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  1. If the team is healthy, how many games do they win with LP at the helm? Remember, they did start out great, with a 3 - 0 and then a 4 - 2 record. So how many do we win if everyone was relatively healthy all year? Also, we probably don't make the Lou trade if everyone was healthy.
  2. That's why people shouldn't complain about the Atlanta broadcast. There are much worse broadcast teams around the league.
  3. 2 - 2 lost by 14 at Milwaukee lost by 21 vs Utah won by 23 at New Orleans won by 4 at Charlotte Point differential ( -8 )
  4. I've always been behind Goodwin. It was important for the Hawks to continue to develop him and keep him ready for situations like these. In this environment with COVID looming, you have to keep your 3rd teamers ready to contribute. He played an excellent all around game.
  5. Mentally strong is right. Too many times, I would see LP kind of panic when a game starts slipping away like this. He'll call that frustration time out and his body language was horrible. Nate is almost like a poker player. His coaching experience shows during adverse times in a game. And he doesn't make emotional substitutions. I think all of that has translated to how the team approaches games like these. They could've easily threw in the towel when they fell down by 10, and especially after that monster dunk by Bridges. LP may have called a time out after a dunk like t
  6. Lou: These early games are not my type of games. I wonder why . . .
  7. But we still needed to get a bucket. The Hornets weren't going to foul us with that much time on the clock. Nate was fortunate that Rozier played super hero ball at the end, rather than taking it to the rim to tie the game.
  8. Hawks got damn lucky there. Why in the HELL was Capela out of the game? Nate had a LP brain fart in this situation. Suspect free throw shooter or not, his presence on the floor is much more important from an offensive and defensive standpoint.
  9. I said the same thing. But Huerter game in for Lou. LOL . . WTF did Nique just say?
  10. OK guys . . here we go, Get 1 stop, and you control your destiny in this game. DO NOT GIVE UP A 3. Talking to you SOLO . . stay with your man in the corner.
  11. Solo needs to hit this open shot. He's going to be wide open. Goodwin scrapping again, keeping that ball alive for Bogi to get it.
  12. Nice comeback Bogi . . . way to take the energy back out of the building.