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  1. This dude takes so many difficult shots. Some of those are just bad decisions by Trae. But the shots in the paint, he simply has limited space and always has a defender ( or two ) within 2 - 3 feet of him.
  2. Cam and Dre are getting full body contact because Capela and Collins know that those two are looking for their own shot, and are not going to pass the ball to the roll man. Trae will pass it to the roll man, but he needs space to make the proper decision. Trae needs his man trailing behind him so that he can go right at the big in the paint. If he has space enough to shoot the floater, he will. If the big comes to hard, he'll dump it off or lob it up to a streaking Capela or Collins. That's the whole purpose to running pick and roll. To create that mini 2 on 1 situation in the l
  3. Wrong Supes. I watch every game, then go back and watch box score film on these guys all the time. You can see exactly what is going on with the offense. Trae has no room to operate in the paint, when coming off the pick and roll. People think that Capela is clogging up the paint for Collins, but it's really happening for Trae. When Collins is at the 4, this offense has him on the outside, and not operating in the middle of the floor, where Collins excels at. Teams are sagging back on the roll man, which eliminates the lob. And because our bigs aren't setting good screens,
  4. Capela makes little to no contact on screens. He and Collins are notoriously bad about this. Damian Jones last year was the worst. He was ALWAYS looking for the lob, and not making contact on screens. Their screens allowed Trae's man to easily go underneath and cover him, while the roll man went to the rim. If a small guard like Trae needs some space in order to score or make the correct play, the big should hold the screen longer to at least rub Trae's man to free Trae up. The only big on the team that consistently does this, is Bruno, which is also why he's not in positio
  5. Looking at his career numbers, he's a better playmaker than I though. Definitely better at playmaking than Goodwin, but below Rondo, of course. If Dunn plays the backup PG and gets spot minutes at the 2, who do you take minutes from? Cam? Huerter? Rondo? Goodwin would probably be completely out, once Dunn comes back.
  6. Dunn also shoots meteorites. The offensive woes will not be solved when he's activated. It may get worse, because he's also not a playmaker. People will then be wondering who should we play more? Dunn or Goodwin?
  7. I would've taken Haliburton because of the drop off we saw last year when Trae exited a game.
  8. Also . . all we have to do is win our division, or finish in the top 10, to get into the playoffs. The Eastern Conference 6th seed at this moment, are the 6 -7 Orlando Magic. We are at 5 - 7, the 9th seed This has been a brutal past 2 weeks, but there is plenty of time to right this ship. There's no need to panic, if the goal is to make the playoffs.
  9. Box scores are ready, with videos of every play stat. Just click on the blue number, wait for the videos to load, and watch. Enjoy.
  10. There's only one leader of this team. He talks the most, so he's the leader.
  11. OK. Name a coach who has benched his #1 star player? I want to see if it worked or not.
  12. I agree that we need to call more plays for him. And he did hit the midrange shot a few times, but he doesn't take it immediately all the time. He struggled on post ups tonight, which surprised me. If he wants to be prime Lamarcus Aldridge, then he needs to not hesitate if he has an open 18 footer.
  13. I'm a Collins defender, but I was disappointed in his play tonight. If he wants that money next summer, he must be more aggressive and decisive when he gets the ball.
  14. He Can't Do That Who is he going to play? Rondo and Goodwin? If either guy were good enough to run the team successfully, they'd get plenty of PT to do it. This is not High School. Coaches can't just sit their superstar down because they're not playing well. Both coach and player get paid far too much to do that. They simply need to figure it out.