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  1. Nah . . you have to give him credit for the development. If you have a big man that didn't even take 3s in college, and have him making them at a high clip, you have to give credit to LP's development program. Now if Bruno comes out making 3s at a high rate this year, the same thing applies, even though Bruno did take and make a few 3s in college. You and I are DEFINITELY aligned when it comes to these small lineups and his non-adjustments in adverse moments. The Hawks can't win playing small, because we don't shoot well enough, nor are we tough enough physically. But g
  2. That should've said Pre-season, not Summer League.
  3. Pierce's developmental ability shouldn't be questioned: - Collins supposedly didn't have a jumper . . . now he's shooting 3s at a very high rate - Trae was supposed to be boom or bust ( with most "experts" predicting bust ) . . . Trae is an All-Star in Year 2 - Cam Reddish looked skiddish in Summer League and in the first 1/3 of the year . . . Cam looks like the 3rd best player on the team by February Pierce does the right things to develop players and make them better. Where Pierce has to get much better at, is lineups and adjustments. I