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  1. Co-sign 100% It's either go small and try to outshoot them by starting Gallo and Huerter. Or start Gallo on the frontline to give us a bigger presence and possibly do a better job at limiting the other stars on the team, while also giving us an extra shooter in the game. Capela might be better off being the weak side help on a double team to Embiid, instead of being the main guy guarding him all the time. The other thing is that at no point do I want less than 4 guys who can make an outside shot out on the floor. That means no Solo and Clint . . . or Solo and Okongwu . . . or Okon
  2. Bogi is also hurt because he doesn't get to the line. That was the fatal flaw of Joe Johnson.
  3. John Collins in this series 17 ppg - 7 rebs - 61% FG He is not a center. He is a PF. Can't force him to be what he is not.
  4. This is great analysis. Maybe talk to some of the guys on Twitter like Bob Rathburn and Steve Holman, and see if they can drop a bug in some of the assistant coaches ears about this point. This also leads me to believe that playing small vs the Philly starters might be their kryptonite. I need to make my own thread about this, because I have extensive thoughts on this subject.
  5. He can't make them unless he takes them. Trae needs to have the mindset that he must score 40 for us to win. Anytime he's open, he needs to shoot it. IF Capela and everyone at the SF spot isn't going to give us any offense, we need major production out of Trae. But he can't get there unless he shoots it.
  6. Why would the Sixers be under pressure? They've just regained home court advantage back, and seem to have the defensive answer to limit our guys. Meanwhile, the Sixers shoot over 50% FG again, for the 3rd time in this series. 58% FG this time. The Sixers should be loose as hell right now. This series is eerily playing out like the 2011 series vs Chicago. Hawks won Game 1 with these guys playing outstanding. But the guy we couldn't stop was Derrick Rose. Most people remember him just killing the Hawks in Game 3. This was Rose's MVP season,
  7. Playoffs are about matchups. The Sixers, once they made the adjustment, have proven to be a horrible matchup for the Hawks. The only weapon we have is our long range shooting. If you take Embiid out of the paint, maybe that opens up some driving lanes to the basket for Trae. If Embiid still stays in the paint, you have have Collins or Gallo open for 3s that they MUST TAKE if open.
  8. Go small, like the Clippers did the Mavs. That's our only shot now. Gotta try to outscore these guys with Trae and the shooters.
  9. Stop scoring Trae. Don't f--k up the narrative.
  10. He's played much better since his horrible start. 19 pts - 5 rebs