftime entertainers Multiple cameramen Team/Beat reporters Dance teams . . . all gone if we're forced to live with this virus.
  4. I think the question is going to be the testing. Will they be tested every day, or before every game, to make sure that someone asymptomatic doesn't have the virus? If you have frequent testing, they may be able to pull this off. But if someone gets COVID in the middle of the playoffs, but is otherwise healthy, that's going to be an element that could drastically change a series. What if Lebron James caught it from someone not on the team, but just working around these guys? Everyone has to go to the bathroom. And the bathrooms have to be cleaned. What if the person cleaning the bathrooms unwittingly gave a player COVID? They may think that they can handle this. But they have to go through ALL scenarios. Kind of like what we have to do in manufacturing with our FMEA ( Failure Modes and Effects Analysis ). If they're not mapping out all scenarios and what to do, they're already behind. With all of the money at stake, I have a feeling that they're going to tell the players, coaches, etc . . that catching COVID is part of the risk of the job, which is exactly the stance the government has taken on this. Until the healthy and the young start dying from this at a higher rate, the healthy will be expected to function through all of this. And if you only get mild symptoms, fight through it, no matter who else you may personally infect.
  5. Here's what I want to see. Spend all of June training and getting back in shape. Play 4 games to end the season. All playoff spots are virtually set, unless Memphis somehow drops 4 straight, and Portland runs the table. These games simply gets everybody back into playing at the speed of the game. Before the playoffs, do something that I've been talking about for years, and run a NBA Draft Lottery Tournament. Winner of the tournament gets the #1 pick . . and the #1 pick is the ONLY thing at stake in this tournament. Weigh the bracket so that the teams at the bottom half of the "lottery" are not playing the teams at the top half of the lottery until the Finals. These would be the teams left out of the playoffs: First round #1 SEED - POR vs NO #2 SEED - SAC vs SA #3 SEED - PHO vs WAS #4 SEED - CHO vs CHI #5 SEED - NYK vs DET #6 SEED - ATL vs MIN #7 SEED - CLE ( BYE ) #8 SEED - GSW ( BYE ) 2nd Round Game 9 - #1 seed winner vs #2 seed winner Game 10 - #3 seed winner vs #4 seed winner Game 11 - #5 seed winner vs #6 seed winner Game 12 - #7 seed - CLE vs #8 seed - GSW Semifinals 1st semi - Game 9 winner vs Game 10 winner 2nd semi - Game 11 winner vs Game 12 winner Finals 1st semi winner vs 2nd semi winner Winner gets the 1st pick. Everyone else falls in line by record . . . or . . . if you want the extra TV drama, you still go through the ping pong lottery drawing for the 2nd - 14th picks.
  6. Who has had the better career? Harrison Barnes or Marvin Williams?
  7. I agree. All of those coaches except Kenny A failed in their next head coaching stop. As for LP, I don't want him fired. I just want him to show the same sort of progression that some of our star players are showing. For example, one of the things the Hawks do really well, is run the 3/4 court trap. They made a couple of games that should've been blowouts, into competitive games at the end. So if you so-call "coach what you practice", why do we only see that trap when the Hawks are down by 20? Would the trap be effective if the Hawks were up by 5 in the 2nd quarter? Could you use the trap as a true part of your defense, instead of when the game is over?
  8. This actually doesn't make me feel better about LP.
  9. The answer has to be the Braves. The problem in the NBA is that you pretty much need a top 5 player in the league to win a chip. And at least a top 3 player in the conference just to get to the Finals. I think the better question is . . . is Trae a top 3 player in the East? And if not, where does he rank?
  10. This entire series is outstanding. If this were a TV show, I'd definitely watch it every week. Just off of what we see in Episode 2, I'm hoping that they'll spin this somehow with the "new blood" of the NBA saving the day, beating the Dream Team. Not the current team that they picked, but the real young guys. Maybe Tatum and Luka survive the Battle of Seattle, but live to fight again later on. Somehow, I figure that Zion is going to weigh heavily in later episodes this season. Hopefully Trae will too. Nice to see he and Vince get a few screen shots in Ep. 2.
  11. Imagine Dominique playing the 4. Someone would try to do that in this era.
  12. LOL . . I never said that he wasn't overpaid. That is a FACT! Blame Mark Cuban for tossing out the dollars like he's Pac-Man Jones at a strip club. He's made almost 80 million in his career, with his middling efficiency, subpart stat stuffer play. Incredible.
  13. That lineup specifically pertains to Reddish's top 10 lineups, and not the Hawks top 10 lineups.