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  1. jmac54

    John Collins

    Again. I'm not saying we don't need him as in hes useless. I'm saying management will not be willing to fork over a max contract to a guy who has put up less than the 20&10 he usually does. It's just that simple. There will be teams out there throwing the max at him. That's going to happen. A desperate team will give him that contract and we will be either forced to match or let him walk for nothing. And management cannot let him walk for nothing. They need something in return. Therefore if the right trade comes up during the season then maybe make that move. I feel like people in here thi
  2. jmac54

    John Collins

    I did say John is a very good player offensively. But I read somewhere Collins turned down 4 years at 90m. Which means whether the Hawks like it or not hes still going to want the max or close to it. Even though his production will take a dip most likely. I just think if the right trade comes along Collins becomes tradeable and we can move Hunter over to the 4 who is just a better defender. And Capela would be the Pick and Roll player anyways. Now I don't know who John could be traded for but I feel like it's going to happen at some point if he really doesn't start putting up his usual stats o
  3. jmac54

    John Collins

    The more I watch this team the more I see we may not need Collins anymore. I mean he is a very good player offensively but still quite lost on defense. And he isn't going to be that 20&10 player on this team at least because we just have a lot of depth on this team. I really think Hunter could play the 4 permanently with Capela at 5. I think Collins will want the max money regardless of how he performs cause some team out there will give him the max. I know it's early in the season but just an observation. I could warm up to a Collins trade if it's for the right players in return.
  4. From What I'm reading the Hawks are already locked into the 5th seed? Three-Team Tiebreaker: 1. Division winner (this criterion is applied regardless of whether the tied teams are in the same division) 2. Best head-to-head winning percentage among all teams tied 3. Highest winning percentage within division (if teams are in the same division) 4. Highest winning percentage in conference games 5. Highest winning percentage against playoff teams in own conference 6. Highest point differential between points scored and points allowed Milwaukee and Atlanta wont win the
  5. So Im a bit confused on playoff seeding.... Say the Hawks, Pacers and Bucks all finish with a 42-40 record (Which isn't likely but possible)....The Hawks have the Tie Breaker over Milwaukee.....the Pacers have the Tie Breaker over the Hawks....Then Milwaukee has the Tie Breaker over the Pacers. Which team finishes 5th,6th,7th?
  6. Management clearly should have traded Paul before free agency. Then offered Horford the max. Then signed Dwight. Because if we offer Horford the max then sign Dwight. Horford has no choice but to suck it up and play along D12. OR Kept Paul.....Offer Horford The Max Immediately on July 1. Then Try to go after Noah. And then Al would have been super ecstatic. Dwight better impress within the first half of this upcoming season or I think we should start over from scratch and just get rid of Paul and Dwight and really hit the reset button. The only good I see
  7. Houston needs a PG do you not see that already? They have 0 PGs that can do anything. We would also throw in some picks and Houston would be all over it for sure. They'd probably just want to give us TY Lawson for free. Thats how bad they feel about their PG position. Teague would be a massive upgrade for them and they still have Cappella.
  8. Jeff Teague/Splitter/Korver For Howard and Beverly. Dennis Can Start and Beverly can be the solid defensive minded backup PG. Who's been to the West Finals Before. Plus Kyle is old and struggling and Splitter is useless. Then. I trade Horford and Mike Scott or Mack Plus some other incentives to Either Denver for Faried and some players back. Or to the Clippers for Blake and a pick or something. Then we'd have a lineup of : Dennis/Beverly Bazemore/Thabo/Hardaway Millsap/Thabo/Hardaway Millsap/Faired Or Blake Howard/Tavares.
  9. jmac54

    Big Mistake

    So is Horford staying at Center then? Can all you idiots answer that? Cause if he is. Then we are using the same line-up as last season minus Demarre. So therefore we get run over by Cleveland again. Millsap isn't a 4 just like Horford isn't a 5. Sorry dummies but this contract was stupid. Harris is a much better option and is way younger and would be cheaper and can play the 3 so we could run Horf at 4 and Splitter at 5. Millsap can't dribble all that well and cannot put it on the floor as well as Harris. So have fun being content with having the same team again. Maybe a bit worse. Sorry bu
  10. jmac54

    Big Mistake

    Signing Paul Millsap to that massive contract. I'm sorry but we coulda got Tobias Harris at that price or even a bit cheaper. Plus he's younger. What a disaster signing. At least we let Demarre go. Smart move there. But still we shoulda made a move for Monroe and Harris. We'd then be super legit
  11. Maybe Teague. Scott. Antić. A Draft Pick. Another piece. To Detroit for Jennings and Monroe? Maybe Detroit bites? Reggie Jackson looks like the guy goin forward there in Detroit and Monroe clearly wants out.
  12. Kevin Martin as a backup? Are you lost. The guy can go off every night for 20-30. Korver should back him up. Nice try though.
  13. Kevin Martin Rudy Gay Demar Derozan Not Khris Middleton. Too One dimensional Wilson Chandler
  14. So we part ways with both of them. That's fine. We still get our needs