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  1. I don't think he does, but we'll see. Bruno has enough lateral quickness to be able to play the 4 and the 5. He is not a defensive liability. And LP shouldn't yank him out of the game when he makes a mistake, when the entire team makes even bigger mistakes. The true test will be when Len comes back. Len and Bruno should play together, with Bruno at the 4. The Hawks have to stay somewhat big, and stop playing these small ball lineups.
  2. He still only played 16 minutes . . . and only 4 minutes in the 2nd half. But I guess it's baby steps.
  3. 100% agree!! Let him be part of the "scramble unit". Hawks should throw that trap out there at least twice a game, regardless of the game situation. It killed me when he brought the ball up when we had both Teague and Goodwin in the game. No more point guard or playmaking for Baby Josh. Just be the energy guy only.
  4. I'll be damned. Finally get Huerter to play decent defense, and Collins fouls the 3 point shooter.
  5. Come on refs. They didn't see that goaltend? Clear as day. Good Lord. Trae is also a MONSTER in this trap.
  6. Baby Josh and Cam are MONSTERS in this trap. They're the ones causing all of the havoc.
  7. And I have no idea why the Hawks don't do this trap more often. Every time I've seen LP go to the trap, it actually works,
  8. It fell apart as soon as LP panicked and took out Bruno after Powell made his 2nd three in a row. Hawks were down 9 at that point. But then he subs in Vince, like Vince was about to lock somebody down. Vince didn't even last 2 minutes. And I believe we still had Hunter on the bench at that point as well, who eventually came into the game for Vince.
  9. Trae once again dominates his matchup vs the opposing PG . . . and will lose this game. He's also only made 1 three, which is another recipe for a loss. Hawks have only won 1 game this year ( Golden St ) in which he's made less than 4 threes. He only made 2 in that game.
  10. Bruno +8 Teague -10 Jones -13 Vince -16 Bembry -21 lol . . . it's just sad.
  11. LOL . . . and another 3 by Powell . . . over Vince.
  12. This is why I question LP. You can't replace Bruno with Vince in this situation. Vince isn't going to make enough shots to justify him being in this game. So you need to get stops to get you back in it. Raptors still raining 3s, and this lead has exploded to 15 points because we can't make a shot.