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  1. Disappointed in Sarah. Someone has to ask LP a tough question in those press conferences. It's becoming too easy for him. As for the Hawks . . . they simply play better for some reason, when Bruno is out on the floor. He's literally the only Hawk on the team with a + rating while on the floor. And out of our centers: Jones: ( -7 ) Len: ( -14 ) Bruno: ( +10 )
  2. I just tweeted Sarah K Spencer and dared her to ask LP why he didn't use the Coach's Challenge in the 3rd quarter on Turner's foul. Let's see if she does it. LP will blame the no-call on Trae's drive as the turning point, but it was really him not challenging that Turner foul.
  3. Trae trying to get a backdoor 30 points. You don't deserve that number either, unless you have the final shot for a game winner.
  4. LMAO . . . ARE YOU FC*KING SERIOUS LP? Why are you challenging THAT foul?
  5. Deandre Hunter with 25 pts Cam Reddish with 17 pts If you told me before the game that the rookies would have 42 points combined, I'd tell you that the Hawks would've won this game going away. Great game by the rooks.
  6. LMAO . . WTF is going on? Bud and his non time out calling self. Thanks man. Hawks back within striking distance. LP doesn't deserve to have these guys win this game for him. But now that they're 1 stop away from really making it a game, let's see how this turns out.
  7. Trae is definitely a superstar. All superstars have bad nights every now and then. This was clearly a game that he just didn't have it, so his minutes should've been limited. If your 2nd unit has it going, why not ride with the 2nd unit a little longer than usual? LOL . . and Bruno STILL can't get back into a game that is a blowout.
  8. I haven't been this pissed by a coaching move, since Bud couldn't figure out that Kris Humphries could be the semi cure for our rebounding woes in that Cleveland series in 2016. He just couldn't stand leaving Hump in the game, despite him being a positive out on the floor. This loss is on LP. Because now, that Coach's Challenge isn't going to be used in a 4th quarter blowout. So WTF are you saving it for?
  9. That got completely wasted. LP has to learn that it's OK to bench your superstar, if he's having a bad night. This just isn't his game, and the team has been horrible when he's been out on the floor.
  10. LOL . . and then he comes back with Trae ( -30 ) and Jabari ( -14 ) . . . . . like their offense is going to get us back in the game. We need stops man.
  11. The one big that is defending the 3 point line . . is Bruno. He's the only big with the lateral quickness to close out on shooters, and even stay in front of them if need be. At some point, I want LP to show that he can actually coach and manage a game, instead of playing guys just for development. 2nd unit brings us back again, with "you know who" at the Center position.
  12. No it wasn't. LP killed the momentum by not challenging that Turner foul. If we win that challenge, Bruno's put back dunk counts as 2 points, and the Hawks are only down by 3. Instead, the Bucks go down to the other end, and get two FTs to push the lead to 7. Plus he brings Len in, who is ( -14 ) in the game in only 9 minutes. LP has to start managing these games according to how these guys are actually playing, and not his set rotations. With Trae playing like a** tonight, why not let the 2nd unit finish out that quarter completely? It was bad coaching.
  13. It just doesn't make any sense. He put Len in, just to take him right back out because the lead quickly got away AGAIN. Leave Bruno in the ( BLEEPING ) game to close the quarter. Now we're down 13. This is on you coach.
  14. The coaches challenge should NOT be saved until the 4th quarter. They should be specifically used in situations in which runs can either be sustained, or stopped. That was a situation in which LP should've pulled the trigger on the challenge. And now LP gets a tech. It's your fault man. You let this game get out of control and have the Hawks in this deficit.
  15. Pierce is making a HUGE MISTAKE by not challenging that Turner foul. Those are points taken off the board, plus giving 2 free points to the other team. Instead of the Hawks being down by 3 with momentum, we're down by 7. Come on LP . . do better. LOL . . and now Bruno is out of the game in place of Len. LP just can't help himself with his love of Len.