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  1. I'll give Solo this. He is a great in interviews and talks about the NBA game so well, that he may end up being a coach after he's finished playing. If he consistently shot even 50% of the way he did tonight, I wouldn't have any problem with him as a backup wing. The biggest issue is that he's still too small to guard the 4 spot on a nightly basis. And his lack of size and athleticism kills us when we need a 2nd rebounder alongside Capela.
  2. Why does Bruno trigger you so? He's our 3rd team center. You're triggered by our 3rd team center? Which version of Bruno triggers you the most? Flat top Bruno or Braided Bruno?
  3. Literally had only taken 6 shots in the 1st half, but had 6 assists. ( -8 ) for the half. He starts to score a little, but was still 3 - 11 FG. But he was also 9 - 9 FT. Ends up with 15 points in the 2nd half and ( +2 ) for the game.
  4. He needed Bruno to set solid screens to free him up a little more.
  5. All Milwaukee starters were ( - ) for the game, except Giannis ( +2 ) All Milwaukee bench players were ( + ) on the floor by double digits, except Thanasis.
  6. And that's why you play big as much as possible. That last sequence was a killer. Get one of those rebounds, and you have a chance to cut it to 5, with plenty of time to go. But when one guy has to battle 3 other guys, while your smurfs get pushed around, that's going to end bad every single time. They even shot the ball quick on two of those possessions, to give us a shot to get the board and score on the other end.
  7. Damn . . . this may be the first game all season that we lose, when Trae is ( + ) on the floor. He's +3 right now.
  8. That, and John Collins. And Gallo
  9. Still in striking distance. A quick 8 - 0 run gets us back in it.
  10. Not dead yet Let's get that juice flowing in our body.
  11. Not understanding why Nate didn't come back with Trae sooner. Hawks gotta follow the analytics throughout the game.
  12. Huerter ( -11 ) Knight ( -15 ) Okongwu ( -10 ) Goodwin ( -10 ) Lemon Pepper ( -25 ) That's the difference in the game folks. Even with Trae's poor shooting game, he's just ( -5 ) Only way to pull this game out is to make a bunch of 3s, and play solid defense the rest of the way.
  13. Solo must have a Tony Snell wristband on. OK Nate, get your boys back in the game. Make one more run at this, before you pull the plug.
  14. The starters have to rest sometime. The bench have to at least play them even, which they haven't done at all tonight. Trae will save us. That's his job. Just make sure to cheer for him if he do. If he don't, I'm sure the hate will flow from you like lava.
  15. LOL. . Kevin wanted no part of that shot. Should've just gave it to Lou if you weren't willing to shoot.
  16. Down 12. Now they're awake. Welcome back . . lol.
  17. Does Nate chance it and fully trust the bench? Goodwin - Lou - Huerter - Knight - Okongwu Game isn't out of reach, so he could take a chance here.
  18. Good timeout Nate. Knight ( -15 ) Lou Williams ( -19 ) Solo ( +11 ) This is like bizarro world.
  19. Trae gets it going a little . . . and it's silence. smh
  20. That's a terrible call on Capela. That's why the ball didn't lie.
  21. That's the shot I wanted to see. I have no problem with that shot. Gotta keep them honest.